Latest Indian Bridal Makeup Looks That’ll Make You Sparkle!

From bold red lips to sultry smokey eyes to the elegant rosy blush, discover the latest Indian bridal makeup looks we are loving RIGHT NOW!


Hey beautiful! Diving into the mixed emotions of D-day excitement and dilemma of which outfit to wear, what accessories to match with it, and most importantly – what makeup look to choose? Girls dream of looking their best on their wedding day. And apart from the outfit, of course, it is the makeup that really steals the show!

That’s why we’re here to make sure you are your most dazzling, most gorgeous self on your special day! Here are all the latest Indian bridal makeup looks that are everything from celebrity-inspired to straight-off-the-runways:

Indian Bridal Makeup Look #1: Celebrity Style

We all love being bang-on with the latest trends for milestone events. We sneak peek into many celebrity magazines and blogs before the special day so as to get an idea and plan accordingly. Most of the bridal looks are celebrity inspired. I love Sonam Kapoor’s Indian bridal look here with a glittery gold eyeliner.

Indian Bridal Makeup Look #2: Bold Features

Bold and sexy is the hottest thing to be right now for the Indian brides! Looking for something that would match with your sexy red or bright colored outfit? Try these makeup looks that show you’re not just a demure bride, but a confident and independent Indian woman!

Indian Bridal Makeup Look #3: Classic Indian Style

If you wanna try the authentic Indian makeup look to go with a royal, classic outfit, go straight for these Indian-princess bridal looks! These would definitely help you get a perfect dulhan makeup look!

Wedding Makeup Look #4: Light Lip Colors

Not the bold red or deep lip color girl? If you’re unsure about dark lipsticks, go for a nude or light lip color. It’s a really fresh and unique choice for Indian brides because it can match the non-traditional light-colored bridal outfits. It’s also a great idea to try these light lip colors because they would make your other features more prominent and give a subtle look to your beautiful lips!

Indian Bridal Makeup Look #5: Epic Eyes

Wanna draw all the attention to your pretty peepers? Color eye makeup is a hot wedding trend this year! Smokey eyes to glittery eyeliners, colored kajal to bold mascara, all make your eyes the real showstoppers and especially if they are matched with your bridal outfit.

Indian Wedding Makeup look #6: Chic But Not Too Much

This look is for the bride who wants to keep her bridal makeup as minimal as possible. It’s great for small, intimate weddings, or for brides who want to focus more on their natural beauty. Adding just a dash of a smoky eyeshadow or a light dab of lipstick and contouring would glam them up making them look distinctive.

So, these are the latest Indian bridal makeup looks that would make you look stunning. So which look are you going for (to seduce your fiancé and amaze your wedding guests)? Do let me know below!

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