Latest Blouse Neck Designs from Bollywood Celebs and Fashion Weeks

From Bollywood-inspired saree blouses to runway trends, discover the latest blouse neck designs and trends to try for parties and weddings for 2018!

Blouse Neck Designs-trends-celeb-inspired-shopping-ideas-fashion-style-adviceHey gorgeous! Sarees are timeless and a wardrobe staple for every Indian woman. But what makes the saree complete is a sexy or classy blouse design. Are you wondering what blouse style to get stitched for your new saree? Personally, for me, the most exciting part of wearing sarees is – yes, pairing them with the latest sexy blouse designs.

For inspiration, there are so many places to look at. Like celebs, runway models and designer Indian shopping websites. But don’t worry, we already did the research on all these and have come up with the trend forecast for latest blouse neck designs. Let’s take a look!

Latest Blouse Neck Designs to Try for 2018

Forget spaghetti straps and sleeveless saree blouses, this year, every Indian fashionista needs to try a head-turning, show-stopping design. Read on…

1. Bell Sleeves

Bell sleeves are still very in and aren’t going out anytime soon. The sleeves can be either long or short and are usually fitted at the arms and flared towards the bottom. This blouse design can work with all types of sarees. Perfect for wedding sangeet, kitties and engagement parties.

Anju Narain

2. Choker Neck Blouses

Inspired by the trend of choker tops, choker saree blouses have a piece of fabric attached at the neckline that goes around the neck like a choker necklace. To look sexy, go for a deep v-neck paired with choker neckline. Choker design blouses can be sleeveless, half or full sleeved. Wear it to your sangeet or mehndi function.

top-blouse-designs-trends-choker-neck- design-fashion-style-neckline-cele-inspired-lady- in-red-via- pinterest
Lady in Red via Pinterest

top-blouse-designs-trends-choker-neck- design-fashion-style-neckline-cele-inspired
SR via Pinterest

3. Capes

Capes are hot and trendy in 2018, too. Plain, sheer or embellished capes are very trendy these days. Capes can be long or short, paired with all types of sarees. Wear these cape blouses with your sarees for fashion shows or your BFF’s wedding. Capes work well for winter weddings, too.

top-blouse-designs-trends-capes-unique- design-fashion-style-neckline-cele-sonam-kapoor
Sakshi Awale via Pinterest

4. Cut-Outs

Glam up your ethnic look with a western touch! Cut-outs are really chic and a great idea for fashion events and anniversary parties. Cut-outs can be can be plain, embroidered or embellished and go well with only certain necklines. Like round, boat and high neck. This trend works well with all types of sarees.

Kalki Fashion

5. Extra Long Sleeves

Extra long, knee or even floor touching sleeves are in vogue! If you want something more fashion-forward than those sleeveless and full-sleeved blouses, here is something for you. The best way to pair this trendy blouse design is with contrast-colored saree. And wear them for cocktail parties or black-tie events.

top-blouse-trends-extra-long-sleeves-unique- design-fashion-style-celeb-inspired-elongated sleeves - prerna via pin
Prerna via Pinterest

6. Raglan Sleeveless

If you’re bored of wearing those same old sleeveless blouse neck designs? Well, here’s a new twist to your sleeveless style – raglan. Raglan sleeveless design starts at the neck and goes across to end under the arms, to show off your toned shoulders. Shoulder length or fringe drop earrings will look flattering with this style.

Anita Dongre
top-blouse-designs-trends-fashion-style-celeb-malaika-arora-salem's lot via pinterest
Salem’slot via Pinterst

7. Strappy Blouses

Another daring trend, strappy blouses are inspired by bikini and bralettes. Forget the usual shoulder straps and say hello to asymmetric one-shoulder straps. This trendy blouse design works best with embellishments and can be paired with different types of sarees. Wear them to your own engagement or sister’s wedding.

stylish-blouse-design-ideas-trends-strappy-celeb-hemchand mundhoo via pin
Hemchand Mundhoo via Pinterest

8. Jackets

Ditch the sweaters and go for matching, embellished or embroidered jackets especially in the winter. Jackets can be crop, hip length, knee length or even floor touching – they all look great when paired with sarees. Jacket is yet another trendy fashion staple to pair with all types of sarees. To show off your jacket design go for a top knot bun or chignon.

best-blouse-designs-necklines-how-to-ideas-tips-fashion-trend-jacket-celeb9. Off-the-Shoulder Blouse

It’s time to show off those sexy shoulders this season. ‘Cause off-shoulder blouse neck designs is in vogue. So if you’re daring enough to wear this trend, it would make a really sexy outfit.  Pair the off-the-shoulder trend with a plain, printed or embellished saree. Wear it to your own engagement or BFF’s wedding.

Payal Singhal

10. Ruffles

Ruffles are one of the amazing trends we are seeing right now on celebs and shopping websites. Also, most of the top Indian designers came up with this trend in their collections on the runways. Ruffles look great when added to the sleeves, over the neckline or all over the blouse. Pair it with a plain chiffon, crepe or satin saree.

Osree via Pinterest
Ashwini Reddy

11. Sheer Blouses

Sheer blouses have been in trend for the past few seasons. It’s a great way to look really sexy! Try adding the sheer part on the sleeves, sheer panels all over the blouse or a fully sheer blouse with a bikini sewn inside it. Wear them to engagement parties and shows.

best-blouse-trends-designs-ideas-tips-sheer-sleeves-celeb-inspired-aki kezia
Aki Kezia via Pinterest
Kie via Pinterest
Lydia via Pinterest

12. Strapless

Strapless blouses are a little daring but look super hot. And not everyone would love to go for this trend. But yes, for someone who loves to show off their shoulders and look sexy, this one is a great trend to go for! Pair it with a choker! Wear it to your friend’s wedding, cocktail party or to a fashion event.

Shinil Payamal via Pinterest

crazy-blouse-designs-necklines-how-to-ideas-tips-fashion-trend-strapless-blouses-celeb-priyanka-chopra13. Illusion Neckline

Illusion neckline is a very new trend, inspired by western wedding gowns. In this neckline, a sheer embellished fabric goes over the actual neckline, creating the illusion of jewels floating on your collarbone. Or you can also have a netted neckline. Perfect for pairing with sheer sarees to wear on sangeet or kitty parties.

blouse-design-trends-illusion-online-shopping-site flipkart-shop

14. Criss Cross Neckline

When it comes to blouse design patterns, criss-cross is one such new trend that will enhance your entire look. Criss-cross style cut can be just be done at the front of the blouse or at the back of the blouse. Doris are out and broad criss cross panels are the new It-thing! Go with this classy trend at engagement and mehndi functions.

celeb-kareena-kapoor-blouse-designs-trends-how-to-ideas-trend-criss-cross pattered blouse-annie ravie via pin
Annie Ravie via Pinterest

15. Fringes

Fringes are still very trendy. And the best idea to add something chic to your simple blouses is to add some fringes at the top of the blouse neck design that cover the whole blouse, or go on the sleeves till the pallu ends or just at the hem of the blouse. Wear them at your cousin’s wedding or any party.

Manish Malhotra

16. Long Blouses

If you’re not bold enough to wear extra crop blouses, opt for long ones as they’re back in trend. Long blouses are making a real fashion statement on the runways. Pair these embroidered or embellished blouses with plain sarees or vice versa. Wear them to festivals, office parties or religious ceremonies.

Label Crow

17. Zipper Blouses

Ditch those hooks in the blouses, Zippers are in! Yes, you heard it right. Zipper blouses are very trendy these days and they’re inspired by sports-bras! Also, you can either try zipper at the front or back!


18. High Neck

Amongst all the blouse trends, high neck blouses are the most modest yet stylish ones of 2018. Personally, I’m loving this trend! You can opt for sleeveless, half or full sleeve blouses. High neck designs go well with all types of sarees and are also perfect for office parties and weddings.

Gul Kara via Pinterest
Bollywood scope via Pinterest

19. Geometric Blouse Design

Geometric blouse design is a great way to make a stylish fashion statement. Try neck designs with geometric or zig-zag patterns. These blouses can be embellished, embroidered or printed to go with a plain saree. Blouses can be designed with sexy necklines and pair with your sarees for parties and fashion events, if you’re feeling bold, go for a plunging neckline like this one!

Amit Aggarwal

So those were the latest blouse neck designs for 2018. Which saree blouse design is your favorite? Let us know by tweeting @shilpa1ahuja!

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