Latest Arabic Mehndi Design Trends You Haven’t Tried Before (But Need to)!

From simple to striking designs, from mandala to geometric to rings, discover the latest Arabic mehndi design trends for this year!

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Hey gorgeous! Wedding season is back. And everyone must be busy deciding their attire and jewelry and other accessories. But there is one thing that the bride and the guests are very choosy about and that is the mehendi that they wear. As mehndi is something that every Indian woman adores. But not just because it is an important part of our culture, but also because of how amazing the mehndi design looks every time.

So if you wanna find out the latest mehndi trends for this year then here you are! I researched on the top Arabic mehndi design trends that look chic and beautiful, and that everyone’s wearing this year! Wear them to weddings, on Diwali, festivals and on casual days, too! Let’s take a look!

Latest Arabic Mehndi Design Trends to Try

1. Mehendi Rings & Knuckle Rings

Mehendi is an integral part of Indian women’s lives. And it’s not just that people love it for traditional, but also for its unique designs. So if you’re bored of applying mehendi all over your hands, then here’s a new mehndi design for you! Just go for a small design on your fingers with mehendi rings and knuckle rings only. Perfect for those who also want some chic jewelry. So trendy, isn’t it?

2. Mehendi on Belly Button

I know, we have heard about belly button piercings. But now we are also seeing mehendi on the belly button, isn’t that crazy? Applying mehendi on belly button is very trendy and stylish these days. Best way to go for mehendi on belly button with a crop top or short blouse paired with shorts or skirts.

belly button- henna-easy-mehendi-designs-on-belly-button-trends-fashion-style

3. Single Line Mehendi Designs

So if you want a simple and beautiful mehndi design that doesn’t take too much time or make you feel overdressed, one-line mehendi trend is perfect for you for every occasion and casual days as well. Go for linear leaves or minimalist flowers. Or a linear geometric design drawn with a few lines.

Simran Kewlani via pinterst-one-line-mehendi-design-trends-fashion-back-hand
Simran Kewlani

4. Mehndi Bracelets and Rings

Gone are the days when mehendi was applied in particular traditional designs and patterns. This year, we are seeing mehendi applied in unique designs and styles that add a statement to a woman’s look. Bracelet style, ring and jewelry inspired mehendi designs are becoming popular ’cause they look striking and make you stand out in the crowd.

fashion & fashion- via-pinterest- braclet-inspired-mehendi-design-latest-trends-ideas
Fashion & Fashion
pikview-ring inspired-mehendi-design-latest-trends-ideas-designs

5. Mandala

Of all the mehndi designs, the mandala is one of our favorites. This is a stunning design for those who don’t want to cover each and every part of their palm with mehndi. It’s simple yet classy design where you can see the mehndi on the fingers and front and back of the hand with a beautiful design in the middle.



6. Botanical Designs

Botanical designs are timeless! Flowers and leaves aren’t new ideas. However, we’re seeing fresh versions of botanical designs this year, such as tendril-like branches, birds and tree motifs. This Arabic mehndi design on hands looks great both in the front and back of the hand.

easyday-botanical design-best-mehendi-design-on-hands-trends-fashion-style

7. Rose

If you’re in search of a soft and unique touch then this would be a great idea. Try just a big and bold one on your palm or cluster of roses. This type of latest Arabic mehndi design also looks good in colors, but be sure to check for allergies, as most people are allergic to colored mehendi.

dj khan via pinterest-latest-rose-design-mehendi-trends-fashion-style
Dj khan
henna via pinterest-latest-rose-design-mehendi-trends-fashion-style-back-side-hands

8. Continous on Both Hands

Mehendi designs that are symmetric on both hands are passé. This year is all about asymmetric designs or continuous designs that start on one palm and end on other. Try waves that transcend both hands, or a large rose, whose leaves continue on the other hand. Or try a Mughal architecture inspired mahal design.

Fausto Savegnago

9. Animal Motifs

Animals can add a character and a little story to our mehndi designs. There are so many different animals that can be drawn on your hands, like cat, dog, elephant, giraffe and many more. So to flaunt this latest mehendi design you just need to highlight the animal motif or just the outline as a mehndi design.

Hennaillu via Pinterest
henna-tattoo-via- pinterest-designs-trends-animal-giraffe-how-to-mehendi-ideas

10. Mehendi with Rhinestones

Mehendi designs with colorful, shiny rhinestones are very modern and becoming popular day by day. Addition of rhinestones to every alternate corner or middle of the flowers makes the Arabic mehendi design more appealing.

mehendi-with rhinestone-tina -mehendi-designs-on-hands-trends-fashion-ideas11. Pregnancy Mehendi on Belly

It’s time to grace your belly with mehndi. Mehendi on the belly of the pregnant women is very trendy! And it not only brings out the true beauty of the birth, but the procedure of applying mehendi on the belly is soothing and calming.

henna via pinterest-simple-mehendi-designs-on-pregnancy-belly-trends-fashion

12. Mehendi with Empty Spaces

Though most mehndi designs are about being as intricate and elaborate as possible, mehendi designers have come up with this unique trend. They are using empty spaces to further bring out the beauty of their intricate designs. As these empty spaces can be big or small, they help to accentuate the pattern and details well!

coloring bliss via pinterest-best-simple-mehendi-designs-with-empty-space-in-front-hand-trends-fashion
Coloring Bliss
Maria Lux

13. Fish

We’ve seen Arabic mehndi designs with peacock motifs for decades. But this year, we’re seeing mehendi artists come up with fish motifs in their art. As we all know, fish symbolizes good luck and happiness. Great idea to just get the Arabic design fish drawn on your arm or on your palm, or you can get a pair of fish, along with waves.

nomad heart henna via pin - fish-mehendi-simplke-design-fish-inspired-trends-fashion
Nomad Heart Henna

14. Kalash Mehendi Design

Kalash has always been an auspicious symbol in Hinduism. Also, it has always been a part of our religious ceremonies. This year, the kalash is seeing itself become a part of designer mehendi styles.

ruchi-kesharwani- via-pinterest-mehendi-design-latest-trends-fashion-style-ideas-kalash
Ruchi Kesharwani

15. Lotus

While applying mehndi designs, symbols have their own significance. One of the most popular designs is the lotus flower. It stands for beauty, grace, purity and femininity. Go for Arabic mehndi design with a single flower on both front or back of your hands.


16. Couple Mehendi Design

Thinking of narrating your love story in your latest mehndi designs? Then why not personalize your design and get it applied on your hand? You can also spend good time with your partner, while he explains the story to the guests! It’ll also be the perfect theme for your anniversary or pre-wedding shoot.

mit rthd via pin - couple story-latest-mehendi-designs-for-couple-designs-trends-fashion
Mit Rthd

17. Cherry Blossom Mehndi Design

For a simple and minimalistic mehndi design, cherry blossom motifs are a great idea to go for! As this Japanese traditional drawing always represents the beauty of life. For a classy look, try on the back side of your hands or on your shoulder.


18. Geometric Designs

Geometric designs are no way going out of trend anytime soon. As these triangles, circles, lines are the signature patterns of the mehndi designs. Also, these patterns give an extraordinary effect in the mehendi images as look great on hands.

neha-jodhawat-via-pinterest- geometric-latest-trends-mehendi-design-ideas
Neha Jodhawat
ruchi-fadte-via-pinterest- geometric-designs-inspired-mehendi-trends-fashion-style
Ruchi Fadte

So those were the latest Arabic mehndi design for hands. Which modern mehendi design is your favorite? Let us know by tweeting @shilpa1ahuja!

Image Credits: Pinterest (refer individual handles)

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