Kpop Fashion: Here’s Your Guide on Dressing Like a Kpop Idol!

Kpop fashion has taken over the teenagers’ style by storm and it’s not slowing down either. Discover how to dress like a Kpop idol in our fashion guide below!


With the rise in popularity of Korean pop groups and artists, modern Kpop is creating history. From topping global charts to performing at international music awards, they’re entering territories that Kpop has never been able to during the many years it’s been around. This global exposure has made them and their Kpop aesthetic incredibly popular. So popular that they now have millions of fans who love having them on repeat and obsess over their exceptionally bold and glam fashion sense. I’d know, I’m one of them.

So whether you’re just looking to learn about Kpop fashion ’cause you’re curious or you’re already a die-hard fan like me and want some ideas for cute Kpop outfits. Or you just wanna look back on some of the best Kpop fashion, keep reading! Our guide is all about the Kpop clothing brands you need to check out, the latest Kpop fashion trends to try and how to rock them (or “pop” them!)

What is Kpop Fashion?

Girls Generation

K-pop or Kpop, is an abbreviation for Korean popular music and it’s a music genre that originated in South Korea during the late 1800s. Kpop music is usually a treat for both the eyes and ears, simply because of the fashionable clothing and not to mention the visual effects. With a combination of both retro and futuristic and plenty of street influences, Kpop fashion is by far one of my favorite styles. I love Kpop music video fashion so much that it even got me into exploring different genres within Kpop and watching Korean TV shows or Kdrama.

History of Kpop Fashion

As I mentioned above, Kpop began ages ago but modern Kpop, the one that we obsess over today, only came around in the 90s. Influences from western cultures and musicians like Bob Dylan, Marilyn and the Beatles was a major part of both Kpop fashion and music. Even movements in America like the hippie culture, played an important role in shaping Kpop. However, as time went by, Kpop began to form its own trademark style of music and Kpop fashion. Today, Kpop is so huge that they’re topping American and European music charts as well. And because of that, their Kpop fashion, too, now has a huge fan following worldwide.

Latest Kpop Fashion Trends

Red Velvet as seen in Bad Boy (2018), MOMOLAND as seen in Bboom Bboom (2018)

As the music evolves, so does Kpop fashion. With the release of music videos such as Bad Boy by Red Velvet, Bboom Bboom by MOMOLAND, Heroine by Sunmi, 2018 has been a great year so far in terms of Kpop music and Kpop idol fashion. Matching two-piece sets, athleisure, bomber jackets, skirts with knee-high socks and snapbacks, all of which were spotted in the latest Kpop music videos are very in at the moment.

How to Dress Like a Kpop Idol

Whether you’re just getting the Kpop fever now, or have always wondered how to dress like a Kpop star, here you go! From Kpop apparel to the accessories, you can now look like your favorite Kpop stars.

Kpop Clothes


Saying that Kpop stars go all out with Kpop clothing in their music videos and red carpet appearances would be the understatement of the century. From mermaid costumes to pauldrons, they do ’em all! Having said that, they also have music videos where they wear more laidback clothing. Like two-piece matching sets, color blocked outfits, denim on denim looks and lots of tights and fishnets!

Also, a recurring theme in Kpop style music videos is pastel colors. So that’s a safe place to start dressing like your favorite Kpop idols. I personally would never think to pair pastels together but girl groups like 2NE1 and Girl’s Generation always rock them so I might have to reconsider that. And whatever you wear, wear it with confidence!

Kpop Shoes & Bags

Now that you know the basics of how to dress Kpop, let’s move on to shoes and bags in Kpop fashion. Typically, a main part of the Kpop aesthetic is to match the accessories to the outfits. So if you were to pair a pink skirt with a yellow top, your shoes and bags have got to be either of those two colors. Pumps, sneakers, wedge sneakers, booties, mini bags, mini backpacks and fanny packs are common.

Kpop Accessories

Hyuna, Sooyoung

Flower crowns, beret hats, stacked bracelets, chokers, chunky necklaces, multiple rings and asymmetrical earrings are popular and cute Kpop accessories.

Kpop Makeup & Hair

Kpop idols change up their hair colors every so often that they have atleast three different colors in each music video. From soft lavender and grey to shocking green and orange, there isn’t a color they haven’t tried! Let’s just hope they’re all wigs and not their actual hair that they color!

korean-kpop-idol-fashion (10)-hair-colors-how-to-dress-like-kpop-idols
D.ana, DAHYUN, Hyoyeon

As with Kpop fashion, they get super creative with their hairstyles as well – double buns, micro braids, pixie and bob cuts.

MOMO, BoA, Krystal

To match the fun hairstyles, the makeup is also more often than not, fun and flirty. Face stickers, jewels, matching eyebrows to eyeshadow and lip color, glitter lips and eyelash gems are super popular.

korean-kpop-idol-fashion (6)-makeup-face-glitter-stickers-boa
Goo Hara, Jessica, BoA

Kpop Airport Fashion

korean-kpop-idol-fashion (8)-airport-fashion-korean-stars-singers-street-style
Jung Eun-ji, Tiffany, Seulgi

As wild and out there the Kpop fashion and makeup looks may be in music videos, when it comes to real life, they keep things quite subtle yet stylish. Kpop idol airport fashion usually revolves around comfortable and chic Kpop clothing. A pair of jeans, basic tee, cardigan and converse is a go-to look. But nowadays, athleisure is common in Kpop airport fashion, too. And their makeup includes no heavy coverage foundations, no contour and no highlight, it’s all about a fresh face. And that’s hardly surprising considering how popular the Korean morning skincare routine is, and the importance Koreans place on youthful skin.

Kpop Men’s Fashion

My favorite thing about male Kpop idols is no, not their flawless porcelain skin and Greek god-like faces, but their experimentation when it comes to fashion. There have been countless iconic moments in Kpop male fashion, which made the whole world go crazy. Like Baekhyun’s pierced lip chain in the music video of Exo’s Monster. Or red-haired G-Dragon’s appearance in Chanel women’s wear at PFW.

korean-kpop-idol-fashion (7)-baekhyun-lip-chain-monster-exo-gdragon-chanel-pfw
Baekhyun, G-Dragon

And I also love how they go over the top with their hairstyles. From Taeyang’s scorpion tail hairdo to Kai’s dreads to G-dragon’s pink & blue cotton candy hair and yellow spaghetti hair.

korean-kpop-idol-fashion (1)-hairstyles-male-k-pop-stars-kai-gdragon
G-Dragon, Kai, G-Dragon

I also adored the glow in the dark dreadlocks of none other than G-Dragon himself. Honestly, the man deserves a whole other article dedicated to just his locks. I also think it’s safe to say that subtlety does not exist in Kpop fashion. And by no means are we complaining!

korean-kpop-idol-fashion (2)-gdragon-good-boy-music-video-glow-in-the-dark-hair

Another thing I admire about male Kpop idols is how they’re breaking gender stereotypes. ‘Cause wearing makeup has got nothing to do with your masculinity. Kai, Luhan, T.O.P, Jin and Taemin can vouch for that. In fact, G-Dragon even endorsed a lipstick targeted just towards men!

korean-kpop-idol-fashion (12)-male-stars-makeup-lipstick-eyeshadow-kai-g-dragon
G-Dragon, Kai

As for Kpop accessories for men, they go all out with tassel and fur earrings, huge chains, flower crowns, scarves, bandanas and multiple piercings.

korean-kpop-idol-fashion (11)-flower-crowns-earrings-male-stars
Jinyoung, Taehyung

Kpop Clothing Brands

There are plenty of Kpop clothing brands operating worldwide ’cause who wouldn’t wanna look like a Kpop star? If you’re looking to buy some trendy Kpop apparel, you should probably check out these popular Kpop clothing brands:

2. Stylenanda
3. Sonyunara
4. Miamasvin
5. 87MM
6. KYE

Kdrama Fashion

korean-kpop-idol-fashion (5)-gu-jun-pyo-geum-jan-di-boys-over-flowers
Ku Hye-sun and Lee Min-ho as seen in Boys Over Flowers (2009)

Anyone who’s into Kpop obviously loves Kdrama as well. If not, then what are you doing? Kdramas are up there with some of my absolute favorite American TV series. Although they’re painfully clichéd, typical and expected, it won’t stop you from watching them. Mainly because of the unrealistically good-looking actors, exotic locations, theme music, an opportunity to learn a new language and of course, the Kdrama fashion.

From what I’ve seen, the men in Kdramas dress exceptionally chic – dress shirts, oxford shoes, pea coats, permed hair and what not! And the girl, who is usually the protagonist, wears causal yet cute and preppy styles, almost reminiscent of Blair Waldorf’s fashion of Gossip Girl. I’m also a fan of historical Kdramas like Queen Seondeok and Jumong, which show gorgeous kings and queens in equally gorgeous traditional Korean fashion – armor, gowns and headdresses.

korean-kpop-idol-fashion (3)-kdrama-fashion-queen-seondeok-jumong
Lee Yo-won as seen in Queen Seondeok (2009); Kim Seung-soo, Han Hye-jin and Song ll-gook as seen in Jumong (2006)

So that was all about Kpop fashion for men & women and Kdrama fashion. What is your favorite part about Kpop aesthetic? Tell us by tweeting @shilpa1ahuja!

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  2. You can make yourself a charming personality by trying a Kpop and tumbler clothing that are getting trendy these days. Teen girls can wear crop tops as well as off shoulder tops that are styling in this year.


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