Korean Male Fashion Trends: 15 Kpop Idol Approved Styles

From layering ideas to color trends, from Xiaojun to Taehyung, here are the season’s hottest Korean male fashion trends for Winter 2023!

kpop inspired male winter fashion trends ideas
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Hey everyone! The world is taken by the Korean wave, and while Kpop, K-dramas and Korean food are all good, the best thing we love is all the inspo Korean fashion provides. Winter is a great time to experiment with fashion. You can barely go wrong with layering and muted tones, but we’ve made you a complete list to try. With these Korean male fashion trends, you can take your outfit from basic to Kpop level trendy in minutes.

Korean Male Fashion Trends for Winter

Kickstart your winter days with trendy Kpop fashion styles. Winter is here and it’s time to break out all our warm, cozy clothes ( or even better, get new ones!) and stay stylish even in the most freezing temperatures. But what about our favorite Kpop male idols? Well, they somehow manage to look their best even in the dead of winter.

So if you’re a fan of Kpop (and lemme just go and say this – who isn’t!) and want some fashion inspiration for the winter season, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve done our homework and complied all the latest kpop idol inspired ideas for keeping warm and looking cool this winter.

From new layering options to fresh leather silhouettes, there are a ton of options for Kpop-inspired winter fashion. Whether you’re going for a casual, street-style look or something a little more polished, there’s a winter outfit idea here for all your needs. So, grab a hot cup of cocoa and get ready to take some notes, because we’re about to show you how to stay warm and stylish this winter, Kpop-style!

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1. Monochrome

There’s no better time to experiment with monochrome outfits than winter, especially since layering shades of the same color greatly match winter’s foggy vibe. As the coldness of the season demands layers, it becomes all the more convenient for you to embark on a journey with monochromic styles. There are abundant ways to pull up a monochromic outfit but to best get in the cozy winter feel, go for neutral colors like grey, white, off-white, black, etc. to really give a sophisticated, off-duty Kpop idol vibe!

Monochromic outfits are a great way to look classy and put together with less to no effort. All you need to do is dig through your closet to find pieces of clothing that fall into the same palette. When you’ve got the clothes, you just put them on such that everything from your head to toe corresponds with each other. You can match the different shades of your monochromic outfit like The8, or just spread the same shade throughout like Taeyong.

2. Padded Layers

Padded clothes are a must during winter, especially if you live in regions where the temperature touches below 0°. And the good thing is they are a great way to give more dimension to your outfits. Adding a padded jacket or vest can completely change the feel of your outfits, making them complete and much more interesting. It’s a safe way to step up your winter fashion game while also keeping you warm.

Another great thing about padded clothing is that the limits are endless. One of the easiest Korean male fashion trends to try is black monochrome outfits with padded jackets, plus black and white sneakers. You can try many kinds of styles with them. If you’re someone who loves a comfy fit that still looks exciting you can try layering it like Xiaojun. However, if you lean more toward a classy look, Mingyu’s fit serves as a great reference.

3. Bright Colors

While the norm in winter is to wear cool tones, it never hurt anyone to play with bright colors. If you’re an explorative fashionista who doesn’t stop for winter, throwing some neon and bright colors into your fit is a great start. The best way to do this is to have the colors popping from different places of your fit rather than having them sit throughout your fit.

If you are unsure, go for a monochromatic outfit in a neutral color like chocolate brown. Then just add one or two bright colored accessories in the same shade, like neon green.

The8 and J-hope are here to perfectly serve explorative winter styles. 2023’s Korean male fashion trends include forest green, rust and lime green. If you’re bold with colors and would love for it to take the majority of your outfit, then layering it like THE8 is the one for you. However, if you’re aiming for a subtle look while still playing with colors, wearing a color-blocked cardigan like J-hope can do the job effortlessly.

4. Basic made Intersting

If you’re someone who doesn’t care much about fashion but still wants to look presentable, we’ve got you. Throw on your favorite pair of jeans and a white T-shirt, this might sound basic but this is where things get interesting. Layer that with a cardigan or a jacket or both if you’re feeling like Johnny that day. This already gives so much shape to your outfit but it doesn’t stop there. Accessories are essential for casual fits, and you can easily spice up your fit by adding a cap, a sling bag, and some neat sneakers.

To make things more casual, you can also go for sweatpants and sweaters. But for a unique twist, add a beanie and some funky glasses like Doyoung – it can make even a lazy outfit look interesting. You can never go wrong with these casual winter styles.

5. Street Style

Everyone loves to dress up on occasion but fashion gets more exciting when you try to have fun with your outfits on a daily basis. And that’s exactly what street fashion is all about. Winter fashion, especially, is a lot more fun since you’ve got more clothes and accessories to play with. Street style comes in many different shapes and creating your own completely depends on your personality and the aesthetic you want to radiate.

If you’re going for a soft vibe, you can work with light colors and basic silhouettes. Like Taeil, who paired a white cardigan and t-shirt with light jeans. But if you’re style is loud and explorative, then go for more colors and play with shapes. Hyunjin showcases a great winter street style with his varsity jacket, color-blocked shoes, and a plaid bucket hat.

6. Leather

Winter’s the best time to get all fancy with clothes, and what better way to get fancy than leather? From your dinner parties to casual night outs, leather fits never fail to give a classy look. While it does a great job at spicing up your simple fits, it can also keep you warm on chilly nights.

Korean male fashion trends to try this year are shearling or fur trimmed leather jackets and leather hoodies. If you’re like Jun, a social butterfly sipping on their wine at parties, do it while wearing your beautiful leather gloves. But if you’re someone who’s out on a self-date to art museums, pair your sweatpants with a leather jacket, like Joenghan. Whatever you choose, we assure you that leather does a clean job of accentuating your fits.

7. Sweaters and Cardigans

It’s a given that sweaters are essential during winter, but it’s also a really fun fashion item to style. To one’s surprise, sweaters and cardigans don’t just need to be casual clothing. They can also serve as classy piece, it all boils down to how you style them.

A classic way to style a sweater is with a t-shirt inside and some comfy pants, like Ten who’s rocking a simple zig-zag sweater. But a cardigan can even see places like the Paris Fashion Week if you style it like Taehyung, with some formal pants and shiny jewelry. It’s a great winter must-have that always comes in handy, no matter what occasion.

8. Denim Styling

Denim is so versatile we see it all year long. And but sometimes it’s the best fashion clothing during the cold months. Layering with denim can be an interesting take on winter fashion, making you look both casual and put-together at the same time. It’s also a great way to keep you warm while you rock your winter day outings.

A fun way to layer denim is on top of hoodies or sweaters, like Taeyong. The sleeveless denim jacket on top of the fuzzy hoodie gives it much more shape and radiates a classier vibe than what the hoodie would give without it. Even Jaehyun’s pairing of denim-on-denim, though simple, gives a really neat and fresh look.

9. Hoodies with Coats

Whether it’s summer or winter, hoodies are a constant in everyone’s closet. But how do we make it more interesting? Add a coat on top. This is one of THE top korean male fashion trends of the year. Nothing says “smart casual” than this layering right here. Though it might come off as a risky fashion choice to combine two opposite vibes, coats over hoodies are a great way to be professional and cozy at the same time.

Like Joshua on his city stroll on his day off or Suga backstage during his stage performances, you can pull off this look just as easily as them. Are you someone who’s all for autumn aesthetics and plays with fall colors like Joshua, or are you like Suga who makes a simple monochrome outfit look classy?

10. Long Coats

Your winter closet is never complete if you don’t have long coats to finish your fits. If there’s a winter fashion trend that ages like wine, then long coats would take the throne in all its glory. Through the years, it has never gone out of trend and constantly evolves to match a variety of aesthetics.

Hoshi’s simple yet funky winter fit is given much more dimension with his olive green long coat – making his outfit much more interesting while keeping him warm through his day. But of course, long coats have been known to accentuate fancy fits. S.Coups’s black long coat, though paired with baggy jeans, gives him a classy look as he strolls through art exhibitions.

11. Light Winter

On those winter days when the sun’s out more than usual but still feels a little chilly, you might want to skip layering. Dressing for light winter days can be a challenge and fun at the same time. It’s the perfect time to pull off a summery look that is still cozy and comfy.

Haechan’s baggy jeans with a sweater on top of a t-shirt look perfect for a sunny winter day – a summery fit in winter. Also then Choi Minho’s t-shirt with a fuzzy sweatshirt over his shoulders is a great way to style for light winters. The major difference between the two is the choice of colors, which can completely alter the fit’s vibe.

12. Vests

Vests are another age-old fashion trend that one can never go wrong with. While vests can singlehandedly rock your summer fits, layering them with t-shirts and shirts is a classic winter outfit. They have a playful vibe to them, adding more flavor, color, and shape to your simple winter outfits.

Out for a grocery stroll on a winter evening like Key? Layer your plain white t-shirt with a cute vest. It’s a failproof way to look stylish on your lazy fashion days. Or are you taking walk down a park after work on a chilly night like DK? Pair your formal shirts with a vest in the same color palette – making your work outfits a bit more chic (or dapper) and warm.

13. Jackets with Scarfs

Trying to stay warm on those freezing cold winter nights when even 3 layers of clothing don’t do the job? Add a thick scarf around your neck and it does more than just keep you warm. A scarf can make your winter outfits look much more fuller and complete. It also gives a perfect chance for you to add more colors to your outfit.

Ten’s long and thick black scarf tones down his bright green jacket while also making his outfit flow from his beanie to the shoes – a perfect cherry on top. On the other hand, Taeil’s scarf adds more shape to his outfit, with only neutral colors comprising the fit, the scarf makes it look a bit more exciting.

14. Turtleneck Layering

To add to the list of classic winter fashion clothing, turtlenecks surely place within the top 5. An effortless yet effective way to look neat, rich, and classy. You can style this in endless ways for a variety of occasions. Turtlenecks are one must-have winter wear that simply never fails to class up your fits.

Jaehyun’s black turtleneck underneath the fuzzy leather jacket gives his outfit much more dimension, making him look classier than ever. Hendery, on the other hand, slays his turtleneck in a coat suit – looking like he could walk straight onto a red carpet. Either way, turtlenecks can surely be your best friend on a classy winter day.

15. Hoodies

And finally, the golden trump of all fashion trends – hoodies. There’s simply no better way to make lazy look stylish and in the most effortless way possible. Hoodies have grown and evolved in several varieties, serving almost all aesthetics in the fashion world.

Stacking up your wardrobe with hoodies that speak your style will be the best decision you’ll make. On your laziest winter days, all you’ll need to do is to pull on a hoodie and pair it with comfy pants and sneakers. Just like Mark and Seungkwan, it’s simply hard not to rock it.

While the list can go on, let’s end our trip down the Kpop inspired Korean male fashion trends here. Let us know which trend was your favorite and don’t forget to tag us on Instagram when you recreate these ideas!

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