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Kimberley from Romanovs Views is our SlubBlogger of the Week! Here she talks about the struggles and inspiration behind blogging part-time!

kimberly-slubblogger-of-the-week-blog-competition-fashion-style-shilpa-ahujaI am Kimberley, a.k.a Kim, author of Romanovs Views. I have been blogging for almost 3 years now. My style and views have changed substantially over the years, I initially started blogging because I just couldn’t find reviews on certain beauty products. And that made me branch out into the blogging world, now I like to write more lifestyle posts; babbling on about my life and how I deal with daily struggles.

Beauty and fashion are still a big part of my world, so they do still get featured. However, being a blogger, you have to pay close attention to your followers and stats. In my case, my followers seem to prefer my lifestyle posts over my beauty posts; therefore I make it a priority to focus on those.

I remember when I first started blogging, I was afraid of writing about personal experiences, what the comeback would be, whether the people involved in a certain scenario would give me backlash. The thing is, over time you learn that you can say whatever you want, your opinion is your own and you shouldn’t be afraid to voice it. Nine times out of ten someone out there will have the same opinion as you.

Getting over this fear has helped me greatly, getting my story out there has led to getting my confidence back. As someone who has been in many abusive relationships, bullied and just been in various disastrous situations, I would like to think that my story can help others and keep people entertained of course. Even with all that I have already said, I have so much more to share.

Working full time and blogging in my free time can sometimes be a struggle, but I love writing. It is a great outlet for me and I hope my ramblings have resonated with my readers, just the thought that they have keeps me going. Even if I can help just one person work through a tough time, whatever it may be, then it makes juggling my time worthwhile.


I don’t know if I will ever be one of the lucky full-time bloggers or if I will keep it as I have it now, but as long as I have something worthwhile to say, I will say it. Being a blogger is definitely part of my identity now and I am proud to say that.  The one thing I know is that I will continue to strive to improve my photography, I don’t care if I am blowing my own trumpet, but I love my Instagram feed! Looking back isn’t always bad if you can see improvement!

fashion-blogger-part-time-blog-kimberlyRemember, always be kind to people, you never know what personal battle they are fighting.

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