Kids Style Ideas | Make Your Kid Look Cuter & More Fashionable

Kids style is all about looking chic, cute and making a fashion statement. From different clothing styles to hairstyles, get to know all about kids fashion here to let your child show his/her personality. 

kids style kids-style-ideas-latest-inspiration-how-to-what-to-best-styleHey there! The tiny fashion icons love to look stylish as much as the elders. And yeah it’s not necessary that the kids and adults have fashion trends of their own. Indeed, the trends that grown-ups follow are followed by the kids too! This way, you can have a few mommy & kid trendy outfits too.

While looking for kids style, it is important to note the child’s personality. For example, keep in mind their interests, like if they love playing indoors or outdoors or whether they love reading books, etc. Based on kids interest, choose the best way to style the kids.

Kids Style in Clothing

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Kidswear is so pretty these days unlike what it was during my childhood. Since then, the kids’ fashion has revamped a lot and there’s lot more fashionable stuff! From pool parties to weddings to camps, there is a perfect pick for the kids for every occasion.

Kids fashion, just like adults’, doesn’t have to be for one gender only. Boys love to look good too! Some kids love grooming or dressing in style while playing, and others love to show off their style statement from a very young age. And the parents need to encourage and help the kids in doing so!

Outfit Ideas for Girls


Make the little ones wear anything and surely they are gonna rock it. For a party look, try mini skirts paired with tank tops and sequin embellished denim jackets. Or a maxi dress or a high-low gown. And for casual occasions try frocks, short or capris paired with tees and trendy tops.

Whatever you choose make sure that the kid is comfortable and able to carry the outfit easily. Opt for bold colors and fun prints. And yeah quick tip for you parents – choose outfits that can be washed easily and does not need any ironing. This will save tons of time and energy. Not to mention the kids will be able to be themselves freely!

Outfit Ideas for Boys


For boys, try tuxedo or semi-formal suits for weddings and school annual programs. For casual wear, nothing can be more comfortable than jeans or shorts and tee. You can make the simple, classy look more stylish by adding a pair of accessories or upgrading the style. Like for casual wear you can tuck the tee in and pair it with sneakers and logo belt. And here you go, your kiddo is all set to look fashionable and trendy!

Kids Hairstyle

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Kids hairstyle can really get creative! Choose a hairstyle that is low-maintenance and easy to style. Get ’em new haircuts every now and then so that they look different and that becomes an inspiration for their future. Changing the hairstyle often is a great idea for a quick makeover! While undercut, fringes and faux hawk are trendy kids hairstyle for boys. Bangs, side-parted with curls and bob cut is good for your little princess.

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Kids Shoe Styles

children-shoe-styles-latest-trends-2018My niece has a bigger shoe wardrobe than mine and no wonder she is so stylish and fashionable. Most parents think that the kids spend most of their time in schools and this refrains them from buying the fashionable ones. But good shoes will upgrade your kids’ style quotient. They say, “Give a person the right shoes, and they can conquer the world”. So, make that happen to your kids and let them rule the world!

kids-fashion-accessories-latest-ideas-advice, @milaava17

From sneakers to low platform heels to knee high boots to sandals, don’t miss on any of these for the princess. And for the handsome, try sneakers, shoes, boots, slip-ons, sandals and floaters. Yeah just make sure that the shoes you choose are not too strappy or lacey. Go for laceless ones instead so that the kid does not need your help everytime he or she wears or removes them.

kids-shoe-styles-sneakers-boys-wear-loafersFor parties, loafers or oxfords are great for boys and strappy glittery flats or embellished ballerinas for girls.

Kids Fashion Accessories

kids-fashion-style-2018-trends-latest-ideas-advce-tipsAccessories complete a look, so mommies, don’t forget to have them in your kids’ closet. From bags to hats to little pieces of jewelry to scarfs and belts, get them to define the kid’s style. For a casual look just make your kid wear a cool hat, a pair of sunglasses and make heads turn.

For girls, you can try sleek belts and micro bags. Hair accessories are also another fun way to make easy, yet catchy hairstyles that stay put the entire day, or at least a few hours! Try glittery pins, pearl pins, bow headbands and colorful hair ties. Whatever you choose, choose within the comfort zone of the kid!

So, this is all about kids style and fashion. Which style are you liking? Do let us know by tweeting @shilpa1ahuja.

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