Kids Haircuts: Cute Haircuts for Children (Both Boys and Girls)

Give your kid a makeover! From crew cut to bangs to faux hawk, here are the cutest and trendiest kids haircuts!

best-Kids Haircuts-for-boys-and-girls-trends-fashion-style-advice-2018Hey! Kids are always fun. Not all of them really care about their looks. Because they are busy with many other activities. But some are very particular about their looks, and so are their parents! If you’re one of them, this one is for you! Let’s take look at lots of cool ideas for kids haircuts for both boys and girls.

How to Choose the Right Kids Haircuts

Kids can always carry off any hairstyle as they look cute in almost all of them! But it’s important to choose the right haircut for the kids. So before you book an appointment at the kid’s salon, make sure which style suits your kid’s face type and personality. It shouldn’t get in the way of their studies or hobbies but yet let them express their personality.

Decide on what latest hairstyle will look great on your kid according to their face shape and personal style. Also, keep in mind the comfort factor of the kid while planning for the haircut. Kids are generally restless and impatient so plan a cut which is easy to maintain, both for you and your child!

Kids Haircuts for Boys

Boys usually love making a fashion statement of their own. Lately, we’ve been seeing cool haircuts like crew cut, fringes up, faux hawk and many more trends which you can try on your kid. So check out the trends for children’s haircuts and plan accordingly for the lifestyle and comfort of your kid. Almost all these haircut for kids are popular and easy to maintain as well!

1. Undercut

This trendy haircut has been adopted by many celeb kids, too, and looks super cute. Many parents would love to go for this hair trend, as it’s easy to maintain and suit all hair types. It will also go well with all face types. This style has cropped or short hair at the sides and back and long at the top. Hardly any styling required on a daily basis. And also streaks can be done on the sides.

2. Crew Cut

The crew cut is yet another short haircut which is naturally popular among young boys. Make sure it’s neither too short nor too long. This haircut is ideal for all face types.

jasmine_kidsfuncuts-kids-haircuts-for-boys-crew-cut-latest-trend3. Faux Hawk with Shorter Sides

Faux Hawk? Are you wondering what it is? It’s a haircut with a thick volume of hair at the top and shorter at the sides and back a more wearable version of the 90’s mohawk. This style looks amazing for kids who have round and oval face type. It’s also one of the coolest kids cuts.


4. Fringes

When it comes to fringes, be rest assured that it will go well with all face shapes. They can be long, short or blunt depending on what style cut you go for! Asymmetric fringes are very trendy and also the easiest to maintain.

haircuts-for-kids-Fringes-fashion-style-salon-facetypes-cutting5. Fringe Up

Again fringe up is in vogue this season. All kids go crazy about this hairstyle, especially when the salon professional styles the hair with wax or gel. This style looks so trendy that boys love to get it done when they go to the birthday parties and casual outings. It suits all face types, and especially works well on shorter kids as styling up makes ’em seem taller!

latest trendy haircut for kids fringes up fashion6. Side Patterns

One of the complicated styles, side patterns requires a lot of patience for the kids to set. Professionals use a razor to get these different patterns. This trend is in vogue and many young boys are getting different patterns done with undercut or crew cut style. So let the boy sport his own favorite!top-trendy-haircut-for-childrens-side-patterns-fashion-style

7. Quiff

This gentlemanly style is charming and it’ll never go out of trend. Quiff can be combed in different styles. This trend is with shorter sides and long at the top. To rock these style get some streaks and patterns done on the side.

latest-trendy-haircut-for-kids-quiff-style-fashion-20188. Side Parted Short Hair

kids cut side parted short hair hairstyle 2018Side-parting is one of the cutest ways to style your kid’s hair. Any type of hair and face type is a great idea for this style. Side parting looks really trendy with shorter sides and but can also be done with long hair at the sides.

haircut-for-kids-facetype-cuts-trends-side-parted-short-style-fashion-20189. Spikes

Spikes are back in fashion amongst kids cuts. It’s one of those trends which will always be in. Considered as one of the best haircuts by little boys and easy to style as well it suits all face shapes and hair types. Just make sure it is done for special occasions as some educational institutions might restrict this trend.


Kids Haircuts for Girls

Little girls are always with a load of cuteness. It’s fun to try haircuts for girls and many love to style their own hair as much as their dolls’! You choose amongst so many different styles when you take your kid to a salon. Before planning, take a look at these latest haircuts for girls! And choose accordingly, make sure she loves it too!

1. Bangs

Looking for the best way to freshen up your li’l girl’s hairstyle? A haircut with bangs is a great way to add cuteness to your angel’s overall look. Bangs go well with any hair length and hair types. It looks great on all face types.

kids-haircuts-style-fashion-Bangs-trendycut-for-girls2. Side Parted Loose Curls

childrens hairstyle for kids loose curls 2018Side parted hair is timelessly fashionable. And when young girls have side parted loose curls, they look really chic too. This style is the best option for parties and weddings and it suits all face types. Medium length loose curls are one of the most fashionable kids haircuts.

haircut-for-girls-style-fashion-side-parted-loose-curls-20183. Bob Cut

Shout out to all the tom boys out there!! Bobs and lobs are the best hairstyles for girls who want to get a complete makeover, especially if they wanna establish a tom boy persona. This style looks amazing on all face shapes, but it looks more amazing when the hair is voluminous. If your girl likes it yet shorter, go for a pixie or the Princess Diana cut.

haircut-for-kids-bob-sharkeyskendall-style-fashion-latest-trends4. Highlights

Highlights with different colors have been in for a while. You can get these highlights as just the streaks from top to bottom of a few sections of hair or just the bottom quarter. Pair these with beads to get chic look. Pink, maroon, red and purple are great shades for young girls.

Also read: Highlights and Lowlights: What’s the Difference & What’s Right for You

top-trendy-style-for-girls-highlights-kids_barber_mamed. 55. Side Pattern

Patterns and girls? Not every girl would love to get patterns shaved at the sides. But if she’s bold enough (parents, too) and a fashion junkie, she could try a pattern. Also, it’ll suit all face shapes.

haircuts-for-kids-side-pattern-style-fashion-trend-kids_barber_mamed. 6
So these are the best kids haircuts. Which style would you love to get for your kid? Let us know by tweeting @shilpa1ahuja!

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