Keto Fast Food Options to Try in Your Favorite Restaurants

Dieting doesn’t necessarily mean giving up on your favorite food. Keto fast food is something that keeps our taste buds satisfied even during a weight loss regime!

keto-fast-food-restaurants-diet-yummy-lip-smacking-dishesHey! I know it’s hard to stay away from our favorite foods while on a diet. However, are a few diet plans that help us stay away from junk and yet have all the yummy food we love. And one amongst them is keto diet.

The basic idea behind this diet is reducing the carbs. Personally, I tried many weight loss programs, but all of them lasted for quite a less time as I had to sacrifice most of my favorite foods, which only made me crave for them more and then I gave up! But keto diet sounds interesting to me, I need not skip going to my best-loved restos!

Keto Fast Food

Keto fast food helps us keep a check on calorie intake even when having food at the restaurants we love. As keto diet involves less intake of carbs, it doesn’t mean we reduce or stop taking them drastically. In that case, the metabolic rate of the body goes down and may lead to fatigue and dizziness. So, never ever go on crash diets and get your body slowly used to it and it’ll be helpful in the long run. A less drastic diet will also make sure you stick to it longer.

Keto Friendly Restaurants

There are many restaurants that keep in mind the keto diet and plan their menu accordingly. Here are a few best-loved restaurants!

Keto Taco Bell

Taco Bell is an American chain of fast food restaurants that serves Mexican food. The restaurant serves a variety of dishes, which include tacos, quesadillas, nachos, burritos, etc. (I’m already drooling while writing down the list). It’s hard to be on a diet with so many lip-smacking dishes available and hence for people to treat their taste buds, keto diet is a better option.

food-lunch-mexican-nachosWendys Keto

Wendy’s chain of restaurants was founded by Dave Thomas in Colombo. It’s fast-moving and one of the best fast food restaurants. No bun is the best option in Wendy’s for keto. Bun free sandwiches and salads are good to go for the keto diet. You can also opt for grilled chicken, smoked bacon, hamburger patty and Caesar salad. To accompany your keto fast food, go for plain water or low-sugar lemonade in place of soda.

wendy-keto-salad-keto-diet-chain-of -restaurantsLow Carb Burger King

No bun, no ketchup, no mayo is an ideal low carb keto diet at Burger King. Cheeseburger for veggie lovers and grilled chicken sandwich for chicken lovers is good! Do keep an eye on the carbs while ordering.

low-carb-burger-king-grilled-chicken-keto-fast-foodKeto Carl’s Jr

Lettuce wrapped thick burger is Carl’s signature dish, so don’t resist trying that even if you’re on keto. It has nearly 600 calories and 10 gms of fat, so ideal for the keto diet too! Go no bun and try the double cheeseburger, big Carl, natural burger, hamburger, taco salad or the famous star burger with a single beef patty. Avoid shakes, dessert and fries.

lettuce-wraped-karls-burger-keto-fast-f00d-restaurant-carlsKeto McDonalds

McDonald’s is one of the cheapest fast food restaurants. And, yeah it’s hard to resist their fries. But if you are on keto, then fries should not be included in your order, although there are many combos with it. Deletion of a single ingredient from the menu – the bun – is more than enough to go keto. McDouble, double cheeseburger and grilled chicken sandwich are a few options to try!

mc-donalds-mc-double-burger-without-bunChinese Keto Food

There would be hardly anyone who could resist Chinese food (missing the chili baby corn and burnt garlic rice already)! Avoiding fried, steamed rice, wontons, chowmein noodles and egg rolls will help you stay longer on the keto diet. Clear thin soups, tofu with veggies, prawns and stir-fried dishes are good choices!

clear-thin-sopu-chines-fast-food-keto-dietKFC Keto

KFC is well known for its fried chicken. But just one of it has around 11gms of carbs and it’s not a safe option to try if you’re on keto diet! The options are limited but of course, you can go for grilled chicken and large green beans for starters.

grilled-chicken-keto-fast-food-dietLow Carb Chiptole

Chipotle has many keto options available. Satiate your hunger with a bowlful of a healthy salad. Or go for a soft taco filled with refined beans, guac, lettuce and veggies.

healthy-salad-bowlful-low-carb-chitpolePanera Low Carb

Cobb or Caesar salad with chicken are good options in salads. In soups, you can try the low-fat vegetable soup with pesto or broccoli cheddar soup. Panera has something for your sweet tooth too. Orange mini scone and petite chocolate chipper, which has approximately 15 gms of carbs, will surely treat your taste buds.

panera-low-card-brocolli-cheddar-soup-keto-fast-foodChick-Fil-A Low Carb

Grilled nuggets, lettuce-wrapped chicken sandwich, grilled salad and Cobb salad are something you can drool on when you are at Chick-fil-A. Also, you can accompany your meal with sugarless lemonade or unsweetened tea.

chick-fila-low-carb-grilled-nuggets-ket-fast-food-restaurantSubway Low Carb

Subway is widely located in most of the places in any big cities and there’s so much stuff in the sandwich that even by skipping the bread you can make your tummy full and happy. While choosing the veggies, go for the low-carb ones like spinach, lettuce and green peppers. Tuna salad, roasted beef and chicken and subway club are indeed ideal for the keto diet.

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subway-low-carb-diet-latest-keto-fast-food-restaurantKeto Fast Food Breakfast

Kickstart your mornings with a low-carb diet. Baked eggs with bacon and green veggies, salmon stuffed avocados, broccoli muffins and shrimp omelet are good to headstart your day with a keto diet. Also, you can accompany your keto breakfast with strawberry crunch smoothie or a vanilla smoothie.

diet-breakfast-keto-diet-low-carb-food-fast-restaurantsLow Carb Italian Food

Who doesn’t love pasta? The best news is even you’re on keto you can have your favorite Italian food. Looking for alternatives is what helps us in fulfilling our diet goals. Try avoiding spaghetti and rice-based food. Instead of garlic bread, choose to have a bowl of olives. Lemon garlic shrimp pasta, low carb chicken parmesan and low fried food are some other great keto diet food options.

bowl-of-olives-low-carb-italian-foodSo, this is the guide for all the keto lovers. Which restaurant’s keto food do you like the most? Do let us know by tweeting @shilpa1ahuja.

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