Kate Middleton Hats : The Top 20 Hats Ever

If there’s anyone that does hats best, it’s her. From fascinators to berets, we rank the top 20 Kate Middleton hats from the breathtaking to the ugliest!!

Not everyone can rock hats like royalty. But then, Kate Middleton is not everybody. And if there’s anyone that does hats best, it’s her. From fascinators to felt berets, the Duchess of Cambridge has donned it all. Some are real beauties, that just take her outfits from gorgeous to unforgettable. Let’s take a look at all of our favorites. And as we always do in SlubClub, I’ve ranked them from #1 to #20, so let’s see which hat came first and which came last in our –

Kate Middleton Hats Competition!

#1: The Pale Yellow and Off-White Rose Hat: This is my favorite – the competition was tough but it looks great on her, it’s an inverted, unique design, the colors are very soothing and it goes very well with her outfit.


#2: The Lilac Veiled Beret with Flower & Bead Appliqué: This is so decorative and I love the fishnet veil. High fashion meets royalty in this gorgeous statement hat and it’s totally a conversation starter.


#3: The Grey Ribbon & Feather Hat: Neither too large nor too small, and the feathers are twirled. It’s very showy, but I also love the 45 degree angle and the lattice pattern.


#4: The White Hat with Bead and Blue Rose Appliqué: It’s one of the rare hats that’s not monotonous, and yet it matches her outfit perfectly. Love the blue rose and the twirly sprigs.


#5: The Dusty Pink Decorative Hat with Lace: Love the color which looks super on Kate Middleton’s skintone, and the subtle lace with it.


#6: The Large Navy Hat with Ribbon & Feathers: This one’s a gorgeous hat and it’s very royal, and showy! Love those unapologetically huge feathers. Not everyone can pull this one off!


#7: The Beige & Brown Feather Fascinator: This one’s very 3D – with the feathers going all out in all directions and I wonder if that’s uncomfortable. Anyhow, I love the look and she certainly looks happy to wear this!kate-middleton-best-hats-flower-feather-tall-grey-white-hat-celeb-princess-look

#8: The Ash Beret with Salmon Pink Flower: There’s nothing too showy but it ranks within the top ten because it’s so proper and formal looking. The roundness complements the rounded collar of her outfit, too.


#9: The Sky Blue Twirly Decorative Hat: It’s so pretty. And it’s custom-made for that outfit. And I want it too.


#10: The Blue Ribbon Beret: This angled beret falls asymmetrically over her forehead, and I love the ribbon and the simple cleanliness of it. So I’m glad to have it in the top 10! Let’s see the rest now!!


#11: The Large Black Woven Hat with Feather: I’m sorry to see this one not be in the top 10, but there’s just so much competition up there! Anyway, the asymmetric black hat is a real beauty!


#12: The Red Maple Leaf Beret: Actually it’s an inverted beret so I’m not sure if we can still call it that. Maybe one of you hat enthusiasts can clarify. Love the style and the maple leaf touch. Very unique!


#13: Brown Twill Twirl Beret: I’m giving it a nice name – it’s fun to say (try it – twill twirl beret, twill twirl beret…) It’s a cool, neat one!


#14: The Red Tassel Hat: Another asymmetric one. Love the touch of the tassels, but not very fond of the cornered ribbons. A bit too much I guess.


#15: The Navy Felt Hat: A small, simple one., and felt is great for the cold weather. Nothing too showy about it, but I like the wide ribbon at the back.


#16: The Turquoise Beret with Felt Spikes: As usual, the color goes perfectly with the outfit, and I like the spikey touch!


#17: The Burgundy Fedora: Burgundy is a great color, but somehow, I don’t like it here. Please someone tell me why!


#18: The Black Fedora with a Heart: Nice try with the heart, but that don’t impress me much!


#19: The Navy Felt Beret with a Tassle: Nice, simple beret again, but this time, sorry I have to put you down here!


#20: The Chocolate Brown Bow Hat: I like the knot, but I don’t like the style of the hat, and the color doesn’t go with the outfit at all, and the bow is bad. So, yeah!


So, how did you like these Kate Middleton hat wars? I sure loved it! Hope it gave you some great ideas on how to wear hats too! Lemme know which hat you liked the most and the least!! 🙂 Muaah XOXO

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