9 Latest Jewelry Trends 2015 -Fall/ 2016 -Winter

Hi, gorgeous! The latest jewelry trends 2015 are just so awesome that I had to make a list of the best ones. They are wearable and bold, ranging from exotic to elegant! Wear them this Fall all the way till 2016 Winter! Hot from the runways, I’ve already spotted some of these latest jewelry trends 2015 on celebs! So they are very, very official! And stunning!


From Chanel to Dolce and Gabbana, from Valentino to Roberto Cavalli, I’ve searched all the runway collections for this season to bring to you the best and top-most jewelry trends for 2015!!

Jewelry Trends 2015 #1: Oversized

From oversized earrings, to rings and brooches, jewelry trends 2015 have it big. It is like go bold or go home. Giambattista Valli had sequinned earrings matching the outfits with embroidery and sequins. Marni had plain oversized earrings in contrasting colors.

Jewelry Trends 2015 #2: Chained

From simple asymmetric chained necklaces to pendants to chained belts, this latest jewelry trend is wearable casually as well as in the office.

Jewelry Trends 2015 #3: Charms

Charms were in last season, and it seems that we’ll still be seeing them this season! In fact, Chanel’s Ready to Wear Fall 2015 collection paired charms necklaces and belts with other jewelry trends too!

Also see how it was last season in 6 Latest Spring 2015 Jewelry Trends.

Jewelry Trends 2015 #4: Single Earring

I’ve already written an in-depth article about how to wear this latest jewelry trend. So check out the article How to Wear the Latest Single Earring Trend – Fall/Winter 2015-2016. It also includes additional pictures and shows how to wear the mismatched earrings trend.

Additionally, here are some more pics of this trend as seen on the runways this season. The single earring trend ranges from bold to tiny.

Jewelry Trends 2015 #5: Historical-Inspired

My favorite trend – this is so exotic, awesome and characteristic. Historical-inspired jewelry has the power to make your outfit really stand out. Not everyone can pull this off. Pair historical-inspired jewelry with elegant wel-fitted outfits that match the theme. This year’s historical pieces range from Victorian to Georgian to ancient Roman inspired jewelry.

Jewelry Trends 2015 #6: Chunky Silver Necklaces

This spring, I wrote a full article about this chunky silver necklace trend I spotted in the Coachella festival. Check it out here: Latest Necklace Trend to Steal from Coachella 2015 Fashion. Chunky silver necklaces were also spotted in Chanel’s Ready to Wear 2015 Fall collection. Plus, Kendall Jenner was spotted wearing her chunky Dylanlex necklace last month too. So yes, you can still wear this trend! In fact, layer them over your winter jackets and sweaters!

Jewelry Trends 2015 #7: Layered

Layered necklaces, rings and bracelets have been in vogue since last two seasons. And this jewelry trend is not going anywhere! So keep stacking your bracelets, and layering your long and short necklaces! Here is some inspiration from the runways!

Jewelry Trends 2015 #8: Pearls & Baubles

Use pearls in unusual ways this season. Instead of wearing the good ol’ pearl necklace, use pearls in your headbands, headphones or belts. Combine them with beads and baubles and just have fun with this mix n match, because the Fall Winter of 2015-2016, this trend is very hot!

Jewelry Trends 2015 #9: Brooches

Brooches are back in trend! The classic lapel brooches are in. But if you wanna stand out of the crowd and try something new, mix them up and wear lots of brooches together. Try oversized brooches or wear them on your sleeve cuffs!

Did you love this list of Latest Jewelry Trends 2015? Which is your favorite trend? Comment below!!! 🙂

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