Denim Update: 5 Jeans Trends You Need to Know This Summer

Jeans are a wardrobe staple, an absolute MUST-HAVE for every girl. Let’s take a look at what’s in, what’s out and the 5 latest jeans trends for Summer 2016!

latest-jeans-trends-whats-in-whats-out-fashion-style-denim-summer-2016Hey gorgeous! Fashion trends may change with the blink of an eye, but we can usually wear our jeans for at least more than a year! But then, right now, even jeans is in the transition mode – where you see celebs and it-girls sporting everything from flared to skinny, ripped to washed. So I thought, why don’t I just put it all out there!

What’s In, What’s Out! This is a new series I’m starting in which I’ll pick out an item and I’ll write about what’s in trend these days, and what’s out!! So let’s start with a wardrobe staple and everyone’s favorite, absolute MUST-HAVE item – jeans.

#WhatsInWhatsOut: Jeans Trends for Summer 2016

What’s In:

#1: Boy Jeans

Forget boyfriend jeans. 2016 is all about boy jeans. And how’s that different, you ask? Well, while boyfriend jeans is made to look like you’re wearing your boyfriend’s bigger size jeans, boy jeans is all about wearing jeans like a boy! Essentially, a bit rugged, comfort-fit and medium-rise.

Body Type: Works best on rectangle, hourglass, and strawberry body types.

Here’s how to find your body type.


#2: Low-Waist Crop Ripped Jeans

Here’s the supermodel and celebrity favourite – the essential low-waist ripped jeans. For Summer 2016, make it crop jeans. Either get it cropped from a tailor, or cut off the bottom part with a pair of scissors at home for a distressed look. Or just fold up just slightly above the ankle.

Body Type: Works best on pear, rectangle, hourglass and diamond body types.

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I personally feel this look works well even without the rips. Especially if you want to work it in a smart-casual outfit.

miranda-kerr-street-style-summer-2016-crop-faded-jeans-latest-trends-street-casual-fashion#3: 70s Flared Jeans

I already mentioned 70’s flared jeans in my earlier article Flared Pants Trend for Fall Winter 2015-2016. This season, the trend also includes cropped flared jeans and pants. And we’ve seen sooo much of cropped flared pants on the runway …

Body Type: Works best on rectangle, hourglass and strawberry body types.





#4: Faded Crop/Folded Skinny Jeans/Capris

If you’re not a ripped jeans person, or if you want to wear jeans in a smart casual outfit, then avoid the distressed denim look and opt for a faded/ washed look instead. Instead of getting your jeans hemmed till your ankles, fold about 4 inches of your skinny jeans!

Body Type: Works best on pear, rectangle, hourglass and diamond body types.



#5: High Waist

I personally don’t like this trend at all. It reminds me of mommy jeans. But it can be styled in a chic, trendy way, like this one here with a crop leather jacket.

Body Type: Works best on rectangle, hourglass and strawberry body types.


How to Wear High Waist Jeans in Summer 2016: The trick is to keep the high-waist jeans skinny, not loose. Also, opt for the washed/faded look. The waistline should fall at your navel, or cover it just slightly.

Body Type: If the high-rise jeans is skinny, this look may also work for pear-shaped bodies.street-style-summer-2016-crop-skinny-white-jeans-how-to-wear-what-with-1

street-style-summer-2016-crop-skinny-white-jeans-how-to-wear-what-withWhich brings us to…

What’s Out #1 Mommy Jeans

How’s 90s mommy jeans different from 2016’s boy jeans? Boy jeans is comfort fit, whereas mommy jeans is straight up loose. Add a couple of one-inch folds to its hem and you get an unsexy concoction. Also, you want your boy jeans to at max be navel high, whereas mommy jeans goes up and up. Avoid for now.


What’s Out #2: Unnaturally Ripped and Faded Jeans

You know those tie-and-die effects, and those weird made-up textures and those lined-up rips? Well, if you have them, donate them this season. No, wait, we can’t even expect the poor to be wearing those.


So which jeans trends are your favorites this season? And which ones are you NOT wearing? Lemme know! Comment below! 🙂 Muaah.

Hasta la vista!

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