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From suits to casual-wear – clothes and accessories, we take a look at the best James Bond outfits in Daniel Craig’s latest 007 movie, Spectre. #DressLikeBond

James Bond is not just a secret service agent. No, we all know that. James Bond is so much more than that. He’s a handsome and charming man – he’s a ladies’ man. And most of all – his fashion and style is every man’s envy.

With the release of the latest James Bond movie, Spectre, we take a look at some of James Bond’s best looks in the movie. Needless to say, he has a wardrobe full of designer suits, but we also have some outerwear, great accessories and even jeans in the mix.

James Bond Outfits in Spectre: Formal Wear

This black pinstripe suit with white shirt is from the movie poster, which judging by the tunnel scene below, may as well have been chocolate-brown.


Here’s a slick navy suit – very typical James Bond and also American boardroom style. Loving the fit of the suit and the slim pants. I guess that’s why men love James Bond movies – it’s like every corporate man’s fantasy – to leave the boardroom on a workday and climb to the roof of the office tower, to do action sequences with a gun, jumping from building to building – in their boardroom ‘uniform’ nonetheless!

Here’s a similar suit in charcoal grey with a blue shirt.


This one is my favorite in the movie – a white dinner jacket paired with black bow-tie, trousers and a red lapel rose. This suit looks dapper for a date night and action-sequence alike. Very classy.

Here’s another one for a formal date-night inspiration –  a black three-piece suit with a pocket-scarf.

This carnival costume with a skeleton painted over a black suit will make a great Halloween costume. It has already become a popular Halloween costume in 2015!


I love this mocha brown jacket paired with a pair of latte-colored trousers and white shirt. It’s something my dad would wear (#JamesBondDressesLikeMyDad). I especially like the way it matches the gorgeous desert backdrop of the scene, and Lea Seydoux’s white outfit. Very poetic.

James Bond Outfits in Spectre: Outerwear

A sleek black overcoat paired with charcoal folded-hem trousers makes for great men’s everyday-outfit inspiration.

And this double-breasted wool overcoat paired with black leather gloves.


Snow-jacket paired with black trousers, leather gloves and boots.

James Bond Outfits in Spectre: Casual Wear

Here’s a navy zipper jacket worn wonderfully over a grey turtleneck.

Bond in Jeans is a rare sight. Here he is in another one of my favorite outfits – a down-jacket paired with brown boots, a turtleneck and a pair of dark denim jeans.

And last but not the least – a turtleneck sweater worn over fitted trousers.


So, that’s all folks! What did you think of Spectre movie fashion? Which one of these James Bond outfits did you like the most? What do you prefer on him? White jacket or black? Jeans or trousers? Lemme know below!!

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