Introducing Audrey O. (Vol 1) – I Need a New Closet!

Hey everyone! I love sketching, and I’ve been working on creating my very own comic series! I’m sooo excited to share the Vol. 01 Episode 01 with you all today.

Audrey O. is a version of me, mixed with a version of you. And today, she needs a new closet because, of course, where’s she gonna keep all those fabulous new clothes she just spent half her salary on!? And NO ONE understands that we can’t repeat our outfits anymore. HUH!

Audrey O. (Vol. 01 E1) – I Need a New Closet!

When it comes to fashion, charity does NOT begin at home!


© Shilpa Ahuja 2016

If you like it, do comment below and share it! What else would you like to see on Audrey O.? Do you relate to her? Post all your thoughts here!!

Muaah XOXO 🙂

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