Influence of Fashion on Student Life

Students are all about studying, books, and classes, right? Wrong! Those are important aspects of their lives, but we’re talking about young individuals after all. It’s important for them to express their individuality, which is why they tend to experiment with fashion so much. You’ll often see students leaning to different styles each season. They are still trying to find themselves. Plus, the things they wear convey their mood and emotions. We know how conflicted they are during this period of their lives. That’s why their sense of fashion varies so much.


We know that one’s lifestyle affects the way they dress. But have you ever wondered about the reverse connection? Fashion trends affect students’ lives as well.

Fashion Influences a Student’s Self-Esteem

No matter how hard we try to deny it, there is a social ranking on campus. When someone follows the latest trends in fashion, they create a certain impression on people around them.

Other students are trying to follow trends, but modify them to fit their budget. If they don’t manage to buy the things they see in magazines, they feel like they failed to make a statement. This is why it’s important to understand: you express yourself through fashion, but it doesn’t define you. You don’t need a lot of money to look fashionable. You only need to find a style that suits you, and create a capsule wardrobe around it. Yes; people will judge you by your appearance. However, you’ll still look nice in the clothes you bought at a discount.


You Want to Learn about Fashion? You Can Always Read More News!

Fashion goes beyond the way you dress. It enhances your appearance and affects you on a psychological level. It plays a role in a social setting, too. In essence, clothes and accessories express your individuality. When you start reading more about the origins of fashion, you’ll understand how it has affected people and society. There are awesome essay samples to read on Samplius. Not many people see fashion as a research topic, but end up being surprised when they start an essay reading session.

You can rely on your love for fashion when professors ask you to write an essay. It’s a great topic for history and sociology essays. You can combine it with religion, caste, social status, and psychological state.

Fashion Affects a Student’s Physical Appearance

Currently, fashion brands are trying hard to move away from the concept that you have to be skinny to look well in designer clothes. The trends are trying to teach us something: no matter what shape and size you are, you’ll always find something that works for you.

However, we shouldn’t neglect the fact that most stores sell models in small sizes only. This situation deeply affects a student’s self-perception. By trying to look well in fashionable clothes, many students put themselves through rigorous eating schemes that affect their wellbeing. Moreover, a poor diet affects their focus. In this way, their obsession with fashion is indirectly related to their academic record.

Fashion Witnesses Your Own Moment

There’s a famous quote by Nicolas Ghesquiere, the fashion director of Louis Viton: “What I find most interesting in fashion is that it has to reflect our time. You have to witness your own moment.” Think about it: each season comes with its color and designs. From time to time, we see legendary styles that define an era.

Researchers often get requests by students who want to explore this topic from a historical point of view. However, it’s the current that makes a difference in a student’s life. Ten years from now, you’ll be looking at photographs from your time as a student. Maybe the current fashion will look ridiculous at that point, but it will instantly bring up memories from this important period of time. That’s why it’s so cool to dress in accordance with the trends. You’re never boring, and you evolve over the years.

You Can Turn Your Love for Fashion into a Career

Some students are so consumed by their love for fashion that they turn it into a career. Design is an obvious choice of a subject area for them, but there are more specific options as well. A luxury fashion MBA program offers a clear direction to one’s career. It’s a vast industry with several topics to explore. If you plan to focus on it, taking design courses throughout college and considering a fashion MBA is a good idea.


Fashion is an Aspect of Materialism

It’s everywhere around campus, in movies, magazines, and ads. People are objectified in the name of what they wear. Influencers promote brands and inspire students to define their style.


There’s no denial of the materialistic aspect of fast fashion. You buy clothes that work for a season or two, and then you move onto the next trends. That’s why it’s important to find your personal expression through fashion, and buy clothes that will work for a longer period of time.

Most of All, Fashion is Fun

Even if you feel like you defined your sense of fashion, it’s important to experiment with details. You’re a student; you constantly learn new things. You’ll learn more about yourself if you change a few aspects of your appearance. But keep it subtle! Dramatic changes may look unnatural when done overnight!

Bottom line is: students are influenced by fashion from a psychological, economic, social, and academic aspect. As the trends come and go, it’s fun to try them out. But a stylish student always knows: you have to remain yourself even when you change the way you look.

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