Indian Traditional Jewelry with Western Outfits

Have you ever styled our traditional jewelry with western outfits? When you pair the right jewelry with the right clothing, it will be magical. Here are a few tips to nail your fusion fashion.


Indian traditional jewelry has a specific allure. Indian craftsmanship has an exclusiveness in the art of jewelry making. Every piece of jewelry has a special characteristic feature. That is the reason why Indian traditional jewelry stands out from the rest of the world.

Cute Outfit Ideas for Styling Traditional Jewelry with Western Outfits

Every Indian family has its heritage jewelry with tons of traditional values. The jewelry of our maa, mami, nani, and maushi have lots of stories to tell. It’s time to bring back Indian traditional jewelry into this modern world. Don’t let the beautiful jewelry rest inside a small locker. Now it is our responsibility to release them from those cages and wear beautiful traditional jewelry with western outfits or formal attires.

It’s time to cherish Indian traditional jewelry. Independent singer Vidhya Vox, Bollywood celebrities, and many other social media fashion influencers have made a strong statement by fusing traditional jewelry with western and Indo-western outfits. Let’s see how we can pair Indian traditional jewelry with western outfits to create contemporary fashion.


Anklets can be paired with cigarette pants or cropped jeans for a casual day out or a subtle street style look. If you’re planning a beach house party, you can add anklets to your accessories list to sparkle up your cool dance moves. Fond of Indian feminine style? Wear anklets with a bright midi skirt and sleeveless top. It will give you a smart Indo-western look. Another way to style your anklet is to wear it over leather boots. It helps pull off the boho-chic style effortlessly.

Traditional indian anklets casual wear


Life is short but jhumkas are eternal. Oxidized silver earrings go well with jeans, denim jacket, and solid black T-shirt. For a simple casual look, try this style. You can wear big and bold earrings with a strappy or off-shoulder dress for special events or evening parties. This one accessory is enough for a glamorous look. If you have facial features like Aditi Rao Hydari, then jhumkas are your savior. Because they help enhance your face and highlight the jawline better. You can also try polki tassel earrings with an evening gown and stilettos.

Style gold earrings with a cool three-piece outfit like a blazer, tube top, and high waist trousers for a semi-formal look. Bollywood fashionista Sonam Kapoor, Aditi Rao Hydari, and independent music artist Vidya Vox are known for their love of Indian traditional jewelry. Let’s get inspired!

Traditional Indian jhumkas with western outfits

Hip Chain

If you are planning to wear a full flared gown for a grand occasion, I suggest you add a hip chain/belt over your flared gown. It will give a rich look to your attire. It’s hard to achieve an hourglass shape in fully flared loose-fitted garments, so a hip chain/belt will help you to trim your waist and give a proper proportion to your body.

Fusing traditional jewelry with western outfits is an art. Let’s fuse a traditional hip chain with cozy outfits like shift dresses and jumpsuits. Since these are one-piece outfits, a hip chain/belt can be used to highlight the waistline and emphasize the look. Wearing a hip chain/belt over an Indian-style skirt with a contemporary top gives a fusion Indo-western look. My favorite saying is, “Fake it until you make it”. So, people with a full-body, pear shape, or gut can use a hip chain/belt to create an illusion of an hourglass shape for a snatched look.

EEthnic hip chain with fashionable outfits

Trendy Ways to Pair Maang Tikka/ Traditional Jewelry with Western Outfits

Maang tikka (or teeka) is a unique piece of jewelry. Pairing this traditional jewelry with western outfits is a quite challenging task. People who like to try new things should go for maang tikka. Pair it with a crop top and denim skirt for a ‘chill pill’ look. If you are fond of hip-hop style, then maang tikka will help to showcase your style boldly and beautifully. Wear maang tikka with denim shorts over fishnet stockings/leggings and a tank top. Layer your tank top with a cropped denim jacket for a trendy hip-hop look.

Maang tikka looks great with bodycon dresses. Just make your fashion statement with maang tikkas. Is your birthday or anniversary near in the future? This time instead of wearing a fake crown, try Indian traditional maang tikka with a gown for a contemporary yet ethnic look. Traditionally, maang tikka is worn with center-parted hair, however you can also try it with a casual side-parted hairstyle. For a chill spring festival look, go for peasant top, shorts and a plain maang tikka.

Unique Indian maang tikka with morden outfit


Choker is a type of jewelry that is suitable for all styles. You can wear them for street-style, casual, formal, and semi-formal outfits. Chokers look best with V neck and cowl neck tops. The purpose of the choker is to enhance your collarbones and shoulders better. So, wearing a choker with a deep neck, cold shoulders, off-shoulder, or a strapless kind of dress can lift your whole look.

Pair a choker with a bralette top and wide-leg jeans for an edgy-chic look. You can also style a choker for semi-formal attire like cotton trousers, a blazer over a front tie crop top. It will bring a classiness to your look. Also, layering your choker with a perfect long necklace is an eye-catchy look.

Kundan choker with trendy western wear


Wear a kundan necklace over a nice halter neck, turtle neck, or high neck top for a simple and elegant style. Almost all traditional kundan necklaces are made with prominent Indian colors like emerald green, ruby red, pearl white, and sapphire blue. These colors go well with dark and neutral shade outfits.

You can also pair them with a long strappy dress or strapless gown for an evening party and a romantic dinner date to make the moments more beautiful. You can also style kundan necklace with winter costumes like pullovers, sweatshirts, and cardigan crochet tops, and casual jeans for a warm comfy look.

Traditional Indian necklace with trendy outfits

Nose Pins and Nose Rings

Want to try something new in boho style? Put on a traditional Indian nathani or pullaku (nose ring). It will snatch the spotlight and create a bold fashion statement instantly. You can pair a nose pin with your hoodie over a sleeveless top and denim shorts for a fun road trip with your pals.

For a cool hip-hop style, you can go with an all-black look and simply add a nose pin to uplift your look. Remember a single white stone nose pin can make a big difference in your appearance. Put on your favorite outfit and let the hair be messy, you don’t need any more accessories. Just a nose ring or pin is enough for a sassy look.

Nose pins and rings with western outfits


Wear a V-shaped traditional armlet with winter outfits like a cardigan sweatshirt for a uniquely fashionable look. If you have tan or deep skin tone, pair armlets with sleeveless tops. The gold armlet will flatter tan/deep skin tone better. Fashionistas bring back the armlet fashion by pairing them over day-to-day outfits like t-shirts and jeans.

The best way to elevate the armlet is to team it up with solid outfits. If you pair armlets with printed outfits, it will create a distraction in your entire look. Personally, I prefer solid to print while wearing an armlet. They go well with warm and neutral colors. You can create an incredible look for any occasion with this beautiful piece.

Classic armlets with day to day fashion


Rings are a minimalistic accessory with lots of elegance. Pair oxidized silver rings with denim on denim outfits for a simple street style look. You can style your kundan ring with a pastel peplum top and skinny jeans. Another way to style a ring is to choose an outfit in monochromatic fashion or co-ords. And add a bold ring to call attention to your whole look.

Gold rings go well with animal prints so you can wear two or more rings in one hand for an incredible look. My favorite style is to wear one ring on the index and another ring on my ring finger for an elegant look. Don’t put too many rings on one finger; unless you want a boho look.

Bold kundan rings traditional jewelry with western outfits


Pair your bangles with a nice breezy outfit for a shopping look or a Sunday brunch date. You can also style your bangles with an oversized longline shrug and tunic dress for a summer day out. Style your bangles with a fine button-up shirt. Bangles will cuff the sleeve hems and create a whole new edgy style.

Piling up bangles in one hand is the latest trend. Also, make sure your outfits don’t have any intense patterns or print so that your bangles can stand out. Using Indian traditional jewelry only with ethnic attire is very monotonous. Don’t hesitate to pair traditional jewelry with western outfits. Try wearing them with a colorful kaftan dress for a fun look.

Beautiful ethnic bangles with morden outfitsThese are some of the modern ways to fuse your traditional jewelry with western outfits. But, traditional jewelry has so much variety. You can come up with a new style every time. So, create your own style. Every piece of jewelry has an aesthetic value and importance in Indian culture. We all should understand it’s not just a piece of jewelry. Let’s cherish our craftsmen, cultural values, and traditions.

Don’t limit your style. Be as creative as you can. Tell us what’s your type of favorite traditional jewelry in the comments below. We’d love to see your style of fusing traditional jewelry with western outfits. So, please share your lovely pictures with us by tagging us on Instagram at shilpaahujadotcom.

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