Tools of the Trade: Indian Sex Toy Company Reveals Seniors’ Favorite Playthings

And no, they are not talking about knitting needles and throat lozenges.


While worldwide media tends to focus on the recent sexual liberation of India’s LGBT community, there’s another underrepresented sexual force, bubbling under the surface of the countries more modest facade. According to one of India’s top websites for buying sex toys – seniors are making tracks and taking steps to assure their own sexual empowerment.

Adult Products India is a sex toy supplier that services customers throughout the country. Providing you’re over the age of 18, anyone can look to the company for providing the solution to just about any bedroom wish or desire. The company keeps data on its customers ages, general location, gender and what they’re buying so that they can improve the customer experience by learning what it is their customers want. And what they’ve learned may come as a bit of a surprise.

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“I wouldn’t say that the data we collected surprised us, but we were definitely inspired.” Says a spokesperson for the company, speaking to a journalist from Homegrown. “We found that seniors across India are now taking a more active role in their own sex lives, purchasing all sorts of different toys. And this is really great news.”

The company suggests that web-based sex toy systems are ideal for seniors who rely on family members to assist them with their shopping needs. Just like you may be uncomfortable discussing dildos with your Nan, chances are she’s just as squeamish about it. Delivery is discreet, and they have all the time they need to read product reviews or browse Adult Product India’s selection. The website also offers clients helpful on-site chat option, where customers can discuss their questions with a customer support specialist in real time. Making it a brilliant outlet for clients who aren’t comfortable going into markets or stores for their sex toys.

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Despite offering these services and a vast product selection, what they found is that seniors seem to be comfortable in knowing what they want. “Indian men over a certain age aren’t as interested in a wide range of products. They know what they want in their sex lives and are determined to get it!” Adult Products India tells us. For Indian men who are ages 65 and up, purchase their toys – masturbators, condom sleeves, and sex dolls, at a much higher rate than men in other age ranges. 32% more, in some cases, without viewing much of the other inventory.

In India, women are not encouraged to discuss their sexuality, at any age. However, true to form, Nana seems to know something the rest of us don’t. Senior women in India search for strap-ons, dildos and “realistic” dildos at a much higher rate than younger female populations. In fact, strap-on dildos were searched at 113% above average! While it seems to make sense that elderly populations would be in the search mainly for solo toys and masturbatory products, the company found that seniors from all over the country were highly interested in couples’ toys as well. “While we expected to see sex dolls and dildos on the list, it’s surprising to see strap-ons and condom sleeves. This proves that senior couples are still looking to spice up their sex lives!”

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The company reminds us that this shouldn’t have us recoiling in disgust but taking some solace in the fact that our special spark never really goes away. “I personally feel really encouraged by these figures. Despite all the changes associated with aging, these populations are still interested in having fun and keeping that kind of intimacy intact.” Which means you won’t have to hang up your fun times for a set of commemorative tea cups any time soon.

Sex in an aging population can also have a number of positive effects on longer term health as well. Sex has been shown to improve senior social function, which can help keep those cognitive channels bright and shiny, staving off neurological diseases like dementia. It also keeps people looking and feeling younger. From providing low impact (depending on what type of sex gets your train rolling) exercise and increasing circulation. All of which can help improve balance, lowering the incidence of falls and other types of injury.

For these reasons, the company rejoices in seniors new found appreciation of sex toys and sex related products. “If nothing else, this eye-opening study proves sex is still important to seniors all across India. It’s great to see so many older people in India interested in our products” they say. “It looks like the tide is finally turning for acceptance of sex toys.” Which is great news for just about anyone.


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