Identify Your Fashion Style: Signature Look Tips

Fashion and personal style are super important to express your personality and a signature look also saves time. From personal preferences to what trends to follow, identify your fashion style here!

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Hey there! We live in a fashion age in which every trend presented on the runways inevitably trickles down to fast-fashion stores is essentially a New York minute. With the pace at which collections change and trends become passé, building and holding on to a unique personal style is a challenging feat.

Unlimited runway collections every season don’t help this cause since they leave you confused about how often you really need to update your closet. And as such, it creates a divide between the trendy and not-so-trendy ones!

The fact that everyone is ready to jump on board with the latest trends doesn’t help either, as most people end up looking the same, which makes standing out and making your mark all the more difficult.

That being said, with a little shopping restraint as well as plenty of purchasing wisdom, one might just be able to keep their style above the water. And hopefully, today we will finally crack the code that will guarantee you stay on the right style course and be recognized for your originality wherever you go.

Of course, exploring your signature look will simplify your future shopping choices. It’ll make you more confident about your outfit decisions, inevitably saving your time daily when getting dressed.

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So keep reading to check out tips on how to identify your fashion style.

Ways to Identify Your Fashion Style

1. A Clean Slate: Do a Closet Purge


As said, the swarm of trends represents a pitfall most of us haven’t been able to go around. We become tempted by the latest looks, not to mention the alluring discounts and sales, and what do we end up with? A closet full of garments with not only trendiness but with a short shelf life, but also trends that we cannot force to mesh and create incredible outfits.

This is precisely why you need a clean slate and it helps to identify your fashion style. This by no means implies you get rid of all your clothes. Simply weed out the outdated, the ‘haven’t worn it in a year’ or ever, for that matter, and of course, get rid of everything that you’ve outgrown, style-wise, along with the items that don’t fit you anymore. The items that survive the purge will hence represent a pillar around which your style will be rebuilt.

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2. Take Your Lifestyle into Account


Perhaps you would love nothing more than to walk out the door every morning dressed in luxurious and almost ethereal designs of one Carolina Herrera. However, as stunning as her and numerous other designers’ pieces are, you have to take your lifestyle into account.

Can you imagine taking the subway all decked out in an ostentatious gown, or walking into your office like that? We didn’t think so. So, you need to think both in terms of practicality and stylishness.

1. There is absolutely nothing wrong with your go-to attire consisting of simple jeans, a tee and an oversized blazer if your lifestyle dictates so.
2. Similarly, if you party more, you’ll need glam dresses in your closet.
3. If you socialize with your colleagues often, consider adding more work-to-drinks outfits.

3. Explore Your Personal Inclination


You have to sit down, browse for inspiration if you must, and discover which style you feel most drawn to. This will help you dress for your unique personality and create your taste.

Are you a nostalgic soul who wishes to be adorned in vintage clothing all the time? There are plenty of people who live in a modern age and still cultivate an out-of-this-era style – case in point, the Dubai-based Bosnian beauty Idda Van Munster.

Perhaps you’re a born minimalist who is inexplicably drawn to non-colors and clean design. A bohemian soul who craves intricate patterns lies within you, or maybe, you might be a sharp lady boss who likes her style like she likes her business – pure success.

Whichever style person is lurking inside, you need to find her and unleash her. That’s the prerequisite for building a signature style – knowing who you really are.

4. Don’t Underestimate the Basic Essentials


People with a distinct sense of style never overlook the importance of good wardrobe essentials, investment pieces if you will. Always have solid quality basics in your wardrobe arsenal even if you’re not a minimalist, as these will help save the day when your outfits threaten to end up looking too busy.

The things to scout for are:

1. Quality women’s jackets, such as a classic trench coat and a moto leather jacket
2. One great pair of jeans
3. A lovely little black dress
4. White shirt
5. Plenty of basic tees.


You may not appreciate them at this point, but you will once you start mixing and matching. This especially applies to minimalists, who are again becoming a huge fashion force, especially the working millennial generation, but even those who are sworn statement dressers and chic business women can greatly benefit from owning these investment pieces.

5. Do Follow Trends


There is absolutely no need to shun current fashion trends altogether. In fact, they can be of great help when putting the almost finishing touches on the proverbial home that is your style.

For instance, the athleisure trend will be here for a very long time, an even if you’re not sporty per se, there are pieces and ways to follow the trend and make it your popping style element. Then, there is the color-blocking trend, which is incredibly popular.

When it comes to trendy prints, there is, of course, plaid, new murky florals, stripes, and the fall/winter inevitability – the animal print.

6. Wear Your Signature “Thing” in Different Ways

Now, you may rock whatever you’ve been rocking so far, but make sure you snag items in the print you feel most drawn to, and make that your personal signature print that will be present in every other outfit in some shape or form.


If for instance, you opt for plaid, one day, rock plaid stilettos and then a blazer the next day. A plaid belt is up the third day and perhaps even a chic and polished plaid dress on the fourth. You can now even find plaid bags and watches, so there are tons of ways to incorporate it into your style subtly and help you identify your fashion style.

Before you know it, it will be the thing you are known for. Like Anna Wintour is known for her hair and sunglasses and Gwen Stefani for her retro platinum blond curls, winged eyeliner and red lips. Just make sure you stick to one because it takes just one to ‘stick to you’.

7. Accessories: Let’s Not Forget Them, Ever


Accessories are paramount – they tie everything together. More than that, they can be your secret signature weapon even on the days when your outfits aren’t all that inspired. Find something you feel passionate about and collect it.

Bella Hadid has her eyewear, Kendall and Kylie are known for their incredible bag collections, Gwen has her red lips and Amal Clooney has her impeccable hair. One can be crazier about shoes that Sarah Jessica Parker and that can be your thing – the woman who always has impeccable footwear.

You can be known for always rocking neck scarves or changing your hair color all the time. You probably already know what your accessory obsession is, so invest in those things more than in anything else and they are bound to be your mark and it will help you identify your fashion style.


8. Dress for Your Body Type

Finally, always keep the fit in mind and dress for your body type. You can own the sleekest or most conspicuous clothes out there, but if they do not do your body justice, it’s all in vain.

Always do your research and find out what cuts, sleeves and necklines are the most flattering for you personally. Only when you find your go-to ones will you be able to look stunning and distinct in a good way every morning you walk out the door.

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So, this is all about how to identify your fashion style. What is your signature style? Do let us know by tweeting @shilpa1ahuja or by commenting below.

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