How to Wear Colored Eyelashes Like a Makeup Pro

Colored eyelashes and colored mascara are the newest must-try trend. Here’s all you need to know about wearing this hot trend for parties and casually. 

Image Creduts: Illuminolashes via Instagram
Image Credits: Illuminolashes via Instagram

After the trend of rainbow highlighter , rainbow/colored eyelashes are something that are making rounds on the internet. Mascara in vivid colors is definitely for the creative ones. Colored eyelashes may look super tough to carry off, but they are a good change for parties. This fresh beauty trend is perfect for all the lash fanatics. Here are some pointers to keep in mind when trying this trend…

Colored Eyelashes: How to Wear the Trend

1. Pick a color that compliments your eyes

Image Credits: Illuminolashes via Instagram
Image Credits: Illuminolashes via Instagram

Don’t just pick a color that is your favorite. Make sure the colored mascara you choose makes your eyes pop. Choose something bold to make a statement. If you have brown eyes, you’re super lucky here because most colors will complement you. Go for saturated colors like aubergine, turquoise or coral. Blue eyes look prettier when paired with brick, bronze or tangerine; blue, gold and plum really flatter green eyes; and hazel eyes really stand out in violet or pink.

2. Pair colored eyelashes with nude makeup

Give your lashes all the attention it deserves and keep the rest of the makeup to a minimum. Always, always, always swipe a nude lipstick or pale-colored balm. Keep the color apart from the mascara at bay. If you’re using an eye shadow make sure its neutral. You can also match your smokey eye makeup with your mascara.

3. Use white eye pencil to make your mascara pop

Image Credits: Chanel
Image Credits: Chanel

Colored eyelashes give the right pop of color without screaming out loud. Line your lower waterline with a nude or a white pencil to tone down the look and make the colored lashes stand out.

4. Tonal contrast with colored mascara

Another way to try this trend is with a tonal contrast. Go for colors of eyeshadow or liner that are slightly darker than the mascara shade.

5. Application of colored mascara

Image Credits: Illuminolashes via Instagram
Image Credits: Illuminolashes via Instagram

Colored mascara looks best when it is not clumped. The right amount of mascara can take your lashes from natural to dramatic.

6. Go low key if you’re in doubt

Image Credits: Illuminolashes via Instagram
Image Credits: Illuminolashes via Instagram

Stepping outside of your trusty black-lashed comfort zone can be nerve-wracking. If that’s the case, then go low key by layering colored mascara over your black one. Or use it in combination with black to create an ombre look. Use black at the corners of the eye and colors in the center.

Looks you can try :

Co-ordinate your nail polish with your mascara. It’ll create a fun, noteworthy look!
• Go all rainbow with your lashes by gliding your lashes with more than two bold colors. A definite yes for a costume party.
• A quick and easy way to add a playful touch to your basic mascara is to add a pretty pop of color to your lower lashes. Perfect partner for daytime looks, pool parties and college days.

All you makeup lovers, are you excited to try this trend? Let us know which mascara color you’re most excited to try in the comments below!

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