How to Wear Shorts: 15 Effortless and Chic Ways

Shorts are a must have and can be worn for various occasions. From brunches to formals, here are 15 fashionable ways on how to wear shorts.

L: Versace via Farfetch; R: Alexander Wang via Lystit

Ask any woman what her wardrobe staple is and most will mention shorts as one of them. They can be worn over various garments for numerous occasions, making them a versatile piece of clothing. I personally feel that shorts are a go to piece of clothing as they make you look hot and trendy irrespective of what you pair them up with.

I sometimes feel like I do not wear shorts enough mostly because of the dilemma of what goes over the shorts. So after long hours of brainstorming and looking over I have specified 15 ways to wear shorts that will help you in elevating any basic look.

Here Are 15 Stylish Ways To Wear Shorts

1. Over a Oversized White Shirt

(L: Jacquemus ; R: H&M)

Oversized white shirts are another must have in your wardrobe. Wear shorts and white sneakers together to create the ultimate street wear combo. It also gives you a trendy and laid-back look while making your fashion choices appear effortless. You can wear it with frayed denim shorts or black leather shorts. If you want to add another wow factor to your outfit then pair it with a mini purse or a fanny pack. And irrespective of your body type, anyone can rock an oversized white shirt look. 

2. Over a Blazer

(L: Dior ; R: Zara)

While I know denim shorts with a formal blazer might sound unconventional, this pairing helps in achieving a formal-casual street look. And this look gives a model-off-duty vibe, as it’s already popular among celebrities and models. This look is perfect for a quick lunch date between work or for casual Thursdays at the office. At the end of the day, if Serena van der Woodsen from Gossip Girl can slay this look, then so can you! 

3. Over an Off-the-shoulder Top 

(L: Vera Wang ; R: NA-KD )

Off-shoulder tops help accentuate your collar bones, and pairing them up with shorts just adds to the allure of the whole look. If you want to give the off shoulder a little twist, leave the shirt untucked from behind and pair it up with a long necklace and tote bag. This will give you an edge over the cliché off-shoulder and shorts look. Go for a lacy top with crochet shorts for a feminine look, or a fitted top with formal shorts for a Friday look. 

4. Under a Long Sheer Top 

(L: Dior ; R: FWRD )

If you want to experiment with layers over shorts, then this look is for you. This combination is an unconventional way of using shorts. Pair it up with boots and minimal jewelry like a delicate pendant or long chain and you are good to go. This look is party friendly as well as good for casual outings giving it a two in one advantage. You can also go for a shimmery sheer fabric and add studded leather shorts for a night-out look. 

5. Over Fishnet Stockings 

(L: Andrew Gn ; R: Seven11 Fashion )

Fishnet stockings are the most common way to play around when you wear shorts. Pairing them up with boots not only makes you look badass but also enhances your outfit. And for those of you who don’t want to leave your legs bare, fishnet stockings are for you. If you want to add a gothic vibe, then give the outfit a black monochromatic theme and throw in some silver jewelry. 

6. Over a Bralette 

(L: Dolce and Gabbana ; R: Twenty Dresses )

Bralette and shorts together? This look screams sexy. Pair it up with layered necklaces and flip flops for the ideal summer or beach look, or throw in a denim jacket or a shirt for a brunch with besties look or even pair it up with a blazer for a more-covered-up look for a date. Either way, a bralette can never go amiss in your wardrobe. 

7. Over a Corset 

(L: Chloe ; R: IZF )

Want to wear shorts in a really bold way? Corsets are currently in vogue and are not going off the charts anytime soon. This look is exemplar for parties and casual outings. All you’ve got to do is layer it with a white shirt to achieve the latter. You can also try leather corset with black shorts for a punk look. 

8. Over a Sweatshirt

(L: Chloe ; R: H&M)

If you’re looking for a way to wear shorts in winter, then pair them up with a sweatshirt. It gives you an extremely cozy vibe while keeping it chic. Amplify the look with sneakers and a sling bag and you are ready to hit the streets. For a trendy look, add slouchy over-the- knee boots and match them with your sweatshirt. 

9. Over a Crochet Top 

(L: Maryam Nassir Zadeh ; R: H&M )

Pairing up shorts with a crochet top will not only provide you with a distinctive way to style shorts, but also help you cultivate a new hobby. It is proven that crocheting helps you de-stress and reduce anxiety, and now even helps you gain an exceptional taste in fashion. This look can be perfect for beach wear too, if the top and shorts are both crocheted. 

10. Over a Bandana Top 

(L: Vanessa Hudgens ; R: Zara)

Initially, people gushed over wearing a scarf as a top, but this went on to become a very admired trend. A combination of a backless top and denim shorts is without a doubt a summer essential. Pair it up with sneakers and multiple necklaces and you’ll have a brunch look curated as well. If you’re looking for an alternative to a bandana scarf then a silk scarf will do as well, as long as it is dressed in a fashionable way. If you want people to turn heads, you know what to do. 

11. Over a Midriff Floss Top 

(L: Alexandra Wang ; R: Twenty Dresses)

A trend that blew up in 2021 and is still hitting wardrobes, midriff floss tops are known to highlight your hip area. And what makes it even better is pairing them up with shorts. A combination that is an epitome of attractiveness, all you have to do is pair it up with sneakers and stud earrings to complete the look. This look can be worn for casual outings or even for parties or a summer wardrobe essential depending on how you style it. 

12. Over a Cropped Hoodie 

(L: Tommy Hilfiger ; R: H&M)

If you’re looking for a hassle-free look, a pair of shorts and a cropped hoodie is the right choice for you. Comfortable and cozy in its own way, this outfit is especially for those of you who don’t like to put in much time into deciding your outfit but still love to stay on top of your fashion game. Pair it up with sneakers or shoes making it perfect for athleisure as well as street look. You can also amp it up a bit by adding Doc martens or heeled boots when you wear shorts. 

13. Over Turtle-neck Top

(L: Tommy Hilfiger ; R: Zara)

Pairing turtle necks with shorts gives a very appealing yet snuggly look. Irrespective of the season, this combination is suitable for summer and winter alike. If you are looking to make it more a la mode then, layer it with long shrugs and add on a locket pendant. And for a more bold vibe, pair it up with boots. 

14. Over Suspenders 

(L- Luella, R- Ginger by Lifestyle)

Mention Jenny Humphrey to any Gossip Girl fan and they will eventually recall her renowned suspenders and shorts look. Suspenders add a funky twist to any basic shorts, which helps in elevating the entire outfit. Suspenders and shorts can be used for casual and formal attire just by pairing it up with a blazer for the latter. They are available in an attached and a non-attached way to the shorts, depending on how you prefer it.

15. Over a Bodysuit 

(L: H&M and Moschino ; R: Arabellaa)

Bodysuits can be the definition of sexy depending on how you style them and which one you choose, whether it is lace or a solid color. But when you wear shorts with it, irrespective of the type of bodysuit, it will all scream sexy. Bodysuits help in highlighting your curves, and when paired with boots and a long necklace, it definitely gives a ‘rebel with a cause’ kind of look. You can also pair a halter bodysuit with rhinestone studded boots for a party look. 

So that’s our go-to guide for different ways on how to wear your shorts. We hope you liked our styling ideas and will implement them as and when you get an opportunity to. If you ever happen to try any of them out, do tag us on Instagram @shilpaahujadotcom and we will surely like your pic!  

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