How to Wear Sheer Skirts: From Modest to Bold

For every type of girl – from modest to bold, here’s my guide on how to wear sheer skirts with 5 outfit ideas that you can try in real life!

Hey gorgeous! We at write about so many latest fashion trends – jeans, jackets, lipsticks, hair colors – you name it. We analyze over 1400 fashion shows annually to predict all the upcoming fashion trends.

But not all runway-inspired trends seem wearable at the first glance. Sometimes I spot a trend – I see all the designers trying it out – showcasing their own version of it and I’m like, how the hell are we gonna wear this in real life?!

dolce-and-gabbana-fw17-rtw-fall-winter-2017-18-collection (28)-sheer-skirt
Dolce & Gabbana

Sheer skirts are one such trend. Seen in major collections like Dolce & Gabbana, Dior, Chanel, Versace and many more, they have been a runway hit – both in Spring Summer and Fall Winter 2017 fashion weeks. Wanna see some of the best looks? Check out: Sheer Skirts Trend 2017.

And even the celebrities have been trying out the sheer skirts outfits. But there’s a reason we’ve seen so less of them IRL – in real life. That’s because they raise so many questions – how sheer should they be? What would you wear under them? What would you pair them with? And most importantly, wouldn’t you look too naked wearing one?!

Valid questions about how to wear sheer skirts! Enough to make us think – meh, why bother! We may as well not wear them. But you could still get onto this trend even if you wanna look more “proper”, by trying a sheer panel skirt, or something layered, less transparent.

But if you wanna really be bold and wear a completely lace or mesh skirt, here are my 5 recommendations on how to wear sheer skirts!

How to Wear Sheer Skirts with 5 Unique Outfit Ideas

1. Over a MiniDress

If you ask me how to wear sheer skirts in the most modest and wearable way, I’ll say wear it over another skirt or skirt lining. But a sexier and edgier way would be to layer it over a tight minidress. A bodycon dress would be perfect for this, since it’d already be structured, and the mesh skirt would give more coverage, making it look more elegant. This would be the perfect outfit for a date night or party, so pair it with metallic stilettos, clutch and a dainty necklace.

Also read more on how to be super yet stylish in women’s modest clothing.

latest sheer skirt trend how to wear lace skirts under minidress outfit ideas

2. Over Cropped Sheer Leggings

If you wanna show some leg but not too much, you can go for a very runway-inspired look – pairing your high slit sheer skirt with cropped lace leggings. We saw something like this done in Chanel Couture 2017. You can also pair it with mesh tights. You can pair lace with lace, but it’s easier to pair a plain fabric skirt with lace leggings or vice versa. Add some contrasting accessories to really feel confident about pulling off this runway look!


3. Over Shorts

Want a bold and trendy look without looking too naked? Wearing a tulle skirt over a pair of shorts is such a fashionista look. Go for metallic shorts or even denim, and then match up your accessories for a totally chic outfit – sling bag, cuff, earrings, metallic sunglasses and a nice off-the-shoulder top.

How to Wear Sheer Skirts

4. Over Long-Leg Boyshorts/Shapers

Wearing a sheer skirt over short boyshorts would be a more Kardashian thing to do, and probably too bold for real life. So you can wear your neutral-colored mesh skirt with a pair of matching long-leg boyshorts. You can even go for something with a lace trim for extra coverage. These can be worn both with plain or patterned sheer skirts. Top this with a matching top or jacket, and some contrasting accessories.


5. Over a Bodysuit

To go for the boldest look with a sheer skirt would be to wear it without any layering or underskirt. So instead of wearing it with a regular top, try a bodysuit instead. This would avoid the weird tucked-in part peeking through the skirt, and would also provide a good base for the skirt. To make it more wearable, you can go for a bodysuit that provides more hip-coverage, and pair it with a tiered skirt, or a skirt that is sheer only at the bottom, or has some lining at the top. To make this feminine look more edgy, I’d pair it with denim accessories for an unexpected twist – a choker, a sling bag and denim heels.


So I hope you liked my guide on how to wear sheer skirts in real life! Where would you rank on the modest to bold scale if you had to wear a sheer skirt? And which outfit idea would you most like to try? Comment below! Lemme know!

Muaah 🙂

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