How to Wear Scarves in the Summer: Article Published in LifeandTrendz

March 21, 2016: How to Wear Scarves in the Summer: Article by fashion blogger Shilpa Ahuja published in fashion and lifestyle blog, LifeandTrendz.

Article Snippet:

Hey gorgeous! Remember those “how to tie a scarf in ‘n’ ways” videos that our friends are always sharing on Facebook? And remember all those scarves hanging in your closet – unused – despite having watched those videos? So today I’m going to write about how to wear scarves in the summer.

Well, it’s so easy to wear scarves in the winter, when you want to feel warm, and you wrap a wool scarf around your neck. But in the summer, which is most of what we get in India, it’s sometimes a challenge to work scarves into your outfits… Read the full article here: How to Wear Scarves in the Summer | 5 Latest Ideas for 2016.


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