How to Wear All White Outfits for Different Body Types

From pear shaped to maternity, discover the complete guide on how to wear all white outfits for parties and casual outings! Rock your whites this summer!

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Hey gorgeous! Whether you’re tall or short, slim or plus size, I believe that everyone has the “right to style“. Some trends may be easier to pull off for certain body types, and trickier for others, but my belief is that if you put a little thought into your outfit, you can pull off a lot of things you initially thought looked terrible on you. And I knowwww, not all fashion trends are made for everyone, but at least it’s possible to mold most trends and modify them to suit your body shape. That’ll help you not only experiment more and wear lots of different things, but it’ll also help you create and evolve your personal style.

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Monochromes are all the rage these days, and not easy to pull off either! From denim on denim to head-to-toe black, sometimes we think they’re better left to celebs and runway models! But here’s a trend I think everyone ought to try this summer – all white outfits. Why, you ask, would you risk your gelato dripping down your white shirt, embarassing you in front of your crush? Let me tell you why, in fact, I’m gonna (try to) come up with 5 reasons you should try all white outfits this summer:

1. It’s summer. What better way to feel fresh, airy and light than by donning white?
2. It suits everyone. From dusky to olive to porcelain, all skin tones look good in white.
3. It’s a fresh change from your everyday blacks (and everyone else’s)!
4. It looks rich. Period.
5. It’ll give you practice for those white parties. Like, what if you get an invite to one of those fancy white parties, then you’ll already have experimented with a white outfit and when the time comes, you’ll not only know what kind of outfit suits your body shape but also how to rock it!

I know that white dresses for women can sometimes be hard to pair with. That’s why, here’s my complete guide on how to wear all white clothes according to your body type – totally trendy and really easy!

How to Wear White Outfits for All Body Types

I’ve tried to cover not just body types but also height types. If you’re not aware of yours , learn how to find your body type here. These white outfit ideas are a mix of casual and party, but would make for perfect white party outfits, too! Other than that, they’re great ideas for summer brunches, fancy luncheons and dinner dates. Most of these tips are helpful not just with white outfits, but all monochromatic ones, really. So keep these notes handy for your daily styling, too!

1. All White Outfits for Pear Shaped Body Type

If you have pear shaped body type, you wanna show off your curves, but not accentuate them. So go for a long or asymmetric skirt. If you have a narrow waist, you could pair it with a crop top. If not, go for a choker top with sheer bodice so that the viewer’s attention is driven away from the problem area and up towards your top half! Go with matching accessories, as minimalist monochrome will streamline your figure. You can also add a logo belt as they’re super trendy. Avoid a heavy bag because it’ll add more bulk to your hip area.

how to wear all white outfits ideas-party-pear-shaped-body-type
White lace Halter Top: Tobi
Cotton Lace Wrap Maxi Skirt: Miguelina
Tinted Lens Sunglasses: Dolce & Gabbana
Strappy Heels: Nasty Gal
Statement Lace Flower Choker Necklace: ASOS
Curved Bow Across Body Bag: Ted Baker

2. All White Outfits for Slim/ Rectangle Body Type

If you have a rectangle body type, you should add some fluff at the chest or hips (or both) to give the illusion of hourglass or a curvy figure. If you’re slim wear a crop ruffle top – it’ll add some bulk at the top half, making your waist appear narrower. Or go for a peplum top or flared skirt to add some curves at the hips. Add feminine accessories like lace clutch, heels and a tie-up choker.

One Shoulder Ruffled Cropped Cotton Top: Cecilie Copenhagen
White Pumps: Christian Louboutin
Mid Rise Kick Flare Jeans: Balmain
White Plastic Bracelet: Chanel
Bow & Behold White Choker: Tobi

3. All White Outfits for Strawberry Body Type

If you wanna show off your ‘assets’, go for a figure hugging bodysuit. If not, wear a crop hoodie, which’ll put the focus on your waist. Or go for a slightly cleavage-baring tee – it’ll show off your curves but not too much. Pair it with a pair of pants that accentuates your butt, to give the illusion of hourglass body type. Finish off the look with some cool and casual accessories.

Mesh Sleeve and Hem Detail Scuba Hoodie: ASOS
Vintage White Logo Sunglasses: Chanel
Stan Smith Bold Leather Sneakers: Adidas
Icon Ankle Skinny Jeans: Nordstorm
Leather Clutch: Moschino

4. All White Outfits for Plus Size Women

If you’re heavy-built, you wanna avoid every piece of bulky clothing. Go for light fabrics and well-fitted pieces. Avoid clothing that’s too tight, but also what’s too loose. Pencil skirts worn with structured shirts look great on plus sized women. Go for high waist skirts to give a slimmer look to your waist. You can also add a long sleeveless cardigan over a pencil dress to add vertical lines and cut out some inches on the sides! Wear nude strappy heels to give the illusion of slimmer longer legs. If you have heavy hips or tummy fat, wear a statement necklace to drive the eyes upwards.

Twist Detail Shirt: Alexander Wang
White Croc Embosses Tote Bag: Saint laurent

5. All White Outfits for Tall Body Types

You don’t have to worry about adding extra height, so wear a fun pair of culottes with comfy but cute flats or low heels. Pair them with a blouse or trendy tee, bracelet and a nice bag.

Twist Detail White Tee: Alexander Wang
Wool Culottes: Alexander McQueen
Cross Body Box Bag: Dolce & Gabbana

6. All White Outfits for Petite Body Type

Monochromatic outfits are great to give the illusion of height, so you’re in luck if you’re short! Go for flared pants or flared jumpsuit which can hide your heels, and give the illusion of taller legs! You can also try a white maxi dress or jumpsuit with subtle vertical stripes. Avoid large broad bags, go for longer ones instead! Or try a small sling bag with slim chain straps to add extra vertical lines.

Twist Leg Straight Leg Jumpsuit: Ted Baker
Tinted Over-sized Sunglasses: Miu Miu
Patent Chalk Pumps: Jimmy Choo
Leather Bracelet: Alexander McQueen

7. All White Outfits for Maternity Wear

Maternity is its own body type, and often gets ignored while having fashion advice discussions, leaving the new mommies and mommies-to-be in a dilemma on how to style! All white dresses will be perfect for that happy-mommy theme! Go for a cute flared skater dress, and if you don’t wanna show your baby bump, add a crop jacket to slim it down. Wear rhinestone or lace flats to add some interest and complete the look with a clutch and trendy sunglasses!

Embroidered Cropped Jacket: Valentino
Ondel Round Frame Sunglasses: Dior
Leather Clutch: Chanel

So, my darlings, did you find my tips on how to wear all white outfits helpful?

I’m not covering the hourglass type, because depending on whether you’re tall or petite, you can choose from the ones above. Also, chances are that you may fall into more than one of these body types. If so, take the tips from each and create your own perfect ensemble. Additionally, as I always say, your body type is less in measurements and more in your mind, so don’t forget to try out these different outfit ideas when you’re out shopping next to see what makes you feel the best and the most beautiful!

Which is your body type and how would you wear white outfits this summer? Tag me in your Instagram pic when you wear all white outfits @shilpaahujadotcom, and I will double tap it, ‘cuz I’m sure you’ll look like an angel!

Muaah XOXO

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