How to Watch Horror Movies Without Getting Scared

Hey gorgeous! Love thrills but get the chills? Here’s our perfect (and funny) guide on how to watch horror movies without getting scared!

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What’s life without a little thrill? And while everyone has their own idea of how much thrill is considered fun, we all enjoy the most comfortable form of it once in awhile – watching a horror movie. Or even a thriller murder mystery with a scary scene or two thrown in between that can keep us awake at night!

The best horror films are the scariest, too. And while the tiniest lizard is enough to scare the crap out of me, I do enjoy a thriller or horror flick every once in a while. As long as there’s no blood (and lizards) in it, I’m fine. How do I do it? Well, I have a few tricks up my sleeve that help me enjoy the horror movies without getting scared to death! Let me share the funny secrets, or rather ideas, with you, too!

Guide on How to Watch Horror Movies

1. Talk to the Screen

Loudly, in fact. Make a comment about everything. Even if you’re scared, tell the screen so. The screen doesn’t talk back. It’s not very chatty, but it’s a good listener. And it keeps you active. A bit of a good work out will help fall asleep faster afterwards. Just don’t throw popcorn at it. That’s rude.

2. Get Spoiled

If you wanna know how to watch horror movies without getting terrified, you have to do this one. You really have to watch it but if you’re really scared, just go ahead and read a spoiler-filled review. Or read the plot on Wiki. not only will you have an opinion, but it’ll also give you an idea of what scene to choose for your bathroom break! The whole idea of scariness lies on the element of surprise, and when you’re not surprised, you can’t be scared!

3. Watch with a Friend

And concentrate on their expressions. It’ll keep you so busy you won’t have time to be scared yourself. You can even take scared-face selfies to make fun of each other later!

How to Watch Horror Movies Without Getting Scared

4. Drinking Game

Get your scared group together and turn horror into a humorous drinking game. Catch each other getting scared. Every time someone gets scared, everyone has to take a gulp of their drink. This will turn the scariest scenes into fun! When you’re all drunk, you can pretend to be a funny monster and enact scary scenes from the movie as funny ones!

5. Keep Yourself Distracted

Concentrate on other things, within the movie. Observe the monster’s fashion, try to notice the goofs, admire the CGI. Try to decipher the laws of physics in the movie’s universe or critically review the plot.

6. Imagine It’s a Comedy

Just think of it as a comedy movie or TV show. Notice the hilarity and absurdity of the concept of monsters, or afterlife, or whatever. You’ll soon notice that the next time something’s getting really serious, you’ll find yourself laughing!

7. Multitask

If you’re really a scaredy cat, don’t think of it as just a movie night. Keep a game handy, engage yourself in a texting match with your friend, keep cooking dinner side by side if you’re alone at home.

8. Watch It on Mute

Turn the volume down and make up your own funny dialogues. It works even better with a friend. You can each assume the role of a character and try to make the story revolve around current events, or a particular issue. Not only will you enjoy the movie, but also stimulate your creative intellect.

9. Be Poetic About It

Try to observe how the brain works when it’s scared. Think of it as a well-written poetry in your mind, sort of like explaining the process of how scared you were to a friend.

Last but not the least, remember – everyone gets scared. It’s okay and normal to get scared. If you really don’t wanna watch horror flick, you don’t have to.

So I hope you enjoyed this handy guide on how to watch horror movies. Do you have more ideas that can help us all enjoy these thrillers? Let us know by tweeting @shilpa1ahuja!

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