How to Take a Good Selfie

Don’t we all wanna take the best selfie possible? And in this digital age, do we even have a choice? Call it an addiction or whatever – but we wanna post our awesome-sauce vacation selfies and OOTDs and bestie-selfies with all the filters to give everyone FOMO! But if you wanna get better at it, or wanna learn how to take a good selfie, here’s a bunch of basics inspired by those who do it best – the celebs!! While not all celebs know how to take a good selfie either, these certainly do!


How to Take a Good Selfie: 9 Basic Tips

What you learn in any photography class is that if you have already selected a subject, two things can make or break the final picture: framing and lighting. Same rules apply to a selfie.

1. Angle

People who know how to take a good selfie know what angle best suits their face, or highlights their features. You could either take one from top, or from a front, looking into a mirror even, or with your body angled toward the side – depending on what’s most flattering for you. What are your best features? Try to make sure they are accentuated. If you have a great jaw, take a selfie from the side, slightly turning your face. If you have enviable abs, try to pose in front of a mirror to show those off! If you have beautiful eyes, look up into the camera to make them look wide open.


2. Lighting

If you’re indoors, avoid facing the light if it’s right above you, because it’ll create shadows under your eyes. Instead have your back or side towards it, so that your face is evenly illuminated. Or have a light source is in front of you, at level with your eyes such as a camera flash.

If you’re outdoors in daylight, try to step under a canopy, etc. to have softer light. You can even face away from the sun to illuminate your face evenly and softly like Selena Gomez here:


Or Ariana Grande doing the same car selfie!

how_to_take_a_good_selfie_tips_best_celebrity_ariana_grande_car And by all means avoid disturbing light sources in the background like Rihanna’s selfie!!how_to_take_a_good_selfie_tips_best_celebrity_rihanna_avoid_bad_lighting_background

3. Expression

It goes without saying that you want to choose the expression that best suits your face.

how_to_take_a_good_selfie_tips_best_celebrity_rihanna_smile_lea_micheleAnd try to be creative, try different expressions for different selfies. For example, if you’re always making a duck-face, mix it up by smiling or laughing! Don’t make your insta-feed monotonous!


4.  Outfit

It depends. Unless showing off your OOTD is the idea, choose a neutral or solid-colored outfit so that it’s more about your face and expression. Put the limelight on yourself, not your outfit!


5. Makeup

It depends on how much makeup you usually wear, or what’s the selfie occasion, so by all means, show off your best makeup. Keep your skin tone even with the foundation or base, because filters don’t work like brush tools! (Why isn’t someone working on that?) Make sure your concealer matches your foundation, as always. Because some lighting can be very unforgiving. Concealers that don’t match are selfie-kills!


6. Background

Add a nice background. Yes, it shows. Work on the framing to make it look interesting. If you’re taking a selfie at home, make sure the room is clean or photogenic! Make sure your siblings aren’t doing nasty faces to ruin your background!!

Or use the gorgeous locales of your vacations like Alessandra Ambrosio here in Mykonos!



Avoid messy backgrounds like these:


7. Hair

Try different hairstyles – bedhead, messy, wavy, pulled back. They give a different look to each selfie and add the interest!

Kendall Jenner gives the messy side-braid a try
Kendall Jenner gives the messy side-braid a try
Selena Gomez mixes things up by posing in messy bedhead hair

8. Include Your Friends

Have fun with your friends, like Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid below. Or your pets. Of course you already do that! If you’re taking a selfie by yourself, you can even bring in props, like food or your favorite stuffed animal.


9. Have a Signature Thing

It could be an expression, an angle or a background that you can repeat in a lot of sefies, and let it become your signature ‘thing’!!

Cara Delevingne has made sticking her tongue out her signature ‘thing’!!

Be creative

It’s great to have your signature feature, and other than that – try different things – postures, angles, backgrounds. Be witty and funny. Keep trying different themes to show an overview of your whole personality or life – vacation, party, friends, casual, sleepy, work. Have fun and look happy. If you’re in doubt, just remember to keep it real!

Ohk, selfie-razzi, hope you got helpful good tips on how to take a good selfie. Do post your instagram accounts below so we can check out each other’s best selfies and like them!! Also: who out of all these celebs do you think knows how to take a good selfie?

And here’s mine from my vacation!!

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