How to Stop Hair Fall: Tips for Reducing Hairfall

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I need the some ideas on how to stop hair fall and tips for controlling it.


Shilpa Ahuja answered


I know how frustrating hair fall can be. If you wanna know how to stop hair fall permanently, you’ll want to take up both preventative and curative measures.

How to Stop Hair Fall Immediately

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The short answer is that you need to figure out what exactly is making your hair fall so you can permanently reduce or prevent it. I’ll come back to that. But first here are the two best tips that I use myself, which have helped me control hair fall:

1. Avoid Shampoo

Yes, I know it sounds crazy in the beginning, but shampoo isn’t the only option to clean your hair. In fact, the parabens most shampoos contain make scalp very dry and disturb the scalp’s pH balance, leading to hair loss. I haven’t used shampoo for the last 4 years. I use diluted baking soda to clean my scalp. You can read about my method here. Hair Therapy at Home: Tips & Masks for Dry & Damaged Hair

Alternatively, you can use natural, herbal or ayurvedic hair cleansers or paraben-free shampoo which doesn’t lather. Amla and shikakai powder is also a good idea, which many have found to help with hair growth. In the beginning, you may feel that your hair isn’t clean or dry enough, but as long as your scalp is clean and well-washed, you won’t need to worry about it. Slowly, your scalp will begin producing its natural oils, which will minimize hair fall. This method may take a month or two to really bring the results, but they’ll be noticeable.


2. Massage your scalp regularly.

Scalp massages not only relax your nerves, but also minimize dandruff and hair fall. Avoid rubbing if you have a dry scalp. Instead, just use your finger tips to gently press all the points of your head, and do it for two minutes every week. Scalp massage helps to improve the blood flow, which nourishes the hair follicles, which further enables hair growth.

How to Stop Hair Fall Permanently

The best way is to analyze your lifestyle, diet and scalp. Have you always had the hair fall concern or is it a recent issue? Here are some of the reasons that cause hair fall:

  1. Changes in hormones, such as stress or post-pregnancy.
  2. Changes in lifestyle, such as exposure to dust, lack of hair care or washing hair less or too frequently, or avoiding hair wash after sweaty gym workouts, etc.
  3. Exposure to chemicals or a shampoo that doesn’t suit your scalp.
  4. Changes in diet, such as vitamin deficiency.
  5. Dry scalp, which may cause dandruff and hair fall.

Tips for Reducing Hairfall

So once you’ve analyzed what factors may be contributing to hair loss in your case, here are some tips to follow accordingly.

  1. Make sure to improve your diet, take your vitamins and protein.
  2. Also, if you’ve been stressed, try meditation.
  3. If your work commute exposes you to dust, wear a head-scarf or rinse your hair more frequently.
  4. Never avoid washing your hair if you’ve been sweaty, such as after playing a sport.
  5. Furthermore, our SlubTeam mate, Sahana, also found Moroccan oil to promote hair growth, you can read about it here: How Moroccan Hair Oil Changed My Hair Care Regimen.
  6. Learn about the hair growth phases, so you can be better prepared on how long it takes for your scalp to be balanced and to restore your hair. You can also read more about it here: Postpartum Hair Loss | Post Pregnancy Hair Regrowth.

I hope these tips for reducing hair fall were helpful. If this works for you, do let me know below, or if you try any additional tips, comment below!

All the best! <3

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