How to Select Pearls and Look Effortlessly Elegant Wearing Them

Pearl jewelry has been around for the better part of our history and has touched the lives of everyone, from ancient Egyptians to current-day fashionistas. It’s very uncommon to see a classy lady without pearls in her jewelry box.


Although pearls are timeless, the styles have changed from old designs to more modern ones. If you are looking for simple yet elegant style ideas, pearls will do the job perfectly.

Read below as we share essential tips to look elegant at all times.

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How to Pick the Best Pearls

There are many factors to consider when shopping for pearls. There’s a variety of pearls on the market depending on the price and quality. You can check out more about the different types of pearls in my previous article: Everything You Need to Know about Pearls

So look for these characteristics when you are shopping for them to adorn your outfits.


Usually, the pearl type determines the color of the pearls. Pay attention to the pearl’s body color and overtone color. The first is the primary pearl hue, while the second refers to the sheen that glazes each bead.

All types of pearls have different colors, ranging from bright to dark. You’ll find many different shades of white in the body color, ranging from cotton to eggshell. While the overtone color can range from pale pink to bone to grey.

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It is also important to consider the pearl’s surface condition. This affects its durability and value. High-quality pearls have bright reflections and smooth surfaces. The more expensive a pearl is, the shinier it is. Akoya pearls, for instance, have the highest luster of all pearl types.

Note that it’s not easy to find pearls without blemishes. AAA pearls are blemish free and have very high luster – 95%. However, some tiny marks, lumps, and other imperfections make pearls unique and special.


Pearls are one of the most popular gemstones. There are many types of pearls, with the most desirable being round, which have no surface imperfections. However, rounded pearls can be difficult to form. The baroque form of pearls, on the other hand, is the most irregular with many lumps or asymmetrical. However, note that if you’re buying a pearl necklace, it’s not necessary that irregularly shaped pearls will be less expensive than shapely round ones. The price depends on the type and rarity of the pearl type.


The pearl’s size is determined by its conditions of growth, which also determines its value. Every pearl type is different. The most common size for pearls is usually between 7.0 and 9.5mm.

How to Wear Pearl Jewelry


A Single Pearl Pendant

Pearls are ideal for a wedding or a formal event. A single strand of pearls will be the best option if you want to look effortlessly elegant. You can be sure that the pearls will steal the spotlight.

For dinner or dancing, a pearl necklace and matching bracelet are good choices. A single strand can be worn with semi-formal wear. There are many online and offline stores that sell pearl necklaces at affordable prices. It’s not surprising that so many women enjoy wearing pearl pendants for formal events.

Pearl Necklace

There are many options to choose from. You should definitely have at least three types of pearl necklaces in your vanity box if you like wearing them. One, get a necklace with medium sized pearls for work and party wear; two, you should have a choker or collar necklace with small sized pearls in a color other than white – for those matchy outfits and everyday wear. And finally, you should have a necklace with oversized or larger pearls, for the statement outfits.

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Pearl Bracelets

A pearl bracelet can be a great alternative to a necklace. Necklaces and bracelets are two of the best accessories for women. They add a little extra to an outfit and make you feel pretty. However, if you don’t own a necklace, or don’t want to show it off because you’re feeling too casual, a pearl bracelet is a great alternative to wear with your outfit.

A bracelet can be worn by itself, or matched with accessories in your closet. Wear your pearl bracelet with an evening dress if you want to appear elegant. For an office look, you can wear your pearl bracelet with formal business attire.

Pearl Earrings

Because they are simple and elegant, pearl earrings can be worn for any occasion. It’s not surprising that pearl earrings are preferred by many women over other types of jewelry. Many celebrities love the simplicity of pearls, which is why they are often seen sporting this accessory.

These pearl earrings are versatile and can be worn for any occasion. You can find them at many places, for formal and casual occasions.


Pearl Brooches

Pearl brooches can make any outfit more feminine. They add elegance and formality to any outfit. They’re usually worn like pins on the front of your outfit and can be very easy to spot.

You can find brooches in almost any color. For instance, you can wear a black brooch with formal wear, or a colorful one for casual outings. You can combine them with any outfit you want, which makes them the perfect accessory.

Pearl Rings

Pearl rings are a great addition to every person who wants to look elegant yet casual. Go for a timeless style with a white gold band and a single, round and smooth pearl. Wear it with a simple sheath dress for an anniversary date. Or go for a knee-length A-line dress and add a pearl-studded clutch to complete the look for a party.

The versatility that pearls offer will make your outfit planning much easier and more fun. Take a look at our guide on how to style pearls and how to pick the right one for you. 

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