Audrey O. (Vol.2 E3) Comic – How to Relax and Refresh

Has relaxation become an unattainable luxury in the age of smartphones and omnipresent wi-fi? Audrey O. has figured out how to relax and refresh in the modern era. Find out in the latest comic!


Hey everyone! Audrey O. is back with another new episode! I’m so excited to finally release this one, which I first conceptualized six months ago, and sketched nearly five months ago. But I’ve been super busy with so many other projects, including our fashion glossary and designing Audrey O. merch (more on that at the end of this article), that I just couldn’t get the time to release it! So today is the big day!

Audrey O. (Vol.2 E3) Comic – How to Relax and Refresh

Does it ever feel that we’re always engulfed with something or the other these days? There’s always a new email to delete, a new person to follow on social media or a new message to reply to. And if we’re, by chance, free, we look for ways to cram even more information into our already perpetually-anxious brains. Then we just scramble to find a new image to like by refreshing our feeds, or a new video to watch.

And sometimes enough just gets enough. When our brain just tells us, “No more,” we try to find a way to unwind. We try to understand how to relax and refresh, to get away from the overflowing data, even if it’s just for one full minute.

But can we? In this age of internet and unlimited data, can we even relax for just sixty seconds? Let’s find out if Audrey O. has found out how to relax and refresh…

audrey-o-comic-v2e3-girl-cartoon-How to Relax and Refresh spam email social media-memes-comic-funny-life

Do you relate? Do you agree with Audrey O.? And how do you unwind? If you know how to relax and refresh, do let us know your own ways, and we’ll surely give them a try, too. After all, we all need some tips in this department!

Audrey O. Merch Announcement

Special notice: As I mentioned above, I’ve just finished designing Audrey O. merchandise, and I’m so proud to say that it’ll be available very soon. We have new Audrey O. mugs, tea-coasters, notebooks and calendars coming up, just in time for the new year. So get ready to shop the perfect gifts for your loved ones and yourself! Stay tuned for more info!

Did you like this comic? Let me know by commenting below. You can read all the old comics and catch up on Vol I here. If you’d like to keep updated with Audrey O.’s comics and colored illustrations, follow her on Instagram @audreyocomics.

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