How to Look Beautiful without Makeup & Look Good Naturally

Looking beautiful doesn’t need expensive skin care products, makeup or even too much time. Here are the 21 tips on how to look beautiful without makeup – just naturally.

How to Look Beautiful without Makeup good naturally natural beauty

Hey gorgeous! One of the most common things that girls ask me is how to look beautiful without makeup. Ironically, most of the women I meet are also very conscious about going out completely bare-faced (or without any makeup). One of the biggest beauty myths that’s going around is that beauty is all about facial features and physical traits. And this is the reason why women are so harsh when it comes to judging their own beauty. Of course, not all of us are born with perfect features.


However, the real truth is that beauty is not just about facial features. There’s so much more that governs how beautiful we seem to other people. So many factors contribute to people’s perception of our beauty. Things like the condition of our skin, how well put together our face and hair seem, our overall look, including our outfit, and even our attitude give other people an idea of how good-looking we are.

These myths about beauty and its definition are also perpetuated by the beauty industry itself. Models, actresses and the beauty brands brainwash us into believing that unless we spend a lot of money on skin care products, unless we know how to wear makeup professionally, and unless we get lip injections or Botox, we really can’t look beautiful without makeup.

how to look beautiful without makeup

Where as in real life, anyone can look good and beautiful without spending much money and with minimal skincare. So, as someone who spends most of the time bare-faced, here all the tips I have on how to look beautiful without makeup.

Looking beautiful naturally is not something you can achieve overnight. It is all about years of good habits, giving your skin some love and Inculcating these habits can keep your skin looking young and pretty for years.

How to Look Beautiful without Makeup


1. Never sleep with makeup on.

This is one of the top beauty rules every girl needs to live by. Sleeping with makeup is one of the worst things that you can do to your face, it’s a sin. Makeup clogs pores, makes our skin tired and even has the risk of getting chemicals into our eyes. Removing makeup before sleeping is the number one habit every girl needs to have. It is the first habit you need to inculcate as a teen and until forever!

2. Keep your skin clean.

how to look beautiful without makeup in school naturally

It’s very important to have a clean face daily. Make sure you’re cleaning your face everyday, at least with water, and when you require, with face wash. Be sure to remove blackheads and scrub regularly, as required.

Dust particles clog our pores and create acne, breakouts and blackheads. Blackheads give a generally ugly and unkempt appearance. Even a beautiful girl can end up looking bad with unclean skin. And keeping your skin clean and hydrated is the quickest way to look beautiful without makeup.

3. Use natural products as much as possible.


It’s best to avoid too many creams and skin care products. The beauty industry perpetuates many myths to sell products. They make you believe that you need the most expensive treatments, anti-ageing creams, regular spa-visits and that your anti-ageing beauty routine needs to start even before you’re 30. But natural products are actually the best idea if you want to look beautiful without makeup on a daily basis.

The truth is that all skin care products have chemicals and not all are healthy in the long run. So the more you stick to natural ingredients, the better your skin will be as you age. So, for example, you can use milk or rose water for cleansing, and olive oil for moisturizing. These are actually good ideas for daily use.

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4. Never forget your sunscreen & avoid direct sun as much as possible.

It’s common belief that the most problematic thing about stepping out in the sun is just getting a tan. And anyone who equates a fair skin to beautiful skin wants to avoid getting a tan. But sun rays can be much more harmful to our beauty.

Exposure to sun is really mostly responsible for what we consider to be the natural ageing process.

Increased exposure to harsh sun’s rays over long periods of time can  make it impossible for you to look beautiful without makeup.

how to look pretty without makeup for teenagers

Sun rays contain ultraviolet light, which can cause wrinkles, age spots and discoloration. So, always be sure to wear sunscreen whenever you’re out in the sun, even if it’s not a particularly sunny day. Go for SPF 30 or more.

The real problem is that the sun’s UV rays affect our skin even when we are indoors. So even if you’re sitting near the window, be sure to wear sunscreen. It’s not completely possible to avoid sun’s harmful effects. So avoid direct sun as much as possible.

5. Avoid every type of makeup every day: Switch it up.

Most women start to get comfortable with one type of makeup look, which they call a ‘daily makeup routine’. Some women never go out without eyeliner, whereas some consider lipstick to be their best friend. However, the best idea is to avoid wearing the same type of makeup product every day.

For example, you can wear only eyeliner on one day, and just lipstick on the next. The next day, wear just BB cream without liner. This will help you avoid the same parts of your skin and avoid exposure to chemicals on a daily basis.

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6. Massage, massage, massage.


When we wake up in the morning most of us, especially working women, think that we look like a mess because our face looks so tired. This is where massaging can come in handy. Massaging your face for a minute or two every morning can relax your nerves, reduce puffiness, and improve blood circulation.

This is the best way to start to look beautiful without makeup instantly, especially when your skin feels dull. It’s what I do before every photo-shoot or whenever I haven’t had enough sleep but need to be at an important event or meeting.


All these things given instantly more beautiful effect. So even if you’re not wearing makeup every day, just wash your face with water or rose water, after you shower, use some moisturizer and massage your face with it for a minute before you get dressed.

7. You don’t need an elaborate daily beauty routine.

Most skincare brands and celebrities claim that their beauty their daily beauty routine is very expensive and elaborate. Can you specially the trend of 10 step Korean morning beauty routine has made all of us feel that unless we spend an hour on skincare every day, we can really look beautiful without makeup.

However the truth is that most of us don’t need an elaborate daily beauty routine to look beautiful. Everyone’s skin is different and not everyone needs many steps or moisturizing or essence every day. And you don’t need to wear face mask every day either.


The best idea is to make sure you your skin is clean and that you avoid too many makeup products. Make sure you know what you’re putting on your skin. How much time you need to spend on your daily beauty routine really depends on you and sometimes less is more when it comes to skin care .

8. Remove makeup as soon as you get home.


This is the most common beauty mistakes women make.

I have seen so many friends cousins and family members to go to a party and keep wearing makeup even when they get back home. Wearing makeup for long hours is a sure shot way to clog pores and age the skin faster. So as soon as you get home make it your priority to remove makeup gently, wash your face and get your skin some rest.

9. You don’t need face wash every day.

When were younger were happy to wash our faces just with water, but as we get older we believe we start believing that face wash is the most basic skincare routine every every girl needs to have, even if you don’t follow it up with moisturizer.

But the truth is that if you’re unable to spend some time hydrating your skin, using face wash can really dry your skin out. Additionally, unless your skin is exposed to a lot of dust everyday, you don’t really require face wash. Cleaning with a splash of water can be enough on some days.

10. Eat well.


Looking beautiful is not just about skin care, it’s also about our diet. Sure enough, what we eat really shows on our skin. It’s the best idea to get your vitamin is naturally true fruits and vegetables, drink a lot of water and avoid caffeine, alcohol and smoking as these are the things that cause that cause wrinkles and quicken the ageing process.

Avoid junk food as much as possible, since it contains oil and sugar, which are both very addictive. Junk food is a contributor to obesity, which is not a beautiful look.

11. Avoid stress. Try meditating.


I know that for us busy working women it’s not completely possible to avoid stress. However, whenever you are stressed, try to take some time to meditate and relax your nerves. Long periods of stress can lead to an aged-looking skin.

Taking certain medications over long periods can also cause aging. Avoiding stress keeps you healthier, which will help you avoid medications. And in the long run, this will help your skin stay youthful. Plus, meditating can improve blood flow in your skin, which contributes to a glowing skin.

12. Understand your skin type & its needs.

skin care tipsHOW TO CHOOSE FACE WASH SKIN TYPE glowing winter home

Knowing your skin is the first step of skincare for every girl. So understand your skin type, what type of fish face wash make-up and skincare products suit you. Get to know what works for your skin and what doesn’t.

Also try to understand how much skin care you need and how often. Skincare is a very personal and individual thing, is only you can know what works the best for your skin. And this knowledge comes with experience.

13. Be confident in going out without makeup.

how to look good without makeup fashion dress style tips.JPG

The more confident you are in your skin, the more time you be able to spend without makeup. And the better you will feel. So try to post pictures of yourself on social media without makeup and try to be makeup free on a daily basis as much as possible. Because really it’s your confidence that will make you look beautiful without makeup.

14. Moisturize daily (or as much as required).

Moisturizing well and keeping your skin hydrated Isn’t the first rules of looking beautiful for longer. Be sure to moisturize your skin as soon as you wash it, so you can trap the moisture in. Massage under the eyes and use circular motions to go over the face. Use lip balm.

Moisturizing is not just a part of winter skincare, your may need it in all seasons, or everyday. For some, moisturizing is important multiple times a day.


“Moisturizing is so important. I can’t stress this enough,” says Princess Diana’s makeup artist, Mary Greenwell in a makeup tutorial with celeb makeup artist Lisa Eldridge. She mentioned she always layered on 3 types of hydration products on Princess Diana before she started her makeup, massaging it for as long as possible.

15. Avoid hair color with ammonia.

Ammonia is believed to be one of the prime causes of skin ageing and wrinkles. So if you color your hair often try to use natural hair color alternatives or hair color without ammonia.

16. Avoid perfume on your skin.


I know perfume is one of the most important parts of getting ready ready for most women. However perfume is known to cause wrinkles, ageing and is even believed to be one of the contributors to skin cancer. Increased exposure to perfume is unhealthy for our skin. You don’t really need perfume every day, sometimes just taking a shower is good enough to make you smell fresh and fragrant! I myself reserve perfume for special occasions.

And if you like to wear perfume often, you can wear it on the clothes instead of on your skin. Also try to mix up where you wear it. For example, on some days you can wear it near your hair, or sometimes on your neck or sometimes on your wrist. This way you can avoid increased exposure to the perfume molecules on every body part every day.

17. Avoid a full face of makeup for long periods of time.


The best way to look beautiful without makeup is to avoid makeup altogether. wearing Lots of makeup daily with many layers (primer, foundation, concealer, powder) is the perfect way to clog pores and cause acne. Over time, this can cause your skin to look tired and aged.

For example, I wear full face of makeup only on shoots and on weddings, no more than once or twice a month. For parties I just try to wear eyeliner, lipstick and sometimes very light coverage foundation. When I go out for drinks or dinner, I try to wear just eyeliner. And on a daily basis, for office or running errands, I’m always bare-faced: completely without makeup. This is helping me preserve my beauty for as long as possible.

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18. Get a good sleep daily.

shilpa ahuja video still sleep wear night victorias secret cotton shirt pajamas room

Of course, you probably already know sleep is important for our skin. Both quantity and quality of sleep are important. It’s called “beauty sleep” for a reason. Sleep can improve blood flow to the skin on and around your face. This gives a glow. Plus, our cells regenerate while we sleep, which slows down the ageing process.

That’s why, when we don’t get enough rest, we tend to look dull and get puffy eyes. Furthermore, lack of a good night’s rest increases cortisol, the stress hormone. This can make the skin dry, saggy, hyper-pigmented and wrinkly.

19. Focus on overall grooming.


Grooming, including hair, nails and eyebrows, improves our overall appearance. Your overall grooming also contributes to whether other people find you beautiful or not. In fact, if you focus on grooming, even you’ll find yourself to be more good looking.

If a woman’s hair is not brushed or washed, or if she has chipped nail polish, she’ll give an overall disheveled look even if she’s beautiful. Pluck extra hairs from your eyebrows whenever necessary, brush your brows and gently rub the side of your finger along your lashes to separate and curl them.

20. Dress well & smile.

how to look good without makeup dress well style tips

It may seem that looking beautiful is only about skincare and face. However your overall look and even personality contribute to your beauty. So be sure to wear ironed clothes, well-put together outfits and walk confidently. It’s also a good idea to go for colors that suit your skin tone. For example, I’ve noticed that pink gives color to my skin, so I often wear it when I haven’t had a good night’s rest! (My secret is out, oops!).

However for a girl who is who skin glows and who is well dressed and graceful, can look beautiful  without makeup, too. People often tend to associate our overall look and personality with beauty, instead of focusing on minute details.

21. Exercise


Exercising improves blood flow, and this improves the supply of oxygen and nutrients in our body, including skin. It also helps our body get rid of toxins, after which it can regenerate blood cells. So regular exercising can make your skin glow! Learn some basic home exercises here.

Hope my tips on how to look beautiful without makeup were helpful. I know all these habits sound tough in the beginning. But don’t be too hard on yourself, just do it as much as you can. After all, being happy is also a way to look naturally pretty!

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