How to Know if a Girl Likes You for Real and Not Faking It

Wondering whether your feelings for your crush are mutual? As girls, we’re spilling all the secrets! Here are 15 sure-shot things to really help you know if a girl likes you or not.

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There are so many confusing things about the early stages of a relationship and crushing on someone. You find yourself wondering what a girl meant when she called you out for being hilarious (like in a goofy or sexy way or..?). And you keep counting the seconds from when you hugged her last and what it meant. If only things were simpler!

Wish to move past the BS feeling of all the guessing game? We know how it plays in the head, but this is not what we want for you. So let us enlighten you with some thoughts on how to know if a girl likes you and approach the girl in question with full-on confidence.

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15 Sure-Fire Signs that a Girl Likes You

We’ve covered you on the dating basics:
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But how do you steer a situation with a girl you fancy when you’re unsure about how she feels about you? Sure, you wish to play it cool. But at the same time, you wish for some clarity. To help, we’ve rounded up 15 super helpful ways to help you get a clearer picture on how to know if a girl likes you.

1. Her Nerves Kick in

If a girl is into you, she won’t be playing it cool around you. Most girls just can’t! Your presence is enough to make her blush and you will also notice the occasional shyness that comes while speaking with you. She will laugh at your (bad) jokes. Appreciate that!

While trying to make a good impression to charm you and build a closer connection, she may mess up and that can make her very nervous. Your manly instincts should be to calm her down and show your affable side.

How to Know if a Girl Likes You for Real

2. Physically Leans in

Another sure-shot sign that a girl fancies you is when she physically leans against you. Attraction is a huge part between two love connections. And it often manifests itself in delicate physical touches and gestures. Watch out for subtle touch, or closely observe her mouth or the way she lick her lips. All these are huge signs that someone is highly attracted to you.

3. Smiles a Lot

Here’s another way to find out if a girl likes you. Tell her a good joke, and her reaction will give away the answer. This is one of the simplest and effective ways to find out. If her smile comes on naturally, the answer is a huge yes. If she doesn’t react to your joke, it is also a telling sign that she is disconnected.

Humor is a huge part of a working relationship with your significant other. If she smiles often and engages in playful banter, then she is most interested in you. She’ll also tend to look at you if someone else cracks a joke. Also, if a girl has taken a liking for you, she may perceive you as being humorous.

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4. Welcomes You in Her Personal Space

Personal space is something we all value. Most girls create boundaries especially if they are not feeling comfortable with a particular person. But if a girl lets you into her world, feels at ease with it, and even wants you to be a part of it, then you may have a special place in her heart. For example, she may show you places that are special to her, like her top-spot in town, or invite you to check out her room. Or she may invite you to meet her close friends or family. This is again a clear indication that the bond between the two of you is strong.

5. Mirror your Movements

Have you noticed a girl copying your gestures? Like the way you talk or other mannerisms? If yes, then she absolutely adores you. According to a study issued in Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, “Behavioral mimicry indicates attraction.”

So watch closely when you’re striking a conversation with a girl. For instance, if you use your hands a lot while talking, she may start doing the same, subconsciously copying your gestures or even tone of voice. This is a clear sign of a connection and possible physical attraction.

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6. Fussing about her Appearance

Crushing on someone feels like the best thing in the world (well, most times), but it does come with its share of hiccups. One of them is being self-conscious. When a girl likes someone, she suddenly becomes aware of herself by ten folds.

She wants to make a strong impression. While wanting to come across as attractive, she starts over-thinking the way she holds her purse, how her dress fits, and in what way she wishes to style her hair. If she is constantly fussing about her physical appearance and just fidgety in general, take it a sign that she has taken a strong liking for you. Perhaps a genuine compliment from your side can calm her nerves. You’re welcome!

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7. Starts Texting a lot

If a girl you met fancies you, the texts won’t stop streaming in. She may initiate messages inviting you to hang out for an event or club together or sending a simple good morning text. Take these as hints that the girl has growing feelings for you. Or try to gauge her messaging style. For instance, if she replies with thoughtful answers rather than one-word answers then it is a positive sign.

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8. Asks a lot of Questions

Is she interested to learn every detail about you? From superficial things like your favorite things to deep, personal questions? In short, if she likes you, she will put forward a LOT of questions. It is a giveaway that she wishes to keep the communication open with you.

When she initiates the conversation herself, it flows on smoothly as well and there are lesser chances for awkward silences. This is a good signal that she wants to keep the conversation alive and develop a stronger connection with you. When we like someone, we girls tend to understand our crush, especially personal details like whether he’s seeing someone or not, details about his family or future plans.

This is natural for a person who likes you to ask engaging questions, make an effort to know you, listen intently, and keep the rapport strong. Going with the flow, she may open up about her intimate details, which obviously shows she trust you enough to let you in. And that’s a tell-tale sign that she is into you.

9. Eats Less in Front of You

Girls tend to eat less in front of their crush or someone they are highly attracted to. This is most common in first date meetings. That’s when a girl gets a little self-conscious. She fears being judged or coming across as being less feminine or desirable. However, you can always choose to overlook this situation and encourage her to be more comfortable.

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10. Indulges in Playful Teasing

Most girls indulge in playful teasing to build a level of closeness with the person they like. There is something endearing about it. If she is constantly teasing you, it shows that you have her undivided attention, wants to keep you happy, and even catch you off-guard to see the real you.

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11. She Becomes Attentive about Small Details

Again, this is a strong sign that she is mindful of your thought process. Not only will she pay attention to your words, but will earnestly listen too. You may notice how she remembers the little things you told her, even weeks or months later.

She may start with subtle inside jokes you made on her, remembering your favorite sports team or food. Or be thoughtful about an upcoming important event or work deadline. She’ll be supportive yet give you space.

12. Not Afraid to Show Her Real Self

A girl who is really into you will show her true self. She will start getting comfortable around your company. You will get to see her nerdy side and share dorky puns. If she does all this, know that she’s not pretending, and she’s in for the long haul. If a girl isn’t into you, she will rarely let her guard down and try to act cool.

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13. Makes Plans with You

It’s isn’t difficult to understand when a girl hints at being busy when prompted for communication. But if she likes you, she will agree on a next date to see you again. She won’t be sitting down waiting for you to contact her. She will initiate plans for meeting up for sure and this is a clear signal that she is into you.

14. She Literally Glows

People often relate a glowing skin with being in love. This is actually true on some level. Those mushy feelings and giddy butterflies one experiences while starting to like someone often mirror a physiological process that are beneficial for skin. And that’s why we have the hormone oxytocin for this. This isn’t called as the ‘hormone of love’ for nothing. More oxytocin means more glow and more positive effects on the skin.

15. She Uses the ‘WE’ Word

The ‘WE’ word is a giveaway sign that a girl is considering the two of you to be exclusive. It is truly meaningful so pay attention when your love interest is hinting on it. She may use the ‘WE’ word when she is talking about things that you both can do together, how alike you both are, or how you both laugh at the same things.

If she likes to talk about you in that togetherness form, then she takes you to be more than just a good friend. This is no ordinary sign that you should just ignore, so be confident about your relation when she makes such statements.

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These are 15 of the most obvious signs to look out for to know if a girl likes you. If you really wish to know her feelings, simple and straight, just ask her. This is the surest way to put off complications and pursue her in a healthy, organic way. Plus, if you make your intentions clear from the start, you’ll avoid the friend zone asap and she’ll definitely find your interest attractive.

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