How to Get Rid of Split Ends | Simple At-Home Remedies

You don’t have to endure a dramatic haircut to get rid of split ends. Instead, try our tips to fix your dry ends and bid goodbye to the problem for good.

how to get rid of split ends at home remedies

Split ends. Let me jump right into it. I’m sorry but you cannot fix the dry ends once they get frayed. But hold your horses and don’t lose out on all hopes of achieving long, healthy hair. In fact, there are many ways to get rid of split ends and even prevent them. Once you understand why your hair is breaking off, or splitting for that matter, you’ll know how to tackle the problem.

Most of us are used to hair experimentation, courtesy of heat styling devices. The way we brush our hair and even towel dry our hair; will have an impact on making hair unkempt. Therefore, in an effort to disguise split ends for good, we have made a list of the causes and remedies for the same. Before starting off, let us start off by knowing what split ends are and why they occur.

What are Split Ends?

Split ends are a result of a hair-splitting into two at the end. If you’re the type of person who constantly pulls their hair, then we’re sure you can relate to this. Coming back to the question, what are split ends? They are also known by the scientific name of trichoptilosis, which terms split ends as a problem that occurs due to the fraying of hair shafts. Even though split ends are commonly recognizable on hair ends, they can also appear on strands.

One of the ways to get rid of split ends is to snip them off. But there are other solutions to prevent them from reappearing in the first place and prevent them from occurring.


Causes of Split Ends

There are a number of reasons that cause split ends. They include chemical treatment and hair coloring, brushing excessively, bad nutrition, climate, and daily bad hair habits. All these factors weaken the hair cuticles resulting in splits and hair breakage.

  • Be gentle while brushing hair with a comb and even while towel drying. Use a soft cloth or towel to gently squeeze out the excess water.
  • Chemical treatments like hair perms, coloring, and straightening process when not used with care.
  • Exposure to heating devices like blow dryers and straighteners.
  • Frequent hair straightening can also cause them as it can make the ends dry, making them susceptible to breakage and splitting. So use a serum before you straighten and avoid doing this daily.

Nine Tips on How to Get Rid of Split Ends

Dry ends also happen on their own even if you’re not doing anything wrong. It’s a common problem so best to follow the mentioned points to avoid and get rid of split ends.

1. Get Regular Trims

The only real treatment to get rid of split ends is a regular trim. Have one every six to eight weeks will prevent them from occurring in the first place. Even though it might seem ineffective, getting a trim regularly may actually make your hair grow faster. If split ends aren’t trimmed off, your hair will continue to break along the hair shaft, and you may end up with frizzy hair.

If you have been skipping trims, and have too many split ends all over, try an irregular or layered cut, as it reduces split ends to a great extent. In this, your stylist will chop off the bottom damaged layer, and create new layers, trimming off the unhealthy strands and ends.

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2. Watch your Blow-Drying Technique

We have a bad habit of grabbing the hairdryer while getting late for an errand or no reason at all. But if you are serious about getting rid of split ends, it’ll better to let your hair dry off naturally rather than using the dryer. If you have to use one, then wait for your hair to dry off by 60%. The longer you expose your hair to heat, the more damage is likely to happen.

Also, invest in a hairdryer and protectant from a good brand. Avoid using the heat directly on the hair ends. Use the product focusing on roots and along mid-lengths. Keep the nozzle on the move for even heat distribution, instead of concentrating the heat at one point. In addition, you may adjust the hairdryer in a cold air setting.


3. Be Gentle with Towel-Drying

Your hair is susceptible to damage during the drying period, so be gentle with it after a shower. Rubbing your hair using the towel will only lead to further breakage. So no matter how much of a rush you are in, avoid this at all costs. Instead, gently squeeze out excess water using a towel. Avoid rubbing the hair horizontally with the towel at all costs, as this is the biggest cause of split ends. This method can reduce split ends to a great extent.


4. Replace Hair Brush with Wide Tooth Comb

Your hair is vulnerable when it is wet. Using a paddle brush will do more harm than good. Instead, replace it with a wide-tooth comb. Gently brush your hair through without adding pressure or else hair will get tangled in knots. So take your time in stroking your hair to prevent any damage.


5. Reevaluate your Hair-Care Routine

You can make your split ends look less obvious by going for the best hair products like hair masks, conditioners, and shampoos. Using certain types of shampoo or not using conditioner can also cause split ends as they may leave your ends dry and prone to breakage. So try using a good quality shampoo that nourishes hair or switch to a paraben-free hair cleanser and be sure to deep condition it every couple of months.


6. Try a Keratin Treatment

Keratin treatment is totally worth it if you are suffering from parched, split ends. They will provide a good dose of proteins and lend a mirror-like shine.


7. Use a Silk Pillowcase

A silk pillowcase is not a remedy for split ends but it’s more of a luxe preventive tip along with tying your hair up in a loose ponytail before hitting the bed. Moreover, we are more than willing to take that extra step for fab hair, isn’t it?


8. Deep Conditioning Hair Treatment using Natural Ingredients

Natural oil treatment with coconut, olive oil, and honey isn’t a new idea. But it is still one of the best remedies for treating hair problems including split ends.

Coconut oil is touted as one of the most effective ingredients for dry ends. If you’re batting with split ends, then try a DIY coconut oil treatment. To get the best results, take a scoop of the coconut oil and apply it onto your hair starting from ends to mid-shaft. Next, tie your hair up and wrap up in a towel. Leave it for 30 minutes. Rinse off as normal using shampoo. Repeat every two weeks to get rid of split ends effectively.

Olive oil when mixed with honey makes for a great moisturizing treatment for badly damaged hair. Honey has emollient agents, which act as a moisturizer for dry scalp, ends, whilst adding shine. Mix two to three tsp of olive oil with two tsp of raw honey. Apply the mixture to clean hair. Leave on for 30 minutes. Rinse off with a clarifying shampoo.

Essential oils are also an old-time favorite for nourishing super dry hair and also minimize the visibility of split ends. Argan oil and sweet almond oil are popular for their hydrating properties. Apply a few drops of the oil onto towel-dried hair.

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9. Hair Repairing Soak with Fish Oil Capsules

Fish oil seems a little odd on our list of how to get rid of split ends, doesn’t it? Well, even though it smells, well, fishy, for many, it has several hair benefits. The fish oil is loaded with fatty acids which can boost hair growth, strengthen hair, and boost circulation in the scalp. To make the solution, break two capsules of the fish oil. Next, add one tsp of coconut oil and lavender oil. Heat the mixture on a low flame for few minutes.

Rub the oil solution onto your palms and work the mixture up your hair leaving the roots. Wrap your hair up in a towel and leave it for 40 minutes. Rinse it off as normal. The Omega-3 and 6 present in the fish oil will effectively get rid of your split ends.


Additional Tricks

If you have little or no time for a hair salon appointment or a hair mask, style your split ends with a few tricks. Try any bun or updo to disguise your ends well or use fun accessories like hats and scarves.

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Another alternative on-trend method to conceal split ends is to tuck the hair in between the neckline of your top or jacket. This trick fits well with turtlenecks or a defined collared shirt.


Try these tips to deal with split ends and keep track of when you’re due for a trim or a haircut. In addition, you should follow a balanced diet, use the correct hair products, reduce heat exposure, avoid chemical treatments, and be as gentle when styling your hair. Strong, beautiful hair can be all yours before you know it.

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