How to Get Published in Our Magazine?

Not even four years old, gets more than 1.1 million pageviews every year, and built a domain authority of 58, comparable to any famous magazine – all without spending a single dollar on ads. We have published thousands of pages, and yet our team has to reject nearly all the requests for guest posts. Wanna know how to get published in our magazine? Here’s how!

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Why is the SlubTeam so Small?

Brands email me daily requesting me to publish a guest article, but their articles get rejected nearly every time. And people ask me incessantly why we don’t have a bigger writing team.

Our acceptance rate (number of candidates who get selected compared to those who apply) is 9.3%, whereas our offer acceptance (number of candidates who accept our offer letter compared to the total number of candidates we offer a job to) rate is 86.7%.

The simple reason is that superior quality content is not easy to create. It takes patience, hard work. And for me, it’s more important to maintain our brand’s quality over publishing too many articles.

Our articles go through months of planning, days of discussion and at least 3 rounds of editing. Some articles have taken over 15 rounds of editing. Each word and image goes directly through me. Want more insight into how I select my content? Would you like to know how to get published in our magazine?

How to Get Published in Our Magazine

Here’s my 2500 word guideline on writing articles for all our staff writers. Would you be able to make the cut?!
Article Guidelines for

If you’re a guest writer or freelancer and want to write for us, please also refer to our Guest Post Guidelines.

Furthermore, there are a few other ways to get featured on

– We have a SlubBlogger of the Week program where we feature bloggers’ inspirational stories and style.
– You can also write an Op-Ed, or a Letter to the Editor. Please view our Contact page to find out more about these and how to send them.
– If you’re a fashion brand, we’d love to feature your story or products as long as they’re interesting to our readers. Please view here how to collaborate with us.
– If you’d like to collaborate with us as an artist, photographer, makeup artist or YouTuber, etc. we’d love to feature your work if it’s innovative and interesting. Please refer to our FAQs on how to send it for consideration.

If you’d like to send any queries or feedback to help us improve, comment below or message us on Facebook!

Looking forward to featuring you!

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