How to Find the Best Body Lotion For Dry Skin

Moisturizing is a part of the skincare routine we just can’t ignore. It hydrates our skin and makes sure it stays smooth and soft all day long. But isn’t that something that the rest of the body needs too? We often focus mostly on the face skin and do not give our hands or feet the care they deserve. The result? You’ll have dry and flaky patches that need intense hydration.

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The situation becomes worse when you already have a dry skin type. If you are dealing with flaky, itchy, and uncomfortable skin, it’s time to turn to a good body lotion. And to make sure you end up buying the right one, we have done the homework for you.

In this article, we have gathered a complete guide to your body lotion shopping. We will also unveil our favorite pick. So read on and get ready to have a baby soft skin soon.

Why Do You Need A Body Lotion?

What is the most common reason you should use body lotion? We are sure you’ll come up with moisturization. While that’s totally correct, it is not the only reason. Your body gets exposed to a number of external factors such as sun’s rays, harsh weather, pollution, dirt, bacteria, and so much more. Long exposure to these things can result in discolorations, sunburn, spots, over dryness, irritation, and wrinkles.

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To beat all this, you need to take care of your body just the way you do for your face. If you apply body lotion on a regular basis, you can expect the following benefits!

  • Heals the dryness and gives smooth skin
  • Removes the tan and brightens the skin
  • Helps in smoothing callouses
  • Adds a charming scent to your body
  • Promotes body massage that results in blood circulation
  • Relaxes the skin
  • Prevent the early signs of ageing
  • Protects the skin against sunlight and other harmful pollutants
  • Hydrates the skin and alleviates dry spots

Checklist for the Best Body Lotion For Dry Skin

Every skin type needs a body lotion but that does not mean any body lotion will suit them. This is why you need to have a checklist. We have made things easier for those who prioritize skincare with a short yet effective checklist right below. Take a look!

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The stepping stone to finding the best body lotion is ingredients – both that are good and bad. Dry skin has features that make it rough, dull, and wrinkled. Thus, you need to be extra careful while selecting the lotion.

Best Ingredients

Look for ingredients that are heavy and filled with essential oils. We would suggest you go for hyaluronic acid, dimethicone as they help in keeping the hydration levels up. Some other ingredients that are best for dry skin are glycerine, aloe vera, milk protein, Vitamin C, shea butter, coconut oil, coffee, and so on.

Worst Ingredients

First, stay away from harmful chemicals such as parabens, phthalates, silicones, etc. They don’t just make your skin drier but also impact your health. You should also avoid body lotion that contains alcohol, alpha-hydroxy acids, glycolic acid, retinoic acid, and salicylic acid. These increase the dryness and in turn, cause rashes or redness.

Safety Certifications

Saying no to bad ingredients is not enough when it comes to determining the safety of your body lotion. You should also check for certificates that prove that the ingredients and the process used are authentic and completely safe. This also ensures that your dry skin will not be exposed to harmful ingredients that can worsen the rashes even more.

A few of the certificates you can swear by are dermatologically tested or MadeSafe certification. If a body lotion has any of these, it’s okay to add them to your shopping cart.

Reviews & Ratings

For getting the best body lotion, go beyond its label. Look for online reviews and ratings to see if other people with dry skin find it good or not. You can also take suggestions from your friends who may have used a product before.

If there are more than 70% good reviews, there is no harm in trying the body lotion. You can also buy a small bottle first to check its performance. Also, don’t forget to post your review as it can help others like you.

Extra Features

Nowadays, the market is filled with plenty of brands offering hundreds of body lotions. To set themselves apart from their competitors, they often launch products with unique features. And this benefits us too! So when you are selecting a new body lotion for your dry skin, do check the extra perks.
Some brands promise natural products with no toxins.

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You can also look for things like fragrance, formulation, or the duration till which the product stays active. There are also non-greasy and lightweight body lotions that don’t feel heavy and sticky after application. Evaluate the perks and decide what you want.

We’re personally wanting to try Mamaearth’s CoCo Body Lotion With Coffee and Cocoa for Intense Moisturization. It promises to hydrate your parched skin to make it smooth and soft. While it contains shea butter, cocoa butter, and olive oil, while promising to not be sticky and greasy.

So, in conclusion, skin is the largest organ of our body and you can’t ignore it for long. Any sign of ill-health will reflect quickly. So, make sure you give it all the pampering and care this season. Get a high-quality and effective body lotion and apply it on a regular basis. Happy skincare!

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