How to Dress When Meeting a Guy for Arranged Marriage

Worried about how to dress when meeting a guy for arranged marriage? Parents nagging you to look perfect for your rishta meet? Don’t you worry, from traditional to western, and from casual to designer, we have got outfit ideas for your special day. 


Imagine yourself wearing a chiffon sari, walking slowly and shyly on a judgmental ramp of criticism based on looks, carrying a tray filled with cups of chai and hoping, to not be rejected. Can’t imagine it? Well, neither can we. Because first meetings, whether in arranged marriage or love, these days are all about being yourself, and wearing what represents the best you.

That’s why today we want to talk about many different options on how to dress when meeting a guy for arranged marriage. No matter whether you love wearing saree or jeans, whether you’re a feminine flower or a tomboy, we got you covered for all moods and all types of first meetings.

I know selecting an outfit for such an important day can be stressful and tiring. It’s, in fact, quiet pressurizing because you know outfits create the first impression for us and even before we start talking, our outfits do that for us. And for an important day like meeting your maybe-would-be husband calls for a perfect outfit. I would suggest just grab a cupcake, relax your nerves, and let your choices flow in. Because, when we dress for rishta meets, our personality, positivity and preferences should be reflected in our dressing. Looks surely do not define who we are as a person but our attitude and our choices do.

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Tips on How to Select the Right Outfit for an Arranged Marriage Meet

Here are some helpful tips on how to select an outfit that will make you look beautiful and confident. Hopefully the following will answer your ‘how to dress when meeting a guy for arranged marriage’ questions.

1. Be you

The first and foremost step while choosing your outfit is being you. Select an outfit that truly shows the raw you. You can always explore and experiment with your choices. Take inspirations from celebrity looks or influencers, but try to reflect your inner personality as possible.. This will help the other person know you better, plus you don’t want someone to think of you as somebody you are not, especially when you’re trying to form the foundation of as lasting relationship.

2. Wear comfortable

Make sure you are at your utmost ease. If you wear something comfortable, you will definitely look and feel confident. On wearing something uncomfortable, you are bound to keep fidgeting with the dress which will certainly keep your attention a little away from your marriage meet set-up. So look confident and keep all your attention on your life’s most important decision.

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3. Keep your body type in mind

Whatever you wear just make sure it accentuates your body type. It is likely to wear something that highlights your beautiful parts and hides your problem areas. Wearing something that goes against your body type will make you feel conscious and uncomfortable. So know your body type and select your outfit accordingly. In this list of tips for how to dress when meeting a guy for arranged marriage, this particular tip is the most important and should be at the top of your mind.

4. Consider the place and time of your meet

Choosing your outfit based on time and place of your meeting will help you select the right outfit. So if you are meeting for lunch, you can choose fresh and breezy colors. If you are meeting for dinner, you can go for dark colors. You may also want to consider if you are just meeting with the guy or his family as well. So if it is just an on-on-one meet with the guy, you can maybe go for something more western and casual, and if you are meeting with the whole family then maybe you can go for something a little fancy and traditional.

How to Dress When Meeting a Guy for Arranged Marriage: Outfit Ideas

Now that you know the important factors to consider while choosing an outfit for an arranged marriage set-up, let’s look at some beautiful outfit ideas for your dress up inspirations.

Western Outfit Ideas

The following outfits are quite casual and modern. They are ideal for lunch, dinner or drinks with the guy. So if you are planning how to dress when meeting a guy for an arranged marriage meet at a restaurant without his family accompanying him, then the below outfits are just the right fit.

1. Peplum Top+ Skinny Jeans

Peplum top is trendy yet classy. It gives a fancy look but at the same time it looks quite formal as well. So, if you are thinking of how to dress when meeting a guy for arranged marriage and if you are meeting for coffee or lunch date, then this is the perfect outfit for you.

Add minimal accessories to your look. Just make sure you don’t over-do it, and finish your look with pencil heels. This outfit is very gorgeous and trendy in itself, and so I would suggest to keep the make-up subtle. You want to look like the bold, powerful and strong independent women that you are, and a statement handbag will undoubtedly convey it. If you have a strawberry shaped body type then peplum top is just the right pick for you, as it accentuates your curves and even makes your waistline look fuller.

arranged marriage western outfit ideas india

2. Pussy Bow Top + Pencil Skirt

Pick any pencil skirt from your wardrobe and pair it with a pussy bow top. I love it how pussy bow tops are so cute and nifty, and they are a perfect mixture of formal and fancy. If you don’t wanna wear a pencil skirt, you can easily replace it with straight-cut pants. If you have a pear shaped body type, then pencil skirt would be a good idea. Add accessories like a statement handbag, a sleek wrist watch, and minimal earrings. Complete your outfit with a pair of pumps or peep-toes.

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3. A midi dress

Pick a cute bright colored dress from your wardrobe and ta-da, you are ready, girl! A plain midi dress can never not be stylish. You can layer your dress with a denim jacket, and top-off your look with pencil heels. Add a cute pendant and carry a cross-body bag. This outfit is super cute, and absolutely fuss-free. Pick a neutral colored A-line dress if you want something more formal, like beige or cream.

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Indo-Western Outfit Ideas

Be it a rishta meet with just the guy or with his whole family, Indo-western dresses work great for both scenarios. And be it a lunch or dinner, outdoors or indoors, they just fit rightly for whenever you want to look a little more dolled up.

1. Kurti+ Jeans

Pair a detailed or embroidered kurta with a ripped jeans for an all-time trendy Indo-western outfit. If you have a rectangle shaped body type, do not go for boyfriend jeans and instead try well-fitted or skinny jeans. For such a look, it is ideal to wear a short kurti or a long kurta with a side or center slit. Wear hoop earrings and go for half-bun hairstyle. This look is simple, fuss-free, and stylish, and easy to pull-off. Top-off your look with a pair of flats, and flaunt at your arranged marriage meet feeling traditional yet modern.

arranged marriage indowestern outfit ideas style

2. Traditional Skirt + Shirt

Pick any full length or mid length traditional skirt with embroidery or any other details, and pair a white shirt with it. I would suggest to keep the shirt plain, and accessories minimal because you don’t want to look like some run-away bride. Try to keep the overall outfit simple.

If your skirt is little too heavy with work, keep the make-up nude, and just a choker necklace would be good. Finish your look with a beautiful hairstyle like a waterfall do. In case you wear a mid-length skirt and are in the mood of experimenting then you could even try sneakers and sly the rishta meet looking bold, risk-taking, and fierce.

arranged marriage deepika padukone traditional skirt style
via @deepikapadukone

3. Indian One-piece Dress

Indian one-piece dresses are truly a blessing. They serve the purpose of looking traditional. Plus they are so comfortable and stylish. Put on an Indian one-piece dress either mid length or floor length. This outfit is perfect for both indoor and outdoor meet. Go for a simple chignon or ponytail and use some highlighter for a fresh makeup look. Just put on a pair of pencil heels and some dainty earrings and you are all set for your special day.

arranged marriage indian gown style ideas
via Anita Dongre

4. Dhoti Dress

Dhotis are trendy and comfy. You can snuggle into a dhoti dress be at your utmost comfort and kill your rishta meet looking effortlessly beautiful. They are perfect for both situations of how to dress when meeting a guy for arranged marriage; with the guy alone or with the family. If you don’t wanna go with a dhoti dress you could even pair a dhoti with a peplum top.

And if you have a rectangular shaped body type you should go for dhoti as they accentuate the waistline making your butt look bigger than your upper body. Dhoti dresses are very stylish in themselves so you wanna keep your accessories minimal, and makeup subtle. Complete your look with wedge heels or could even go with pencil heels.

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via Sougat and Paul

Traditional Outfit Ideas

Wondering how to dress when meeting a guy for arranged marriage if you are meeting with the whole family? Traditional is the right fit. Firstly, it shows respect and looks decent and secondly, no other outfit does justice to a girl’s beauty like traditional dresses.

1. Anarkali Suits

Anarkali suits are super-consistent, they have been trendy for years. If you have a strawberry shaped body type anakarli suits are perfect fit for you as they make your lower body look fuller. Put on an anarkali suit with gold jhumkas, and toe-ring chappals or wedges. If you don’t want an anarkali suit with heavy work on it you could even go for rich fabric with minimal work. I would just go all in for traditional, and wear a nice contrasting bindi. Complete the look with a bold lip color.

arranged marriage traditional dress alia bhatt outfit anarkali
via @aliabhatt

2. Chooridar Suits:

Chooridar suits again are very Indian. Wear a fresh colored chooridar suit and add few accessories like statement bag and earrings. The suit itself is very traditional so try western with accessories like earrings and handbag. You can style your hair into a knot or even curl and keep them down.

sabyasachi-indian wear chooridar tops our list of outfit ideas for how to dress when meeting a guy for arranged marriage.

3. Sharara or Gharara

No doubt shararas, too, date back to 19th century, but after being adopted by the new generation designers, they look uber-stylish. For pear and diamond shaped body types, sharara suits are perfect, accentuating your waistline and lower leg.

You could go for big earrings like tassels, pearls, or jhumkas depending on the pattern of sharara suit. Complete the look with a wrist watch or a delicate bracelet. In our this list of outfit ideas for how to dress when meeting a guy for arranged marriage, this particular outfit is my favorite because of how comfortable and airy it is and how fancy it looks.

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via Tamanna Punjabi Kapoor

Styling & Accessorizing

When we talk about how to dress when meeting a guy for arranged marriage, accessories, hair and makeup are just as important if not more. They show the amount of effort you have put, and makes the other person feel important.

1. Accessories

Wearing the right accessories is very important to enhance any outfit. You just need to remember that if accessories can brighten up an outfit they can even make your whole outfit go wrong. So, always try to play safe with accessories. Here are some traditional as well as western accessories that are fashionable and perfect to go with your rishta meet outfits:
• Small velvet bucket bag
• Pumps
• Juttis
• Pearl drop earrings
• Jhumka earrings
• Pendant chain

2. Hair and Makeup

Hairdo is another important aspect while deciding how to dress when meeting a guy for arrange marriage. I’d suggest try low maintenance, neat hairstyles. Here are a few easy yet stylish hairstyles for you:
• Braided bun
• Crown braid
• Loose curls
• Chignon
• Waterfall hairstyle
• Half-up

Hairstyles via@aliabhatt, @kritisanon, @gigihadid, Dua Lipa, @sonamkapoor

For makeup I always work opposite to the dress. So if my dress is very heavy and detailing in itself then I keep my makeup subtle. So here are a few beautiful makeup looks that you can try:
• Brown Smokey eyes+ nude lips
• Winged eyeliner+ brown cheeks+ pink lip shade
• Red lip shade+ blush+ highlighter

Makeup ideas for how to dress when meeting a guy for an arranged marriage via @shraddhakapoor, Bobbi Brown, @deepikapadukone, @tamannahspeaks, @selenagomez, Shilpa Ahuja

So, these were some outfit ideas and tips on styling for your first meet. I hope our outfit ideas and tips on how to dress when meeting a guy for arranged marriage were helpful. I say you will always look amazingly beautiful if you are being the confident and the real you. Keep flaunting your smile, ladies. And show us what you are going to wear to your arranged marriage meet by tagging us @shilpaahujadotcom on Instagram!

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