How to Dress to Look Slim: 9 Ideas to Embrace Your Curves

Getting slim is something that cannot be achieved overnight. But looking slim through the proper style of dressing is something that can actually happen instantly. Take a look at ideas on how to dress to look slim. 

how to dress to look slim advice ideas tipsHey gorgeous! Working out and eating right are perfect ways to actually become slim. However, fashion styling can help us look slim instantly. Sometimes all you want is some hacks that can make your body look more toned with no extra effort and this is where dressing up right comes into play. Here are a few tips and advice on how to dress to look slim.

How to Dress to Look Slim: 9 Secrets

1. Bold Color Outfits


Be it any body shape – pear, rectangular, strawberry or diamond go for dark color outfits. Use black to hide problem areas and brights to accentuate your best parts. Make black color your BFF!

1. For the pear-shaped body, as the hips are heavy, go for dark colored pants paired with bright plain tops and throw on a light colored jacket. Make sure the jacket is not made of heavy fabric and don’t go for crop jackets.

2. For strawberry body shape, light colored pants and dark jacket work well.

While choosing an outfit, make sure to pick not only bold colors but also bolder prints, as this diverts one’s attention away from your problem areas.

2. Layering

This is one of the best ideas on how to look slim. Earlier, I used to think that adding more layers will make me look curvier. But as I tried different layering styles, it actually helped me understand that layers give the body a proper definition if worn right. It takes away the attention from heavy body parts.

layering-ideas-jacket-bold-color-how-to-dress-to-look-slimmerGo for cardigans or long sleeveless vests to add elongated lines to your frame. In this way, you’ll not only look slim but also trendy too! If you’re using as a scarf to add layers, then fold it neatly and tuck it in your belt instead of throwing it around your neck. Just make sure to layer with the right color! Also, in layering and outfits, horizontal stripes are a complete no-no! They add volume and make one look bulkier.

3. Proper Fabric

how-to-dress-to-look-slim-lighter-fabricNow, this is very important! Choose lightweight fabrics that won’t add extra bulk. Don’t go for thicker fabrics like suede, velvet or corduroy. If you’re a velvet lover and wanna wear a velvet dress for a night party, then go for dresses made with micro velvet.

Preferable fabrics to look slimmer are satin, jersey, spandex, chiffon and fine cotton. For casual wear, go for a chiffon solid colored maxi dress and formal occasions, go for a fine cotton skirt paired with a dark colored shirt. When it comes to skirts for plus size outfits, A-line should be your go-to silhouette.

4. Shapewear

how-tio-look-slimmer-dressing-ashley-graham-shapewearIf nothing falls into place and you’re running out of ideas on how to dress to look slim, then shapewear comes to the rescue. Depending on the body shape, different types of shapewear are available. Just pick the one that suits your body type and rock any type of outfit. For example, for tummy-tucking, go for high-waisted inner shorts! You can also choose a full body suit for all over shaping.

5. Accessorize

One of the best accessories is jewelry. Jewelry helps to accentuate your body shape and help one look slimmer when paired with right outfits. For those who are bottom heavy, wearing neck pieces can redirect one’s attention from bottom half to the top. For bust heavy people, wear small pendant necklace that ends just above cleavage, so that the bust doesn’t look heavier or fuller. Or go for statement earrings.

accessories-latest-tips-on-how-to-look-slimmerBags are also a great option that helps one to look slimmer. Women who have a pear-shaped body should go for slim mini bags that are handheld. These will draw eyes away from the hips. Avoid large bags that fall at your hips.

Another important accessory is a belt. A belt is an incredible fashion accessory that puts an outfit together. Apart from being incredible, it is also a tricky accessory and one should know how to make it work for a particular body shape. For waist heavy people, choose a wide belt that covers the waistline and helps you look slimmer. Slim belts work well for pear-shaped bodies.

6. Well-Fitted Inner Wear

how-to-dress-to-look-slim-latest-ideas-proper-inner-wearLoosely fitted innerwear can completely destroy one’s look. Go for innerwear that is well-fitted! Even if you are not bust heavy and wear a loosely fitted bra then, your breast will look saggy and this will give the illusion of a strawberry body type even if you’re not! So don’t create unwanted problems for yourself by choosing improper size innerwear.

Go for seamless panties and well-fitted bras. Stay away from too-tight bras to avoid spillage. Go for thongs or hip-covering panties if you’re pear-shaped so that you can avoid elastic panty-lines.

7. Go Monochromatic or Try Color Blocking

color-blocking-how-to-look-slimmer-ideas-advice-tipsMonochromatic look always works and is also one of the best ideas on how to dress to look slim. In this way, you’re not overloaded with extra details. This helps to create a slender illusion. Go for single tone jumpsuit or maxi dress, such as crimson, eggplant, navy or even pastels. Add just a piece of jewelry to keep it minimal.

Also, color blocking is a great option for plus-sized women. Depending on the body shape, different color blocking outfits should be selected. The basic concept is, try color blocking with darker colors on your problem areas and this will help in looking slim.

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8. Full Sleeved Outfits

full-sleeved-outfits-latest-how-to-look-slimmerA full sleeved outfit is one of the best ideas on how to dress to look slim for people with excess arm fat. To hide the arm-fat, it is always advisable to go for full-sleeved or three-quarter sleeved outfits. A three-quarter sleeve button-up shirt works well for formal occasions. Also, a knee length dress is a good option for casual wear. Sleeveless outfits are a complete no-no if you have arm fat. If you want to go for the sleeveless top, then wear a sleeved jacket over it.

9. Proper Shoes

Nudes, pumps or flats well for most of the outfits. But for dark colored outfits, go for matching shoes. Also, Shilpa says that instead of open-toe shoes, go for closed toe ones! In this way, one’s feet can look smaller and more elongated. Also, pumps and heels are a great option for long and slim legs. Go for pointy-toe shoes, ballet flats or stilettos.

Hope you liked our tips on how to dress to look slim. Which styling tip did you like the most and how often do you use them or suggest to your friends? Do let us know by tweeting @shilpa1ahuja.

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