How to Dress For the Casino

Glam up your night in Las Vegas with the best tips on how to dress for the casino. From sparkly to retro Hollywood, here are some theme dresses ideas!


From Sharon Stone to Lacey Jones, women have been putting the glamour into gambling since the commercialization of casinos. In recent years, however, the advent of popular online poker portals has ‘casualized’ the world of gambling – including casino attire. Poker wear has become more laid back over the past decade, with famous poker pros attending tournaments in their every-day home wear – baggy jeans and a scruffy t-shirt.

Admittedly, this casual style has become a trend in itself, with high-profile players such as Liv Boeree rocking the look. Nonetheless, there are still those who uphold the spirit of classic casino fashion, with many poker superstars taking pride in their image and the attention it garners. And if you’re in Las Vegas, the Sin City, you’ll find casinos everywhere you look. And the fashion, well, that just comes with them, especially amplified by all the glamorous movies. Indeed, what better way is there to get in the mood for a night in Las Vegas if not by dressing the part? Glam up your wardrobe with any one of these iconic casino looks…

The Sparkles and Sequins Look

It’s impossible to not get carried away by the alluring showgirl vibe that defines Las Vegas; the romanticized vision of putting on a star performance and making it big. It’s an image that’s captivating, timeless and covered with sequins. Emulate this shimmering fantasy with an outfit that sparkles and dazzles. A good dose of glitter and gloss will mesmerize those around you, allowing you to blend into the flashy neon whilst simultaneously standing out as a glamorous casino queen. Don’t be afraid to go overboard – you’re a Vegas starlet, after all.

Go for a short or long dress with an open-back, in any material that is sure to glisten in the light. If you’re not too fond of sequins, wear PVC for a sleek and shiny look. Aim for colors that are simple and cheerful – light blue, emerald green and shock pinks are safe bets. Heels should match or otherwise compliment your dress. Keep in mind that too much jewelry might divert focus from your dress and hair – but a statement pair of earrings won’t do any harm.


The Stylishly Sleek Look

Imagine an elegant look that combines a flawless up-do, pearl necklace and long pair of silky gloves – does anyone come to mind? For us, it’s Audrey Hepburn, with her jet black cocktail dress, smoky makeup and glittering tiara. The unapologetically suave look has become a universal symbol of elegance and class, subsequently employed in any situation that attracts high society. ‘Less is more’ – or at least that’s the sentiment of this reserved yet statement-making outfit.

Heels needn’t be too high with this look – go with something simple and black. As for jewelry, pick pearls or diamonds. The perfectly in-line up-do might be difficult to achieve without the help of a skilled stylist, but you can decorate your hair with a pearl-laden hair net or mesh fascinator for the same effect, without the effort.



The Androgynous Look

More than ever before, women are entering casinos not as decorative companions but as professional players. The fashion sense of poker superstars such as Vanessa Rousso and Xuan Lio has started the trend of a less traditional style amongst women in poker, mixing ‘foxy formal’ with ‘unisex causal’. You can throw together your own vogue look with a loose, buttoned jacket and plain, figure-fitting shirt. Why not add some color with a pocket handkerchief? Couple the look with some golden jewelry and you’ve got the perfect balance between feminine mystique and masculine dapperness. Comfortable yet chic, a shiny pair of black flats or mahogany loafers will finalize the androgynous style.


The Wild West Look

If you’re drawing your fashion inspiration from the Wild West, you might as well ‘go all in’ with buckle boots, a checked shirt and cowboy hat. There’s no end to the ways in which you can personalize this playful look. Couple a pair of black skinny jeans with tall, bright red boots for a stylish, tomboy look. Alternatively, add a sultry twist with a low-waist denim skirt and starry bandana scarf. As hot as Nevada’s Mojave Desert; this outfit is wonderfully cheeky, thematic and fun. It’s not necessarily the classiest thing to wear at a casino – but why dress like Eva Green when you could be dressing like Dolly Parton instead?



The Nostalgia Look

Playing on that showgirl vibe, but with a distinctively retro twist, is the 80s casino look. Long, colorful nails are essential for this outfit, as is a hairspray hairdo – the bigger, the better (think Brigitte Bardot’s beehive bouffant!). Matching over-sized fur coats with leopard print cat suits, bulky stilettos and brazen make up; you’ll be bringing disco into the casino with this fantastically old-school look. The outfit is further enhanced by the right setting – amidst atmospheric palm trees and golden decor, you’ll look just like Cindy Crawford in a 80s fashion mag. Wearing vibrant, bright colors indicates a bold style – exactly the kind of impression you want to give your opponents. Add to your aura of intimidation with big, glimmering bling – the kind that shows you’re in to win.

Showcasing this flamboyant and colourful style is professional player JJ Lui; a fashion icon in the poker world, catching everyone’s attention with her spectacularly unique style – and probably throwing a few opponents off guard in the process! Her signature accessories include feather boas, round shades and fascinators. Not everyone can pull off this look – but trying is half the fun.


So there you have it – five classic casino looks to bestow during your next poker night or Vegas trip. Don’t forget that glamour is only one part of the experience, however.

Whether you’re dressed in a Dior suit or Walmart dressing gown, it all comes down to enjoying yourself, improving your technique and (hopefully) bringing home some extra bucks!!

About the author:

Lover of fashion, cocktails and poker, Sophie Jackson divides her spare time between the beach, bar and card table. As an iGaming Journalist on the sunny island of Malta, she offers advice and tips for women looking to try their luck in the world of gambling. For concerns and feedback, please email [email protected].


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