How to Choose Your Handbag According to Body Type

Not all handbags suit all body types! What’s the right handbag according to body type? Here are some tips to make sure you never go wrong with bags again!

Hey girls! It’s been raining and raining in my city! Lots of areas around me are flooded and I’m barely able to check my email! So please pray for Chennai. Why am I still writing on fashion though? Because A. This is my work and one works until one can. B. I want to feel positive and work makes me feel positive because I love my work. And C. Just because my city has floods doesn’t mean the rest of you can’t use my little styling tips! You all have places to go to, don’t you?!

I’m not able to post what I was planning to today, but here’s just a few tips on handbags. My body type is petite and thin, so I’ve noticed since my teens that not all bags look good on me. That’s why I decided to write a few tips on how to choose your handbag.


What handbag should you carry according to your body type:

IMG 5151
IMG 5153

Short/ petite and thin body type : Long handbag, small clutch or small top handle or cross-body handbag never overstuffed. Short and curvy body type : Small to medium shoulder handbags or cross-body bags, small clutch, never overstuffed.

IMG 5148
IMG 5152
IMG 5146 0
IMG 5149

Thin girls of average height : Medium shoulder or cross- body bags, medium clutch, bucket bagCurvy girls of average height : Small chain bag, medium shoulder or top handle bag, medium clutch  Thin and tall body type : Small to medium cross body bag, wide shoulder bag, medium to large tote bag, medium to large clutch 

IMG 5145

Tall and curvy body type : Medium chain bag, medium to large shoulder or top handle bag, large clutch 

IMG 5154

Heavy body type : Medium clutch, medium chain bag, medium shoulder bag 

So what’s your body type? And what’s your favorite handbag for yor body type? Lemme know below! And let’s all hope Chennai is flood-free ASAP and everyone’s safe and I have lots of mb’s of internet speed soon! Heeehee ?


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