How to Choose a Hairstyle According to Your Face, Lifestyle, Personality

Hairstyle can totally modify your look. Here’s a complete guide on how to choose a hairstyle based on your face type, hair type, lifestyle and personality.

Hairstyle is one of the first things people notice about you. You may be one of those types who have had the same hairstyle for a decade and are looking to get something new because your friends nag you. Or you might be the kind who tends to change your hairstyle every few weeks… and are tired of your mom nagging you about having a fetish for hair (if I might add), then you are not alone. Studies have shown hairstyle to be one of the major factors in influencing looks. In this fickle world of fashion, appearance and impression go hand in hand. Changing the hairstyle can dramatically modify your personality. That’s why I have created this complete guide on how to choose a hairstyle!

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Why the Right Hairstyle Matters

A research by Yale University has shown that women with long blonde hair were considered sexier while ones with medium length darker hair were described as smarter and friendly. Women with sexy hairstyles were viewed as less intelligent. Similarly, men with long hair were considered good natured but less intellectual, but those with medium length hair with a side parting were viewed as sharp and competent. Both men and women with short hair were perceived as confident and outgoing.

So, here’s all about the grand-pere of all appearance traits. It’s very important to know how to choose a hairstyle – the perfect one for yourself. Before you embark on your hair crusade, be well versed with these thumb rules…

How to Choose a Hairstyle According to Face Shape

Just blindly copying some celeb hairdo you liked in a movie/ magazine, etc. is not going to be the most rewarding experience of your life. The same hairstyle might look downright strange on you (just to put it mildly!) or even ugly. So make sure you compare your hair type, length and face shape.

Got problem features in your face? Let your haircut deal with ‘em. A handful of tips will help you cruise past your problem profile. Here’s how to choose a hairstyle according to your facial features.

  • Most cuts have a sharp line at some point. You could use it to bring attention to the feature you feel is flattering about you. But the weight or accent line your haircut shouldn’t focus your worst feature at all.
  • Curls add roundness to the face. So while dealing with a prominent nose or chin, avoid the curls. Use softer curves and keep the lines simple.
  • A fringe styled forward reduces the amount of visible forehead, thus could be used in case you have a high forehead. Similarly, hair pulled away from the face can deal with a low forehead.
  • Styling hair back on the sides of the face can help you divert focus from a prominent nose or wide set eyes.
  • If you have flat features, a short layered cut will work best. Add volume along top and back of the head with subtle curls.
  • Longer sweeping styles that just frame the face are suitable when dealing with a big mouth or chin. For a small mouth, try a short angular cut to make your jaw seem narrower.
  • Emphasizing your good features can help divert attention from the features that are less appealing.

What Hairstyle Suits You According to Hair Type

If you ask me how to choose a hairstyle, then the answer would be that you can’t consider just your face shape, but other things like personality, hair type and your lifestyle.

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  • Always choose a hairstyle which lets your hair do what it wants naturally. Stick to the limits of your hair. You’ll be firing your curly hair if put too many relaxers on them or try perming straight hair constantly.

How to Choose a Hairstyle According to Lifestyle

Always go for a hairstyle suited to your lifestyle. Make sure you get a haircut you can maintain. Let your mood and personality meld mellifluously to create a hairstyle that speaks of you.

  • Wear the length of hair best suited to you. It should make you feel confident. Wear long hair only if you can take out time to take care of it, lest it develops split ends and other hair-related problems.

How to Choose a Hairstyle According to Personality & Appearance

  • All you girls blessed with classic looks and have average sized balanced features should go for neat and well styled haircuts. P.S. Angular haircuts are a strict no-no for you.

shilpa-ahuja-fashion-style-blue-dress-look-photo-shoot-blogger-party-dinner-date-outfitFor those sporty, slim and athletic people, casual medium length haircuts will be great for your in-sync-with-time-outlook. Keep your hair natural and un-fussy that can be worn down as well as pulled back.


  • Girls Short HairstylesIf your appearance is that of a young ingénue, soft long locks will do best for your feminine and sophisticated look. Your hairstyle should not be too intense for your small frame.
  • A wide number of hairstyles can suit you if you have striking facial features and tall angular appearance. Unleash the power of your dramatic appearance with daring hairstyles.
  • Short hair makes you look younger. Period.
  • Go for hair colors that match the undertones of your skin. If your skin has yellow undertones, go for warm hair colors. Blonde hair on, let’s say, Asian complexion may not look cool. Warmer tones like black and variations in brown look sexier.

How to Choose a Hairstyle According to Your Hair Type

Another prominent aspect to determine your hairstyle is the type of hair you have. In a good condition straight hair gives a shimmering appearance. A straight blunt cut in any length with a soft body wave will make your shiny mane full of joie de vivre. Curlers will further add height. Curly hair is perhaps the most versatile. The curls can be straightened as well as adjusted using rollers of various sizes. Or you could just let it flow curly in a soft tidal wave. Fine hair gives a soft, sexy and appealing look. You could have it layered slightly to add volume. Streaking will also make it look fuller. Coarse hair gives a heavy look. Go for a cut that gently frames your face. Coloring will soften your tresses.

Now that you know what works best for your (much pampered) glossy hair, hunt a good stylist, trust him and don’t be afraid to try out something new!! Hope you liked my guide on how to choose a hairstyle. If you did, please let me know by tweeting me @shilpa1ahuja! Muaah 🙂


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