How Should I Increase My Confidence?

Vidisha Shah Asked

When I approach new people, how not to get nervous in front of them and be smart and confidently answer them ????

Shilpa Ahuja Answered

Hi! There’s no short answer for this. Eventually, I’ve come to realize that confidence comes from inside when we do something we’re proud of, by exceeding our own expectations, or by doing things we truly love without the pressure of pleasing others. So try to work on your hobbies, and also set life targets for yourself and do your best to achieve them. Ask yourself what kind of a woman you want to be, and take it up as a personal project. When you start becoming that person, you’ll feel more confident.

In the meanwhile, if you have any situations where you want to be more confident, like a meeting, interview or public speaking, I find that practising beforehand helps me a lot. Preparing oneself before, like gaining knowledge about the person who’ll meet you, etc. Dressing well also helps a lot, that’s why I place so much importance on fashion because I feel that when we look our best, it helps us feel our best.

Do you think there are any particular situations where you need more confidence? If there are, let me know and I may write a specific article to help!
🙂 Keep it stylish!


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