Audrey O. (Vol.2 E4) Comic – How Not to Relax: The FOMO

Hey everyone! I’ve been in the mode where I constantly miss drawing Audrey O. cartoons we all love so much. Well, I don’t know about you, but I definitely love ’em! I can’t believe that it’s been so many months since I last released an episode of Audrey O. However late as it may be, here we are.

As I mentioned in the last episode, I had conceptualized the storyboards for the first few episodes of this volume nearly a year ago, but I took a break from putting together the final sketches of the comics due to many other projects and stuff (check out here to know about those challenges we were facing as a company).

Thankfully, those extremely challenging days are behind us, and now I’m able to have the free mind that making something so creative as Audrey O. requires of me. And that’s why I have been missing making Audrey O. Anyway, enough story.

If you haven’t read the previous episode, please do so, as this comic strip is a continuation of that one. Here it is: Audrey O. (Vol.2 E3) Comic – How to Relax and Refresh

After Audrey O. spent an outdoor evening filled with spam mails and thirsty messages, she realized the best way to relax is just to leave your phone at home. And so that’s what she did.

Audrey O. (Vol.2 E4) Comic – How Not to Relax: The FOMO

audrey-o-comic-v2e4-girl-cartoon social media-memes-comic HOW-NOT-TO-RELAX-

Aww, it just seems that overall, Audrey’s peeps are calling and texting her way less than she would like them to! Do you ever go for walks without your phone? Do you get the fear of missing out (FOMO) too when you’re out without your phone? One would think that FOMO is becoming an outdated concept, as now it’s all about the JOMO (Joy of missing out). But you never realize how much you start missing unless you spend a few hours without your phone.

So let us know below how you like to unwind, and how long can you go without your phone!

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Did you like this comic? Let me know by commenting below. You can read all the old comics and catch up on Vol I here. If you’d like to keep updated with Audrey O.’s comics and colored illustrations, follow her on Instagram @audreyocomics.

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