How College Fashion Has Changed in the Last 20 Years

Different people all over the world emulate different styles ranging from the way they dress and groom up in general. The college fashion method has changed dramatically in the last twenty years because new fashion brands have come up and tastes have also changed.


The trends are changing, but the good thing about fashion is that brands are becoming the rulers of the day by satisfying customers. Let’s dig deeper into how college fashion has changed for the last twenty years.

Understanding College Fashion Changes

College students are exceptionally impressive who often use fashion to convey certain beliefs. Fashion becomes about elegance and taste and whoever feels that they are not up to trend or are not fashionable is looked down upon. For example, yoga pants, sweatpants, and shoes have changed over the last two decades with the decline of some brands and the comeback of others. Some students pursuing courses in fashion are seeking to understand the trends in college fashion.


Employers in the fashion industry are looking for people with skills in areas such as luxury fashion. Some students appreciate the lucrative nature of fashion courses, so they are pursuing courses at undergraduate and postgraduate levels to boost their careers. Fashion always recycles and the last twenty years have not been an exception. The old-school trends that were popular in the early 2000s have been revived into modern styles over the years. For both genders, fashion is linked with identity and there are different ways through which people can communicate about who they are.

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Some Main Brands have Declined

Some brands were common among students and while some of them still exist, their effect is not felt as much as it used to. For instance, the Ralph Lauren Polo used to be a top fashion around 2010 but its existence has since faded. Polo used to be an influential and respected brand and it could still continue being relevant. The fashion featured hats matching with bags, a respectable “swag: among the young people, and so on. Polo lovers almost developed some lyrics to brag more about how great they looked.

Polo was respected as a versatile fashion – students could wear polo jackets in class on occasions and even in church. The culture of fashion has since changed with the introduction of more fitting types of clothes. After fitting clothes started to emerge, other brands attempted to see how best they could attract trendy customers, including those who loved polo. Other brands such as LRG, Ed hardy, Lot 29, and Black label “faded away,” but Polo continued to exist. Polo’s existence and its relevance can be linked to the versatility of its shirts- students could wear them anywhere and on any occasion. About ten years ago, people could wear the brand from top to bottom and their boots were rivals to those of Timberland and Nike.

The Size of Clothes has Changed

In the last twenty years, oversized clothes have been replaced by more fitting garments. Students at pre-university and university levels never thought that fashion would change, so they appreciated that trend. With time, the oversized clothes era began to dwindle and people started wearing fitting clothes. The sizes of tops became more drastic to some extent that some people could not adapt fast. The trend about changes in the sizes of clothes is one of the most interesting areas that fashion students can research. Some may not afford to pay for the courses so they need to seek study help.

Old Brands are Returning

One of the old brands that are slowly coming back is Fila, also called “Forever I Love Atlanta.” Fila fashion featured shoes that were all white and even if they were fashionable, some young people could shy away from wearing them. Students who embraced this fashion loved the shoes because they could match the color of their uniforms. With time, people started looking down upon them, saying that they were cheap and old-fashioned. Some students could joke with those who loved this fashion, saying that they did not know how to dress.

Today, the top shoe stores are selling Fila alongside major brands such as Jordan and Nike. Fashion has changed significantly, although some people may feel that Fila is not one of the latest trends. Others argue that the trend is all about wearing what a person is comfortable with as long as it is affordable and beautiful. Another brand that is slowly seeking a comeback is Champion. One or two decades ago, some young people could not wear anything from this brand, citing it as a brand for older people.

high waisted pencil skirt- bomber jacket - nike t shirt - fashion blogger

Today students and non-students are wearing Champion, including their hoodies, sweatshirts which are all found in major stores. Wearing something like a Champion sweat suit is normal-no one thought that the trend could change after all.

The beauty of fashion is that it is always adaptable to changes over time and people can use it to express who they are. Fashion has changed over the last twenty years due to the decline of main brands, changes in sizes of clothes, and the comeback of old brands. Due to fashion changes, students need to be keen about learning what is new and avoid wearing something that is not fashionable.

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