How Big of a Harry Potter Fan Are You Really?

How big of a Harry Potter fan are you? Find out in this ULTIMATE HP fandom quiz whether you’re a real Harry Potter fan or just a muggle! Do you live and breathe Harry Potter or are you just an average movie-lover?!

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How Big of a Harry Potter Fan Are You true real quiz ultimate

Hey everyone! It’s Harry Potter/ Wizarding World time of the year again! The new Fantastic Beasts movie is about to release and fan theories are rampant! If it’s getting too hard to wait to watch it, I’m giving you something to do in the meanwhile that’ll be just as magical!

Ever since Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone first came out, its power and fan community has only become bigger and bigger. It started as a children’s book series for us. But now that we’re adults, lots of fans are introducing the magical world created by J.K. Rowling to their children, friends and whoever they can!

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As adults, we do fandom differently. We observe plot-holes we didn’t notice as kids, or appreciate details we couldn’t understand back when we first read them. Now we notice everything from lesser-used spells to timelines and minor characters’ back-stories. And that’s why I created this quiz, to test how much the world of Harry Potter has immersed you. So how big of a Harry Potter fan are you?

You’ve probably already taken a Harry Potter quiz (or many), but here, I’ve compiled the ultimate Harry Potter fandom quiz. This is not a trivia quiz, where your fandom will be judged by how well you know your spells and HP facts. This quiz will test if you really are a big and true Harry Potter fan, based on how you show your fandom, and live it, really!

harry potter fan quiz fandom how big of a fan are you

Are you ready to answer the question – how big of a Harry Potter fan are you? Are you a true fan of J.K. Rowling’s Wizarding World, or just a casual Harry Potter movie-watcher? Do you actually live and breathe Harry Potter, inventing spells, arguing about theories and collecting merch? Do you go above and beyond reading the books to proudly display your fandom? Have you gone the extra mile to become a ShilpaAhuja-approved Harry Potter fan? Well, it’s gonna get all cleared up!

So take my ULTIMATE Harry Potter fandom quiz and see if you would pass N.E.W.T.s/ O.W.L.s or if you’re just a wannabe wizard! Or worse, a muggle!

So, are you ready?!

How Big of a Harry Potter Fan Are You: Take the Quiz!

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So Harry Potter lovers, I hope you enjoyed my quiz. Tell me by commenting below – how big of a Harry Potter fan are you? I’d love to know all your answers! Also lemme know if you’d like me to make more quizzes on Harry Potter or other fandoms? What should be the next quiz about? Let me know your thoughts below or @shilpa1ahuja on Twitter!

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