Homemade Beauty Tips for Brides Before Marriage: 9 Natural Face Masks

From avoiding pimples to getting your glow on, homemade beauty remedies and face masks can be the no-fail solutions for every bride-to-be. Take a look at various homemade beauty tips for brides before marriage.

homemade-beauty-tips-for-brides-before-marriage-face-masks-naturalHey bride-to-be! The wedding is a most important day in a girl’s life and all eyes are on the bride on the D-day! So, looking beautiful is something a girl can’t miss out at her own wedding, coz’ she is the star of the day!

In the midst of millions of things to do before the wedding, it may not be possible for a bride to hit the salon every week! So, while you are all geared up for the wedding day, you don’t have to miss out on a flawless skin. From getting enough sleep to cutting down the screen time, there are several things a bride-to-be must keep a check on!

Check out the beauty tips that you can follow before the wedding for the real bridal glow!

Homemade Beauty Tips for Brides Before Marriage

1. Proper skin care is a must

glowing skin natural glow brides skin care homemade

The bride needs to take the best care of her skin starting at least two months before the wedding day to get the glowing skin. This should be the time when she has to religiously take care of her skin. Keep your skin clean. Make sure to cleanse it daily and do aloe massage at least once in a week.

2. Have an 8-hour sleep daily

proper-sleep-brides-before-wedding-take-care-natural-glowIt is very important for the bride to get proper full-fledged sleep in order to stay away from dark circles.

3. Stay hydrated

Drinking lots of water is great for glowing skin, so stay hydrated! Water keeps the lips and throat moist and will prevent you from feeling dry. Also, this having more water can prevent you from overeating.

4. Have a wholesome diet

proper-diet-rich-food-avoid-oily-food-homeremedies-for-bridesFor radiant glow before the wedding, it is important for the bride to keep in mind that food is very important. Lots of protein intake can keep you fit and healthy! Also, take foods that are rich in vitamins and iron like green leafy vegetables and legumes.

5. Avoid oily food

Eating fried food is not a healthy choice as they are rich in calories and they lack healthy nutrients. Also, avoiding oily food can keep your pimple-problems at bay and have a clear skin.

6. Avoid crash diets

Skipping food would not be a good choice at this point. It may you weak and eventually, you may develop dark circles and that is the last thing a bride-to-be wants!

7. Never sleep with makeup on

never-sleep-withmakeup-brides-to-be-homemage-remediesSleeping with makeup on can block the pores and can cause acne. It may damage skin cells and the skin becomes dry. Puffy and irritated eyes can also be a result of sleeping with makeup!

8. Don’t experiment with new products

patch-test-home-remedies-beauty-tips-for-brides-marriageMake sure not to try any new products a week before the wedding! Even if you have used the products earlier and bought a new pack, take a patch test and then use it. You are not supposed to take any chances when the countdown for the wedding has started.

9. Avoid stress and late night work

This is one of the important homemade beauty tips for brides before marriage. Stress may affect the quality of your sleep and this, in turn, will end up in getting dark circles.

10. Don’t skip workout sessions

No matter how much loaded you’re with work, don’t skip your workout regime. This will keep you away from stress and keep your mind healthy and fresh, too!

11. Go for natural packs

breadcrumbs-best-natural-face packs-beauty-skincare-glowing-skin-homemade-remediesGrandmom’s beauty tips work a lot and here are some homemade tips for brides before marriage that will make her look charming and beautiful during all her wedding ceremonies.

Check out the natural pre-bridal grooming tips here!

Home Remedies for Beauty Tips

1. Honey and Yogurt Mask

homemade-beauty-tips-for-brides-before-mrriage-honey-milkThis is one of the best homemade beauty tips for brides before marriage. Honey and yogurt – both are easily available at home and so nothing can keep you from getting a glowing skin. Yogurt helps in hydrating and cleansing the skin and this will help in getting a glow eventually.

1 tbsp honey mixed with 2-3 tbsps of yogurt will do wonders!  Apply this mixture and leave it for 15 mins and wash it off with cool water! Try doing this at least thrice a week. Also, every day before washing your face, massage with honey for 1-2 minutes to improve blood circulation. Personally, I do this most of the times and it has really helped me get that glow!

Not only for the skin but this mask works pretty well for hair too! Honey is rich with anti-oxidants and it helps to keep the scalp and hair healthy. Apply this mask on the hair starting from the roots and leave it for 15 minutes. Wash it off with cold or lukewarm water and a mild shampoo!

2. Aloe Vera, Coconut Oil and Honey

aloe-vers-coconu-oil-honey-mask-for-glowing-skin0bridesThe benefits of aloe vera cannot be ignored! Having an aloe vera plant at home is quite beneficial! If you don’t have a plant, then you can get aloe vera gel that is readily available in the market. Aloe vera mixed with coconut oil and honey is suitable both for skin and hair.

Body polishing before the wedding is something a bride can’t miss. So, instead of spending several bucks and loads of time at the salon, you can do it at home. Take required quantity of aloe vera for the whole body, mix it with coconut oil, 4-5 tbsp of honey and 1tbsp of sugar. Sugar acts as a scrubbing agent.

Massage with this pack on the whole body once a week and pamper yourself for a soft lustrous skin. You can also leave aloe vera on your skin for 10-20 minutes for hydrating it. Aloe vera juice is good for consumption, too! Just massaging your face with aloe vera gel can help you get rid of acne and so its’specially good for those with oily skin.

3. Sandalwood Powder & Raw Milk

home-remedies-for-brides-before-marriage-natural-glowThis mask works best to get rid of pigmentation. It is a power pack that works to moisturize the skin, get the natural glow and also tone your skin. Mix half a tbsp of sandalwood powder with a required quantity of raw milk and apply it daily on the face. Wash it off after 15 minutes. Apply it on your arms and legs to save up what you’d have spent on manicure and pedicure.

Just massaging the face with raw milk before washing your face also helps. You can also add half a cup of raw milk in your bathtub with rose petals and have a relaxing spa at home!

4. Almond and Milk

Homemade Beauty Tips for Brides Before Marriage homemade-beauty-tips-for-brides-before-marriage-natural-glowSoak a handful of almonds overnight. Crush the almonds and mix it with raw milk. Apply the mixture on the face and neck and leave it till it dries. Later wash it off with cold water. Eventually, your skin will become softer.

Not only as a face mask but make sure to have almonds in your diet too, since they are a good source of protein.

5. Cucumber and Lime Juice

homemade-beauty-tips-for-brides-before-marriageCucumber works best as a cooling agent and lemon is the best remedy to get rid of tanning. Grind half a cucumber and squeeze half a lemon into it. You can also add little gram flour to form a thick paste! Apply this on the tanned areas of the body and get a tan-free skin.

Slices of cucumber can also be used to rub the face to get rid of excess oil every morning. You can also have the cool and refreshing cucumber, lemon and mint juice.

6. Gram Flour & Turmeric

Gram flour mask helps in brightening the skin so brides-to-be, give this a try! Either mix gram flour, almonds, rice flour and turmeric and use it as a scrub or just gram flour and turmeric as a face mask. Use this once in a week before you go into the shower.

Quick tip: After using any of the homemade face masks make sure not to use any harsh chemical soaps or face wash as that would rip your face off the natural glow.

7. Banana & Egg White

banana-egg-yougurt-face-mask-for-glowing-skin-home-remedies-for-glowing-skinEgg white helps in tightening the skin and banana works well for an instant glow. So brides, if you have a pre-wedding photo shoot or any ceremony coming up before the wedding, then this mask will help you to get instant shine and glow, especially for those with mixed skin types.

8. Oatmeal

oatmeal-face-mask-scrub-homemade-remedies-for-brides-before-weddingOatmeal contains chemicals known as saponins that have good cleansing properties. So, instead of using cleansers that have harsh chemicals in them, use oatmeal with coconut oil as a natural cleanser. This is also one of the best homemade beauty tips for brides before marriage

9. Clay Pack

homemade-beauty-remedies-for-brides-latest-multanni-mitti-clay-packFor oily skin, try applying clay pack mixed with rose water every day before going to bed, leave it till it dries and then wash it off with chilled water. Also, this is one of the easiest homemade beauty tips for brides before marriage.

Hope you liked our guide to homemade beauty tips for brides before marriage. Which one did you try and which one did work best for you? Do let us know by tweeting @shilpa1ahuja!
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  1. Hi thank you so much for useful tips… I want ur help.. Is there any homemade solution for body hair … My marriage is in next month please help me.. Any homeremedy…

    • As a teen, I tried many ways of removing upper-lip hair using natural home remedies, but it never worked; and after endless rubbing with this and that, at the end I was left with irritated skin. So my advice is just to wax or shave the body hair.

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