Creative Home Decor DIY Ideas to Try Right Now

Home decor DIY ideas are always an awesome way to explore your creative side. So, spice up your home with cool do-it-yourself innovations.


It’s holiday season, ladies! In our busy lives, time for leisure and fun-filled activities is hard to come by! But what better than spending some quality time with your family and friends? You can build a connection with your loved ones by engaging in small home decor activities to make your home look like a million bucks! So, indulge in some do-it-yourself activities and decorate your place like a pro.

DIYs are a super-trendy and awesome way to put in your ideas and imagination into practice. And working on a project can feel refreshing and positive.

I have made a list of few home decor DIY ideas to spice up your living space. These ideas are not limited just to holidays, though. You can try them whenever you want.

Quirky Home Decor DIY ideas

Amazing Framed Wall Decor

We already frame photographs and paintings. Instead, try framing your most loved little things. Indulge in some out-of-the-box ideas to create mesmerizing results with these simple DIY frame ideas.

Enamel Coated Frames

This is a memorable way to engage your girl gang and create a lasting impression on your wall.

enamel paint diy home decorating ideas framed wall
Image Credit: Anthropologie

Vintage Frames

An old vintage frame with your life’s special things can add instant magic to your walls.

vintage frame home decor ideas do it yourself
Image Credit: Anthropologie

Abstract Painting

If you’re blessed with a kid who loves painting, then frame and hang them on your wall. You can try acrylic, oil or fabric paintings as they’re the easiest to clean and safest to make. You, too, can paint along with your kid for an enjoyable and engaging afternoon!

acrylic abstract painting kids parent activity diy home decorating memories 1
Image Credit: Anthropologie
fabric painting framed wall simple do it yourself ideas home decorating
Image Credit: Anthropologie

Nature Inside the Frame

If you are a nature lover, then frame your favorite species of dried flora to make a cool decor!

framed plants interesting home decoration do it yourself ideas
Image Credit: decor8
nature frames flora fauna captured easy interesting home diy
Image Credit: decor8

Create Art Out of Empty Wine Bottles

empty wine bottle glass painting kid parent activity cute diy home decor
Image Credit: Anthropologie

Paint your old wine bottles with glass colors or use a spray paint with single color. This is a great activity to do with your partner or kids. With this simple DIY, you can create a beautiful decoration piece by investing a little time.

Make Your Room Look Magical with String Lights

I’m a hoarder of string lights. They can lift up your mood in seconds! There are many ways to use string lights. I loved these simple home decor DIY ideas the most.

On Wallpaper

With a hint of pretty lights on your designer wall, your home can look so festive. Great for a delightful Christmas evening! Or you can have them hanging year round!

beautiful wallpaper wall string light diy festive season
Image Credit: Ikea

Behind Your Bed

It’s like sleeping in a dreamland with cute string lights hanging behind your bed. You can clip-on photographs or polaroid images with these, too!

polaroids on a string lights diy home decor ideas room wall
Image Credit: Urban Outfitters

Polaroids to Lift Up Your Mood

Polaroids are a great way to save memories. They look very warm and are super-trendy right now! So, create beautiful home decor with your polaroids.

Polaroids and string lights are a great combination. You can use them to create shapes on your wall – like branches of a tree or a dancing girl! Personally, I love the way small details of Christmas tree are clicked and stuck on the wall in the same shape.

polaroids on a string diy decor ideas room wall 1
Image Credit: Urban Outfitters
polaroids structure string lights home room decoration do it yourself ideas
Image Credit: Urban Outfitters

Iconic Selfie Background

Selfies are a rage and you want a unique background for that perfect selfie! So, create one at home! Make a painting or a wall art DIY or by hanging things that you’re passionate about on the wall. Use polaroids, string lights, wallpapers… Get imaginative with graffiti art to create an iconic selfie background.

wall art passion things hanging polaroids on display string lights diy
Image Credit: Urban Outfitters
wall art painting graffiti diy home decoration ideas
Image Credit: Decoist

creative diy home decor ideas wall art simple beautiful frame
Image Credit: Anthropologie

Create Your Own Selfie Mirror

Paint your mirror borders for your signature mirror selfies. Hey! I gave you lots of ideas for your Instagram account too. Wow!

textured mirror painting diy wall art ideas home decorating 1
Image Credit: Anthropologie

Nature Inside Your Home

If you’re a nature lover and have no space for a garden outside your apartment, no worries! Brighten up your place with an indoor garden. You can have greenery indoors and give a unique set-up to your place.

creative ideas home decor diy mason jar indoor garden
Image Credit: Aliza Eliazarov via modern farmer
old tin can jar reuse diy home decoration ideas plants indoor garden
Image Credit: Aliza Eliazarov via modern farmer
living room hanging plants indoor garden home decor diy ideas 3
Image Credit: Aliza Eliazarov via modern farmer

So, these are few simple yet creative home decor DIY ideas to try. I love plants and I don’t own a garden so I’m going to try having a garden indoors. Let us know which DIY you’d like to try. If you have more interesting ideas to share, let us know in the comments.

Happy decorating!

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