Let Holographic Makeup Bring Out Your Inner Fairy

Holographic makeup is the latest trend that’s taking over the beauty world, here is a guide on how to wear it!

latest-Holographic Makeup-bag-trend-eyeglitter-stick-lipgloss-mascara-eyeliner-fall-2017Hey gorgeous! Inspired by holographic paper, the brand new trend of holographic makeup combines the glamour of glossy highlighting and the playfulness of the color shades. If you’re a makeup junkie and love trying new colorful makeup trends, then this one’s for you! Holographic makeup is the gorgeous beauty trend that takes skin from dull to dazzling. We’ve been spotting this trend on YouTube gurus’ channels and on Instagram. We also saw lots of top makeup brands coming up with products ranging from eyeshadows with subtle shimmering finishes to glossy shiny lipsticks. The color palette used for this makeup includes blue, pink, light gold metallics with shimmer added to it. If you want a more three-dimensional sheen, you can also create a whole spectrum with pale green and yellow, too!

This experimental makeup trend is surely not something everyone would love to try. But no doubt, all the makeup enthusiasts would wanna get that out-of-the-world glow and wear it to clubs, night-outs or theme parties. Of course, it’s a bold trend for everyday basis but one can experiment subtly on the eyes or by highlighting the cheeks. If you have a darker skintone, make sure to use the color palette which suits your complexion. Highlights a couple of shades lighter than your skintone would be great.

How to Do Holographic Makeup

So we found this easy tutorial for you on how trendy holographic makeup is done. You’re welcome!

Makeup Products You Need for Holographic Makeup

If you wanna go all out on holographic makeup-specific products, you can try the holographic palette, holographic eyeshadow, holographic lip gloss, holographic highlighting powder, holographic stick and holographic liquid eyeshadow. You can also create this makeup look by mixing and matching products you already have. Try a blue eyeliner, mascara and blue or turquoise metallic shimmery eyeshadow. Wear with light pink lipstick and glittery gloss. Use pastel pink highlights on the cheeks mixed with pale gold.

How to Dress with Holographic Makeup

Wearing something that complements this makeup can be quite tricky. A great idea is to wear solid color like pastels for daytime. You can also pair it with an all black outfit. For parties and night outs try metallic outfits. Accessorize with a matching clutch or sling bag and ankle strap heels with the dress.

So this was our guide on how to wear this latest trend. Hope you found it helpful. Let us know if you try the holographic trend by tagging us on Instagram @shilpaahujadotcom!

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