What is Holistic Health | Guide to Wellness of Body, Mind & Spirit

The whole body and mind are interconnected, so cure it as a whole and not just the affected parts! This is what holistic health is all about. Here’s the guide to holistic healing!

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Hey people! It happens most of the times that we are not feeling well and strive to just focus on what the problem is and forget about the rest. That’s what modern medicine has so far been about. However, a new group of medical practitioners are leaning towards a new way of healing – a new health philosophy.

Holistic healing is something which will help you treat the body as a whole and not just focus on the part you’re having trouble with! This philosophy is based on the fact that the body and mind are connected and need to be treated as a whole. What affects one, affects the other. This also makes sure that we may never face the problem again!

So, let’s get started with this magical philosophy of wellness – holistic health!

What is Holistic Health


The term ‘holistic’ is derived from the word ‘whole’, which means taking whole health into consideration.

For example, if you have anemia, then doctors would give you iron tablets and yeah, you will get back your normal hemoglobin levels. But that doesn’t guarantee that your Hb level won’t drop again. If you go to a holistic practitioner for the same problem, instead of giving you folic acid tablets, she will go to the roots of the problem. Like, why is your Hb count low, what affects it and what, in turn, is affected by it? In this way, the practitioner makes sure that she knows exactly what’s going on and frames the treatment in such a way that you don’t face this problem ever again in life!

Philosophy Behind the Holistic Medicine


Holistic medicine is focused on maintaining optimal health through a proper good lifestyle. The practitioners of holistic medicine believe that if any part of the body is not working well then other parts may also get affected as all the parts are interconnected.

The process involved in holistic health is way far different from the one used in typical modern treatment. The typical treatment targets the unhealthy parts and cures them. On contrary, holistic health concentrates on body, soul and spirit to get rid of the illness.

Importance of Holistic Health & Wellness


With drastic changes in lifestyle in the present generation, it is very important to incorporate holistic health into our daily lives.

1. Holistic health benefits us with a healthier life in the long run.
2. It helps us in keeping the mind and body at peace.
3. The approach towards life is improved.
4. It is a best alternative treatment for the illness.
5. It helps us maintain an optimum state of wellness.

Holistic Healing vs Natural Healing

Holistic healing and natural healing are two very different things but are often confused with each other. That’s because the end-purpose of both these philosophies is the same – to avoid side effects caused by medicinal drugs and to prevent the illness from returning.

Natural healing concentrates on body systems for healing and relaxing the aching parts by using natural things available rather than relying on chemicals or drugs. The purity of the natural product is kept intact during the use. It also concentrates on treating the body through natural ways rather than subjecting it to medication that may have side effects.

This is a very different approach to healing than holistic healing, which may still rely on medication but helps in curing illness.

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Can Holistic Therapy Be Used for Illnesses?


Wondering whether holistic therapy can be helpful for curing illnesses? The sure shot answer is yes it will! Whenever you fall sick, your mind is also disturbed and it takes some time to get back to normal even after the problem is cured. While preferring holistic healing over modern treatment, rest assured that both your mind and body will be treated alike and hence later you need not worry about anything.

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The Path to Holistic Health


The path to holistic health can be achieved by following the 7 elements that help us in achieving a balanced life. Emotional, physical, spiritual, occupational, social, environmental and intellectual wellness. If we put more emphasis on all these seven dimensions then life will be easy and effortless. Be stress-free, be happy!

The Self-Guided Holistic Approach


Once you start understanding what holistic health is all about, you’ll treat your body and mind as one. This understanding can help you incorporate a holistic preventive strategy and even curative efforts for tiny illnesses. For example, you get cold then instead of going to the doctor and curing it for one time, get to know how you can permanently get rid of that problem. Inculcate this in your daily life for a better approach towards life.

Hope you like the guide to the wellness of body and mind by holistic healing. Are looking forward to making some changes in your lifestyle for a healthy living! What tiny changes are you gonna make for a healthier life? Do let us know by tweeting @shilpa1ahuja.

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