Ever wondered how babies would look like with adult expressions & if they complained like us about relationships? These hilarious memes show exactly how!!

One more meme post!! After everyone loved my previous meme Fashion Blogger Meme: What People Think I Do vs. What I Actually Do, I came up with one more.

I see so many memes going around titled ‘If adults acted like toddlers or babies’, so I thought I’d turn the tables and make one where babies acted or thought like us. They’d probably have the same woes as us, relationship, fashion, and all!! That’s plenty of situations for hilarious memes!

Hilarious Memes: We all have said or heard this at least once!

hilarious_memes_if_babies_acted_like_adults_crush_spying_does_he_have_girlfriend_facebook if_babies_acted_like_adults_girl_woes_he_said_he'll _call_they_never_do_girl_baby hilarious_memes_if_babies_acted_like_adults_i_drunk_dialled_my_ex_last_night_shocked_baby if_babies_acted_like_adults_last_season_clothes_dress_bandanna_mom_dressed_well if_babies_acted_like_adults_sale_at_barneys_shopping_shopaholic_girl_baby hilarious_memes_if_babies_acted_like_adults_that_hat_with_that_lipstick_girl_please_fashion_disaster_faux_pas hilarious_memes_if_babies_acted_like_adults_youll_go_out_looking_like_that_mean_rude_expression_baby_boy

And, last but not the least!


Did you relate to these hilarious memes? Share your favorite meme links with us so we can laugh more!

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