Healthy Tea Time Snacks | Quick Evening Snacks to Indulge In

Wondering if healthy tea time snacks could be tasty too? Here are 20 evening snacks that are lip-smacking and also nutritious!

healthy tea time snacks healthy-tea-time-snacks-wrap-tortilla-eveningHey gorgeous! Fitness affects not just our body but mind, too. It shows in our lifestyle, personality, demeanor and boosts our confidence. Along with fitness, wellness is also important for us busy women. And that comes from the lifestyle we live and the food we eat. Eating right is important to stay fit and healthy.

Apart from the regular three meals, we consume daily, binging on snacks that are not really healthy is something we can’t help, especially the tea time snacks. 5-6 pm is a tricky time when everyone feels super hungry after office, and if we don’t have healthy tea time snacks, indulging in junk seems easier. It may be difficult to overcome this unhealthy habit, especially in the workplace with sitting jobs. But once you adapt to healthy eating options, it becomes a lifestyle.

We have listed out cool healthy tea time snacks to indulge in your coffee or tea breaks at office and home. Let’s check them out!

Healthy Tea Time Snacks for The Busy Women

1. Yogurt Dips with Baked Corn Tortillas

Corn tortilla chips and tacos are more filling than flour ones, and the non-fried ones have fewer calories than fried ones. Bake with refried beans or first have them with some chopped tomatoes or a yogurt dip. Yogurt dips complement the dish and fulfill your cravings, too! You can prepare mint, black bean, avocado and many more combinations yogurt dips. Or simply chop up some cilantro and mix in with non-flavoured Greed yogurt.

2. Five Colored Salad

Salads are great fillers and they need not be boring. Combine five different colored veggies, fruits and sprouts into a mason jar and squeeze half lemon juice for that tangy taste. You can carry it to the office and enjoy the healthy and yummy salad.

five colored salad healthy tea time snacks for office3. Healthy Wrap with Hung Yogurt

Combine juicy veggies like julienned tomatoes, cucumber and carrot into a wrap. Add hung yogurt so it’s not messy while you eat. Add seasoning or herbs. Shilpa says she had this a hearty yet yummy wrap in Australia with tomato, hung yogurt and cilantro stem. My mouth’s watering!

healthy-wrap-for-evening-snacks-working-women-yogurt-meat4. Sprouts Sandwich

Sprouts and sandwiches make a great breakfast. But combining them together makes a great snack. Add your choice of fresh veggies, too! Combine sliced green peppers, onion and avocado with sprouts and sandwich between 2 slices of multigrain bread. Add some lemon cilantro vinaigrette for the perfect healthy tea time snacks.

sprouts-sandwich-veggies-snacks-for-evening5. Clear Veggie Soup

Again Shilpa owes this one – she’s a healthy person, indeed. And this soup can be the first course of your dinner, too. Boil green beans, carrot and peas with water and add salt, pepper and a tea spoon of soy sauce. And voila! The healthiest soup is served. You can also add paneer or tofu cubes. Avoid adding processed items like corn starch or flour to keep it fresh and healthy.

clear-veggie-soup-meat-nutririous-tasty-snacks6. Roasted Broccoli & Cauliflower with Yogurt Dip

Roasted veggies are a savior. Don’t have a mix of veggies to roast? Just roast cauliflower and broccoli florets. Add some raisins and cashews, too, for a Moroccan flavour, with seasoning, mint and cilantro. You can have it with your choice of yogurt dip.

roasted-cauliflower-yummy-evening-snacks-for-office7. Grilled Beans with Vinaigrette

One more tasty and healthiest snack to try. Grilled beans can also be replaced with asparagus. Grill fresh green beans in the oven and top it with balsamic vinaigrette and your evening healthy tea time snacks is done right.

grilled-beans-vinaigerette-evening-snacks-yummy8. Avocado Salad

Combine avocado, tomatoes, tofu and cheese (if required) and squeeze half lemon juice. All avocado lovers will definitely drool over this snack. You can use this as a filling to your wrap or sandwich too!

avocado-salad-tomatoes-corn-evening-snacks-healthy-lifestyle9. Sautéed Corn

Corn is perfect with herbs. Just sauté two handfuls with basil, oregano and seasoning until golden brown at the edges. You can also add diced tomatoes, peppers and lemon juice for a corn salad. Have with a cup of tea. A perfect snack to get over the 5 pm hunger pangs.

sauteed-corn-veggies-hunger-snacks-office10. Flavoured Yogurt

Flavored yogurt makes a great snack. Blend with blueberries, strawberries or mango to make your favorite savoury snack! You can also add diced fruits into it to make it more filling.

yogurt-flavored-yummy-straberry-berries-office-time-snack11. Sweet Potato

Sweet potatoes are a great source of vitamins and make a perfect healthy tea time snack. Boil sweet potatoes and peel the skin off and your snack is all set. Shilpa says she has them diced with mint chutney. I mash the sweet potatoes and mix it with milk and I have them with peanuts to fulfill my cravings.

sweet-potato-baked-healthy-tasty-quick-snacks12. Bruschetta

The famous Italian dish is a savior when you are too hungry and want to eat something healthy. You can have it the authentic way with diced tomatoes, basil and a touch of extra virgin olive oil on toasted rustic bread. Or add toppings of your choice like corn, olives or feta cheese with a dash of balsamic vinegar.

bruschetta-italian-snack-tomatoes-evening-office-working-women13. Smoothies

Smoothies, too, are great accompaniments with your snacks. Try to make a combination everyday to treat your taste buds like berries, banana and peanut butter, pineapple and mangoes and so on. Perfect for hot weather. Slurp!

smoothies-berries-healthy-banana-apple-yummy-evening-snacks14. Sugarless Peanut Butter Cookies

Try preparing peanut butter cookies and store them to relish it for a week or so. Mix peanut butter, organic honey, mashed banana, vanilla essence and whisk them in a bowl. In another bowl, add dry ingredients like baking powder, rolled oats and cinnamon powder. Combine both dry and wet ingredients, preheat the oven to 160-degree celsius and bake them for 15 minutes. You can try different ingredients to bake healthy cookies the same way.

healthy-sugarless-peanut-butter-cookies15. Baked Apple Slices

Apple itself makes a great snack. But baked apple is a cool way to try a different variation. Blend flour, milk and salt to make a smooth batter. Dip apple slices into it and bake in the oven for 2-3 minutes. And it’s done!

baked-apple-slices-easy-office-snack-ideas16. Cottage Cheese & Tortilla Wraps

Marinate cubed cottage cheese with dry ingredients like curry powder, chilli powder, coriander powder and yogurt to make the filling. Add salt to taste. Roast the tortillas, add the filling and enjoy it with salsa. A fulfilling tea time snack!

tortilla-wraps-cottage-cheese-fillings-evening-snacks17. Little Cheese and Tomato Sandwich

Add sliced and cubed bread at the ends of a toothpick. Add sliced cheese, tomato and lettuce in between the bread. These small sandwiches make a tasty and fulfilling snack. You can also make tea sandwiches with tomato, butter and pesto.

little-sandwich-cucumber-tomato-cheese-evening-snackssandwich-cucumber-easy-healthy-snacks-office18. Sliced Zucchini with Tomato & Cheese Toppings

Slice zucchini into rounds and add toppings of chopped tomatoes and cheese. Sprinkle pepper powder and salt and squeeze lemon juice and olive oil for that tangy taste. Bake them in oven for 10 minutes. A nutritious and zero calorie snack to inulge in.

zucchini-rolls-veggies-baked-yummy-healthy-delicious-snacks19. Watermelon, Feta Cheese and Rocket Leaf Salad

Lay out two watermelon slices on a plate. Top with sliced feta cheese and rocket leaves. Top with watermelon slices again to create a sandwich salad of sort! Yum! Delish!

watermelon-feta-cheese-salad-rocket-leaves-evening-snacks20. Puffed Rice

Fry 2 handfuls of puffed rice in 1 tbsp oil and add seasoning, turmeric and salt. Store this in an air tight container in your office and you can binge your healthy tea time snacks. Or try puffed rice with milk and fruits.

fried-puffed-rice-yummy-tasty-evening-snacks21. Chickpea Salad or Soup

Try chickpea salad as it’s delicious and healthy too. Add onions, cherry tomatoes, grated carrot, cucumber, corn, peas and boiled chickpeas into a bowl. Sprinkle pepper powder and salt. The nutritious snack is ready to munch on! You can also keep a cup of boiled chickpeas and the water in your fridge for having clear chickpea soup as a simple snack as soon as you get back from work everyday!

chickpea-salad-soup-veggies-tomatoes-evening-healthy-snacks22. Yogurt with Muesli & Berries

Yogurt with berries is a perfect snack. Add muesli to it and it’s loaded with extra vitamins. A breakfast kind of snack. But on a lazy day, it surely is a savior as one of the healthy tea time snacks!

yogurt-berries-mueseli-healthy-evening-snacks23. Vegan Sandwich

Who said vegan food is boring?! Prepare a vegan sandwich with avocado, watermelon radish and tomatoes. With so many colors it’s a feast for both the tummy and eyes!

vegan-sandwich-gluten-free-watermelon-raddish-zucchini-tomatoes-snacks24. Mexican Corn Tacos

Corn tacos are a healthy choice. Have it with a variety of veggies like spinach, radish and paprika. You can add your favorite meat on it too!

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mexican-corn-tacos-veggies-evening-snacks-office25. Zucchini Rolls

Prepare zucchini rolls with cheese, bell peppers and arugula as the stuffing and bake them and indulge into these crispy and tangy rolls.

zucchini-rolls-tomatoes-cheese-healthy-evening-snacksSo, these were our list of healthy tea time snacks. Which was your favorite? Which all are you gonna try? Let us know! Tweet us on @Shilpa1ahuja.

Happy tea time!

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