Haus Zuk Spring Summer 2020 Collection: Drag Queens & Video Games

Discover Haus Zuk Spring Summer 2020 collection by Peter Zuk, inspired by drag queens and cartoons. View the best looks and read our review.

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With loud designs and shocking silhouettes, Canada-based fashion designer Peter Zuk presented his collection ‘Overdose’ at New York Fashion Week this season. The fashion show was a part of Global Fashion Collective (GFC), an initiative that helps bring international talents to fashion weeks to help them be discovered by new audiences.

In HausZuk’s case, boy did it work! With designs that are more like costumes, Peter Zuk managed to create a collection that I had to feature! Inspired by drag queens, this collection draws on the LGBTQIA community, and strives to break down the “masculinity” that’s always a part of menswear collections.

For his designs, Zuk created a theme that was built upon the video game culture, to create “hyper-sexualized silhouettes to create a shocking and taboo runway collection.”

It’s so interesting to see a collection inspired by and for the LGBT community. This is because although the drag queens’ style is sometimes featured in pop culture and admired on social media, but it hasn’t ever been spotted in the high fashion world.

If creating a shock value and “scandalous collection” is the goal, the designer has very successfully achieved it. The world of drag queens is almost otherworldly, which an outsider can only observe from the media, never from the inside. Here are some images from backstage, which showcase the vibe.


The collection had a colorful palette – neon green, bubblegum pink, fuchsia, bright red and orange. The makeup and accessories matched the theme – blue wigs, neon lipsticks, exaggerated eyeliners and large falsies with excessive contouring. Hope more designers can be bold enough to be so inclusive in the industry.

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