Handbag Essentials for Vacations: The Things You Need to Carry

Wanna know what must haves you need to carry in your bag when you’re on vacation or official work trips? Discover all the handbag essentials!

what-to-carry-in-your-bag-for-any-vacation-must-haves- Handbag Essentials -Hey gorgeous! I know handbags have always been a girl’s best friend. They accompany us all day long and even on vacations, business travel, or mandatory family visits! Packing for trips can sometimes seem like solving a jigsaw puzzle. So we’ve made a list of the basic essentials for you to take along while traveling. So if you’re planning a vacation or already packing, make sure you have packed all the must haves in your handbag! Let’s take a look.

Handbag Essentials Every Girl Needs

1. The Essentials

My phone, wallet, and keys are the essentials that I can’t ever afford to forget!

2. Medication and Basic Toiletries

While going for a trip, don’t fail to take any prescription medication you take in your bag. And yes! Also, take some basic first aid as it comes in handy during emergencies. A couple of band-aids always a good idea, especially for shoe bites on the trips. And few basic toilet needs like tooth brush, travel size tooth paste, hand towel or handkerchief, facewash, a sanitary napkin and a soap are great.

3. The Moisture

If your skin tends to get extra dry, it’s great to carry some moisturizer. Air journey tends to make it really dry, so a travel-sized lotion bottle and lip balm is always a great idea.

4. The Sunnies

While traveling, always have a pair of sunglasses and a small bottle of sunblock in your handbag. It’s never a bad idea to protect the skin from tanning and your eyes from the harmful sun rays.

Quick tip: Go for rose colored sunglasses as they are ruling the runways.

what-to-carry-in-your-handbag-must-haves-items-for-vacation5. Skin Refreshers

Wet or dry wipes always work to refresh me on my journeys.

6. Snacks

If you’re someone who feels hungry often, carry some little snacks, like granola bars, or maybe chocolates too!

7. Phone Charger

No matter how great is your mobile battery is, never forget to take your charger and the power bank with you in your handbag.

8. Entertainment

If you love hearing music all the way, carry your earphones.  Don’t fail to upload new music to your mobile library. Some magazines or a book to read is also a good idea. This is the best combination to get entertained.

9. Make Up

If you’re going for a vacation, business trip or family visit, carry your travel makeup essentials – compact, eyeliner, lipstick or a tinted lip-balm.

handbag essentials must haves things to carry for a holiday10. Perfume

All the ladies want to smell pretty! Smelling good not only makes us feel good but makes us feel confident. So choose your favorite perfume or body spray in a tester or air-travel sized bottle. Purse perfumes are also the right sized one’s to take along.

11. Hair & Comfort

Plain hair ties, a wide-toothed comb or hair claw, and a plain hairband are total essentials. Use these according to your comfort, depending on what you need at the moment. I personally prefer hair bands.

hair-comfort-accessories-handbag-essentials-items-things-to-carry-for-the-vacationSo here are the handbag essentials for you to take along during holidays or any official trips. Don’t forget the must-haves while packing!

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